love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 12)


Hii this is diksha with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” Hope u all gonna like it. Pls do tell me if u don’t like anything in it.

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Sanroh, rageet, ronil and ronak’s parent were sitting in hall and having snacks and caffe. They were chit chatting.
Sanskar : ragini i think we should start the prepration. Just than someone rang the bell and sanskar went to open the door and ragini also went aside and dial a no. And talk with mehandi designer to come. After calling he notice sanskar didn’t come yet she went toward door. She saw sanskar standing their emotionlessly. Than she saw a girl standing infront of her. Just than nilima came their.
Nilima : so miss kavita u get time for ur frend and where is ur boyfrend hmm.
Kavita : he is coming.

Just than a guy enter. And kavita introduce him as his bf name nikhil. Trio went inside. Listening her name and sanskar situation she get doubt that if she is the same kavita who hurt sanskar. She went inside and tell them that she had called the mehandi designer she will come in one hour. You all get ready me and sanskar have some work we will back in half hour. Saying so she went toward sanskar again. Sanskar was still standing near the door his eyes are full of anger and he had clinched his fist tightly. Ragini hold his hand and take him out and they both sat at bench in garden. Ragini cupped his face and look into his eyes and hold his hand.
Ragini : sanskar, what happened? Is she is same kavita who hurt you?
Sanskar didn’t answer back. Ragini jerk him. Sanskar hug ragini very tightly. Sanskar cane back to senses. Sanskar : why the hell she again come in my life ragini why? I hate her she distroyed everything than y the hell she is back.
Ragini to resopricate the hug and carressed his back and hair.

Ragini : calm down sanskar. She can’t do anything we r here we will not let her do anything. She doesn’t understand anything that what should she say to console him than she decide to being quite. They were their in same position for sometime. Than sanskar release the hug.
Sanskar : i m sorry actually…. Ragini : chill man this is usual no need of saying sorry. let’s go inside otherwise I’ll tell your flirt incident to everyone.
Sanskar smile a week one. He understand she said this to change. So he too complied.
Sanskar : really than I’ll tell everyone that u r a mice.
Ragini : mr. Hottie dare u say this infront of everyone.
Sanskar : than neither u will tell about flirt incident nor i will call u mice infront of everyone. Deal.
Ragini : ok deal.
They both went inside and get ready for function.

@ function.
All lights get off and spot light fall on a girl wearing peacock green colour dress as deepika has worn in dilli wali girlfrend song. Her back was facing.
Girl : so frends as u know this is mehandi and sangeet function that to of my childhood frend nilima than a spot light fall on nillima who is coming down the stair with geeta. and my would be jiju ronak than another spot light fall on another side of stairs and ronak come from their with rohan. Both couple are looking at each other than they came at center of hall and bride and groom sit. And all light turn on than mehandi designer come and start applying mehandi. Than the girl move toward people and she is nonother kavita. And she start dancing on dilliwali girlfriend from yeh jawani hai diwani with nikhil. Sanskar was hell angry seeing her he was trying to control is anger just than ragini came from behind and hold his hand she has worn the same dress Click Here.

Than rohan and geeta came and dance on cutipie from aie dil hai mushkil. After them our bride and groom dance on jab tak from ms dhoni the untold story. They dance romentically on the song than atlast our fvrt couple ragsan dance on dillagi
Tumhe dillagi bhool jani padegi (×3)
Kabhi dil kisi se laga kar to dekho
Tumhe dillagi bhool jaani padegi
Kabhi dil kisi se laga kar to dekho
Tumhe dillagi bhul jani padegi (×2)
Kabhi dil kisi se laga kar to dekho

(Sanskar hold her hand and take her to stage ragini was standing in mid and sanskar move around her and than hold ragini’s hand and pull her toward him ragini put her hand on his chest and sanskar hold her by waist and move with rythm)

Tumhare khayalon ki duniya yahi hai
Zara meri baahon mein aa kar toh dekho
Dekh ke mujhe kyu tum dekhte nahi
Yaara aisi berukhi sahi toh nahi
Raat din jise maanga tha duaon mein
Dekho gaur se main wohi toh nahi
Main woh rang hoon jo chadh ke
Kabhi chhute na
Main woh rang hoon jo chadh ke
Kabhi chhute na daaman se
Tumhein pyar se pyar hone lagega
Tumhein pyar se pyar hone lagega
Mere saath shaamein bita kar toh dekho

(Than they move apart than they did some salsa step And than he twirl her and than they were in rk pose)
Tumhe dillagi bhool jani padegi
Mohabbat ki raahon mein aa kar to dekho
Tere liye main jeeyun
Tujhpe hi main jaan dun
Dil ki kahun
Dil ki sunu
Ishq hai dil lagi nahi
Dillagi dillagi nahi
Tumhe dillagi bhool jani padegi
Mohabbat ki raahon mein aa kar to dekho
Mohabbat ki raahon mein aa kar to dekho
(Than sanskar hug her from back and than he move his hand from shoulder to fingers romentically than he twirl her and than again ragini put her hands on his shoulder and sanskar holder from waiste they were moving with rythm and thaey were lost in each other eyes)
They come back to senses with kavita voice. And get apart from each other.
Kavita : what a fantastic perfomance and just like every gud thing this fantastic evening.

Kavita went to ragini.
Kavita ragini come u also apply mehandi. Than they all sit in hall ragini was Appliying mehandi they were talking with each other ragini notice that sanskar was again getting angry. Just to divert his mind.
Ragini : by the way aunty had ronak ever asked you that he want to do flirts. Listening this sanskar choked.
Ragini forward him glass of water
Ragini (innocently) : what happened sanskar? Eat slowly.
Sanskar glare at her. Ragini smirks.
Ronak’s mom : why are u asking like this? Ronak was really innocent at childhood he never ask something like this.
ragini : i just asked aunty to know that if my frend’s husband is naughty at childhood or was innocent?
Ronak’s mom : ok beta.
Sanskar : by the way aunty did u had ever saw a mice of 5’8f.
Now this time ragini choked and glare at him and sanskar smirk.
Ronak’s mom : what beta? A mice can’t be this much big
Sanskar : yes aunty u r right.

Just than mehandi desigber ask him the name to write.bit ragini didn’t listen it. Because she was irrited with sanskar she mutterd sanskar wait I’ll teach u nice lesson for it. And mehandi applier listen the name sanskar and write it on her hand.
Mehandi designer : mam your mehandi is done now may i leave.
Ragini : ok
Ragini went to drop mehandi designer till her car when sanskar come their.

So frnds this is diksha ending this epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. Hope u all like it and a big thanx for your comment appreciation and support.

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