Love : Beautiful or Dangerous (epi 1)


Hii frends this is diksha with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous” hope you’ll gonna like it. So let’s begin the first episode.

A small boy was roaming here and their with their parents in a village fair when he leave their hands and get lost in crowd and start crying. A man come to him and says that he will take him to his parents. The boy went with him but he sold him to a person who make him work very hard and when he take rest he start beating him tadak tadak at that time a boy of age 22 open his eyes and he is full of sweat he is breathing heavily. And he stop the alarm because of which he came out of his nightmare. And listen his frends voice.
Rohan : oh mr. Early riser stop this alarm yr. I wanna sleep a bit more understood.
Boy smile a bit and say lazy fellow he kick him and he fall from his bed.
Rohan : what the blo*dy hell u dumb head y u kick me like this sanskar.
Sanskar : you idiot we have to go to gym Wake up. I m going to get fresh and when I’ll be back i want u woken up understood.
Rohan : ya understood boss now leave
Saying this he again get to his bed and sleep. Sanskar come back and found rohan slept and murmuring smthing he went near him just than rohan put his hand on sanskar and pull sanskar on himself and start trying to kiss him and saying “come on darling lets lock our lpis come jaan ” now its enough for sanskar he push rohan and stand and pick the water jug and pour water on rohan. Rohan wake up.
Rohan : what is this yr u always do this always broke my sqeet dream which kind of frend u r.
Sanskar : i m like this only now u r going or pick u up and throw u in bath tub.
Rohan : ok now chill yr give me two minute i m coming.
Than both of them go to gym and come back to their room.
@ another place
Two girls are sleeping on a bed one has covered her face fully and another ones face was towards the window sunrays fall on her. She cover her eyes with his hand. We saw her lips than she remove her hand from her eyes than she open her eyes she is looking beautiful. She pull blanket of her frend and say.
Girl : hey geeta wakeup yr its exercise time
Geeta : exercise from when we start doing exercise.
Girl : offo you only said na we should start exercise from today so know wake up
Geeta : is it neccessary?
Ragini : yupp it is so know wake up Geeta : yr i don’t understand how people do exercise early mrng. Its to boring sit on a mat and make diffrent poses.
Ragini : than what u want mam that i invent a new type of exercise hmm.
Geeta : if u can do it than it will be awsome.
Ragini : u r such an idiot.
Geeta : credit goes to u.
Ragini : really
she pick a pillow and start beating him. Geeta also pick the pillow and beat him. After some time.
Geeta : lets dance yr with this we can do exercise with fun.
Ragini : gud idea and people also say dance is best exercise.
Both frends start their exercise.
Ragini and Geeta both went to the class. Their proffesor come in class.
Proffessor : student we r giving u a project we will select two student who will go and make a report on airforce trainees. And the student who is selected for this project are Geeta and ragini. You both will come in our office I’ll give you further info.
Than they attened the classes.
@boys place
Both boys get ready and went to their class. They were listening sincerly the lecture after lecture their senior called them in his office.
Rohan and sanskar enter in the office and wish him.
Seniour : guys two student are coming in our academy two know about your training and life style as you both are briliant trainies so i decide you both will help them is it ok with you?
Sanskar : but sir it will disturb our class.
Seniour : no they will not gonna intrupt u in ur classes. They will come in after 4 days for 3 weeks.
Sanskar is about say no when rohan says yes.
Rohan : its ok sir.
Seniour : gud now you may leave.
They both come out.
Sanskar : what the hell yr. Y u said yes it will disturb our training.
Rohan : oh mr. Robot it will be fun or they will not come in our classes as sir says so how it will disturb ur training. So know keep quite.
Sanskar : ok now lets go to our room.
@girls side.
Both girls went to their proffessor. He give him the info. They come out.
Geeta : yr it will gonna fun. And airforce officers our so handsome.
Ragini : oh really.
Geeta : yupp yr
Ragini : yr u r not wrong.
They both give high five qnd start laughing.
Ragini : now leave this jokes and lets prepare for this tour.

So frends this is diksha singhning off the first epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. hope u all gonna like it.
And thanx to all who comment on the intro.

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  1. Nice pls update continue

  2. Wowwwww superbbb yaaaar…waitng for ragsan meeting!!loved d episide…keep rockng dear 😉

  3. Is this swasan or Ragsan ff ?

  4. Is it swasan or Ragsan ff ?

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    Nice update

  7. Wow, waiting for ragsan meeting

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