love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 11)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” Hope u all gonna like it. So let’s start the story.

Next day
Rageet and sanroh were having breakfast when a couple walk toward them.
Boy : hii sanskar and rohan.
Sanroh : hii ronak sit.
The couple sit beside them. They introuduce each other.
Ronak : sanskar rohan she is my love nilima.
Sanskar : hii nilima i m sanskar and she is ragini.
He said indicating ragini.
Rohan : hii nilima i m rohan and she is my gf geeta.
Nilima said hii to everyone.
Sanskar : so ronak you here something spcl.
Ronak : ya we are getting merried. So i came here to invite u both. So u all will come right?
Sanroh and rageet : yes but when is your weeding?
Nilima : tommorow.
Rageet : but we will go from here tommorow back to our home.
Ronak : u can stay here for one more day atleast for us ,don’t u?
Rageet : ok.
Ragini : what happened nilima? Why are u looking sad.
Nilima : actually my family is not ready for this marriage so i elopped from my house their will be no one from my side u no we are marrying in hurry i wanted to be married with all rituals.
Ragini : u r worrying for this much little thing we will be from ur side what say geeta?
Geeta : offcourse about rituals we will complete them and rituals will be start from today itself. First u guys have breakfast than we will go for shopping and than we will plan for the rituals.

After having breakfast they all went for shopping. After completeing the shopping they were sitting in a caffe.
Ragini : so our shopping is completed so now we should decide about ritials. Firstly we should decide the place where were we will do the functions.
Sanskar : rohan why don’t we do the function at your farm house?
Rohan : ok thats a gud idea. So we should leave.
After sometime they reach at rohan’s farm house.
Ragini : let’s first decorate the place.
sanskar : ragini you and me will go to take flowers.
Rohan : ok than me and geeta will go to take lights.
Geeta : and you both go and get ready for your engagment.
Ronak and Nilima : ok.
Sanroh and rageet decorate the farm house.
Geeta : atlast the decoration is completed.
Ragini : rohan and geeta you both go to take ronak’s parents and me and sanskar will go to take nilima’s parent.
Rohan : but ragini u know na they are not agree for their marriage.
Sanskar : we can atleast try to make them understand.
Saying so they left the place they came back after sometime. Ronak’s parents came with rohgeet but nilima’s parents didn’t came. Than they all get ready. After sometime They all gather in hall.
Ragini so guys let’s start our frend engagment. Ronak and nilima exchanges the rings ragini takes their pics. Than she did a small photoshoot of them.
Sanskar : now stop this yr i am hungry lets have our lunch.
Than they had their lunch. And ronak’s parents went in their room.
Geeta : so our first function completed now what next guys.
Rohan : now relax and let bride and groom had some quality time with each other and u come with me yr.
Ronak : you are my true friend.rohan : oh mr. I was saying this for myself because of all this i didn’t talk with my gf.
Geeta : yr nilima i don’t understand y this boys are so shameless.
Nilima : right.
Rohnak : what yr when we romance we are shameless and if we don’t be romantic with u. U girls says we r boring. What should we do.
Nilima and geeta : you giys just chit chat with each other.
Rohnak : what?
ragini : stop your argument now do whatever you wanna do man? But i m going out for some time than at night we will do mehandi and sangeeet function.
Sanskar : right than i m also coming with u ragini.
Than sanrag went out and our two couple get busy with each other.

@ garden
Ragini : you know mr. Hottie I’ll gonna miss u so much when I’ll reach at home back.
Sanskar : me too gonna miss u so much. U r saying as if u will not talk or chat with me on phone.
Ragini : yes offcourse I’ll gonna talk with u whole day. But i doubt u will get irritated with my calls and msgs.
Sanskar : no never I’ll never get irritated with ur calls and msgs. Even I’ll wait for ur calls.
Ragini : really, its look like in my frendship u had changed from rude to sweet mr. Hottie.
Sanskar : offcourse yr.
Ragini : sanskar tell me about your any nonforgetable moment of ur childhood.
Sanskar : ok I’ll but on one condition that u will tell me about ur one too.
Ragini : ok done. So now tell.
Sanskar : u know at my childhood i was playing with my frend and at that time one of the player get out and in anger he through our ball much far. When i argue told him to bring my ball back he started figting with us at that time i snach his bat from his hand and start beating than i notice my mom and that boy’s mom was also their that boy’s mom didn’t say anything but my mom pick a stick and start beating me. I m thankful that the boy’s mom was their she save me from my mom and i came back at home and hide behind the bed till my dad came back home.
Ragini : didn’t it opposite that boy’s mom save u and ur mom beat u. But thats mean u r short tempered from childhood hmm.
Sanskar : yupp little bit. Now its your time.
Ragini : in my class 9th my tution teacher ask me some que. I give my ans. Their i did a bit mistake for which he give punishmemt of handsup. And for which i get angered and in angered i didnt answer any further que. After test my teacher ask y didn’t u gave answer of any que for which i told him that i don’t remember anyone. He said but yesterday u was explaining the same que to her than. I said my wish i dont feel like to give ans and that to it didn’t make anu diffrent if i gave ans than also u will give me punishment only after that for two days i didn’t say anything in tution.
Sanskar : u was telling me i m short temper but i think u r short temperde.
Ragini : ok leave this lets go inside and prepare for function. Tell me one thing mr. Hottie did any girl flirts with u ever?
Sanskar : no yr but u know once time when i was in class 4th a girl come to me and ask me that did i ever flirt with someone at that time i didn’t know the meaning of flirt so i ask her what is flirt. She said u ask this from ur frend. So i went to my mom and ask her she asked me why i m asking so for which i say wo i wanna do flirt for which i got a long lecture. You know after that i never talk with that girl.
Ragini : really u was such a fool who ask this from mom. I wanna do flirt she told immitiating him and start laughing.
Sanskar : ragini, stop laughing i was child at that time.
Ragini : oh really now u know meaning of flirt or again wanna ask this from aunty.
Saying so she start laughing again. And seeing her laughing he get mesmerised and was staring ragini.

So frends this is diksha signing of this epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. Hope u all will like it. And a big thanx for ur appreciation comment and support.

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    1. thanx for appreciation and about previouse chapter u just surch it on google typing love : beautiful or dangerous and epi no. or waite for next epi I’ll give previouse epi link in next chapter

    2. thanx for appreciation and about previouse chapter u just search it on google typing love : beautiful or dangerouse and epi no. or wait forr next epi I’ll give previouse epi link in next chapter.

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