LOVE BEATS.. episode-8

hllo everyone thank you soo much for your love… loves you lot… I got very much happiness by reading your comments…. all of you wants me to relive the girl? is that girl is making too much problem for you… just imagine if there is someone with us who is just like our girl…then we can said that we are the most luckiest person in the world… I also wish to have person like her… to have a person to love me like this… are feel that I am got mad??… just… for fun… so let’s go to the story to knew what will abhi decide.. if that girl come in front of him..

abhi is in confusion he needs to share his thoughts with some.. it is his dadi… abhi goes to dadis room and put his head on dadis lap…

dadi : beta what happened… do you want to talk me anything serious
abhi : ya dadi… please help me to take a decision… dadi you knew about a girl…. who talk with me in CD… everyday she talks with me through letter… I don’t knew who is she… but she loves me a lot.. Dadi do you knew… today she give me a surprise… I got an offer to do a concert…. because of her… I don’t knew who she convince them.. they don’t hear my voice… even she also don’t hear my voice.. then how they give me a chance.. they told me that a because of her love for me.. they are giving a chance for me… they give me time to take decision… do you knew Dadi…. she told that she will not force me to do so… and don’t think that I am going to do this for my parents… dadi how can she tell like this? how much attempt did she do for this… but even then she… how can…. dadi how can anyone love like this… Dadi… if I neglect this offer… what I did will be great wrong na… she had trust in me.. by doing so I am going to break it na… but how can I sing…

Dadi; abhi…. you must do it…. I don’t knew who is that girl… but her love for you is so pure and true… she has trust in you… don’t break it… in our world… there will be few person who work to see other’s love… you… you must accept her love abhi… you will not get anyone better than her…
abhi : you are correct… but dadi I don’t see her and I even don’t knew what is my feelings for her.. but I knew how she loves me…
dadi : abhi… just close your eyes and think about her… if you feel happy and there is nothing around the world other than her… you understand that you also loves her a lot…
abhi goes… and in his room
is Dadi said must be correct… my must test it… abhi just close eyes suddenly opened it.. No if I am in love then… no…. no need to test…
next morning…

aliya : Bhai lets go to college
abhi : no aliya… you go I want to meet someone…
aliya : who I will tell to you.. but now I want to leave….
abhi goes to that producers office
man: hllo abhi… what’s your decision
abhi : sir I am doing this concert
man: that’s good abhi. so our show is on next Sunday you must practice for that… by Saturday evening you must give details about it arrange band for you.. I will pay for that…
abhi; thank you sir…

abhi reached college and goes to aliya class room and inform aliya
abhi : aliya, I am doing a concert on Sunday… my producer is rancher Singh
aliya : don’t make me fool Bhai… you are going to sing… I don’t see you singing just one line… you can’t do it Bhai… if are you telling serious don’t do so it will bad for that producer.. aliya laughs and go… abhi feel sad..
pragya comes
pragya; sorry I don’t knew if I have right to talk with you… don’t take aliyas words as serious.. you don’t think about what others tell about you… only hear to the sound of heart… it will tell you what you wanted to do it must be the right choice.. so best wishes for your coming concert do it well… abhi stares on her..

abhi : why I feel that this my girl… who write me letter.. these lines once she told me.. if she is… pragya….
abhi takes a paper and write
hllo my dear friend,

thank you very much for doing this much for me… from today on ward’s I will not tell you to tell who you are and come infront of me.. you must come as your wish
with love


  1. rajesh

    Nice….atleast u should introduce who is that girl that is pragya ryt i thought pragya and abi dadi have some link…i don’t know clearly but i have doubt on that….anyway 2day is nice..going very well…

  2. di

    i thinks that girl is haritha??????????????????????

    no i cannot wait 4 next part thursday that 2 long but it ok u have work so that we waiting for u n ff

  3. shaanu

    i think abhi got dout on pragnya and that why he is asking her to come infront of him when she wants…??

  4. Divchan


    |Registered Member

    Very cute episode, and lovely narration, good that abhi listening to his heart, fantastic keep rocking haritha

  5. annu

    Bt plz update soon na
    I’m silent reader
    I think that girl is pragya bt plz wo girl pragya hi ho koi or na ho

  6. Saranya

    Ohh my dear darlu its really nice da but tis suspense is breaking my head and thanks fr updating othr ff love u dear???

  7. Krish


    |Registered Member

    omg seriously im crackng my head yaarr again suspense its k but cant wait till thursday yaarr…..k todays epii was superrrrrbbb but plssssss try to update nxt epiii soooon if posible……….

  8. Riyashri


    |Registered Member

    Very sorry for the late comment….
    And no worries haritha Ji ….I am there na I would always support u and love u…after all you r now My Cute sis cum Lovely Frnd na……Love u …….

  9. Vaishali


    |Registered Member

    awesome awesome awesome haritha dear it was lovely episode abhi i just lover him in urs finally he said yes to the producer feeling so happy dear waiting fr ur next episode fr more funs and twists love u a lot..

  10. Mukund Raj

    please reveals the identity of that girl but as for my thinking i guess she is pragya

  11. Nirmal

    Nice episode… I think it’s Pragya… In previous episode when abhi called her to talk with her about bulbul, then she got tensed by thinking that whether abhi got to know the truth…

  12. durga

    Omg omg I want to know who s tat girl I hope it shd no must b pragya if it’s not pragya thn not only abhi vl feel bad n disappointed me too vl felt the same… Wat to do only tz can b SD eagerly waiting for next part coz im very curious to know abt tat girl

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.