LOVE BEATS.. episode-7


hllo guys… I replied to all your comments… friends your comments make me more happier…. I knew all of you need to find the girl…. so without too much introduction I am going through the story….

abhi reads the letter…. hey my dear friend why are giving this much surprise for me.. one thing sure… you are there in library that’s why you knew that I am hiding there and you always come to that secret place… and watch me… and but how you came to knew about my dream… really who you are… who knew me well and what is the surprise waiting in this address.. but I have one doubt how you knew about purbul relationship… is this that chashmish who is writing this letter to me… is she is this girl? but how would I confirm it… k Abhi just go and check with her handwriting… abhi go to pragyas classroom… but there is aliya…. I can’t do this in front of aliya I f this letter is written by chashmish then I don’t knew what all things happen.. so first I must send aliya somewhere… abhi goes to aliya and tell her that purab is waiting for you in library
aliya; Bhai is anything serious
abhi : I don’t knew…. you go and check.. aliya goes.. abhi take pragyas book and check her handwriting… both handwriting are different… so this is not chashmish… then who?.. I think I must go to this address and check the surprise because she said me that she will come after that…
abhi leaves from there….
next day comes… he gets ready and go this address…
it was a house.. oh is this her house? if she appears before me in sudden what will I talk?.. how will I face her?… it’s better to leave from here now… but suddenly a man comes out… and said are you Abhishek prem mehra..

please get inside… abhi enters the house… he wait in guest room with too much tension a man and a girl reached there.. abhi stands seeing them and looked at her..
man: hllo abhi… she not the girl you are waiting for… abhi get shy..
actually, I knew you don’t knew about us… I am ranveer Singh and this is my daughter… I am a producer… because of that girls request I called you here to give you a chance.. I am going to do a concert here… so I am going give you chance for you in that concert… I knew It must be a shock for you…
girl: actually you got this chance because of that girl… she always approach my father and asked a chance for you..she brought so many music that you compose… actually because of love that we seen in her for you… we are giving you chance….
man : you can decide if you need it or not…. you have 24 hours time if you choose this offer then meet me tomorrow at 4:00pm in my office
girl: don’t miss this chance.. because that much the girl dreamed for this.. she wants to see as a singer… I knew her love for you is so strange she told us everything… abhi please accept her love.. you will not get anyone like her… in our world only few people work for another’s dream…. now you can decide…
abhi leaves and he reached home
abhi is in his room… there is a letter for him there… he opened it
hllo my dear friend,
I knew you will go there… please accept their offer… don’t consider this as you are doing this for me.. please consider this as for your parents to full fill their wish… I will not force you in it… you can take your own options… but if you choose that offer it make me happy… don’t too think on it if you not interested then neglect it…
with love
your friend
actually who is she? why she is doing all this? there is no need for to do this for me.. now I get a chance because of her.. if I want choose for it or neglect it… how will I decide…

precap: abhi going to talk with dadi..

sorry for the small update…. I have don’t get enough time

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  1. Divchan

    Great movement of the story with suspense yaar…. lovely .., awesome and fabulous yaar.. waiting for next one

    1. HARITHA

      thanx divchan…

  2. nice yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    where another ff????????????????

    1. HARITHA

      I knew yaar about that one.. but I am not in mood to write that… that’s why I don’t upload it… but I will upload it as soon as possible

  3. Vaishali

    awesome one haritha i thought the girl would meet abhi but it was a big twist to me aweosme no words to say keep gng girl love a lot….

    1. HARITHA

      thanx vaishali… loves u lot

  4. You are making me crazy plz update next episode soon I can’t wait and today episode was awesome

    1. HARITHA

      thanks monesha but wait for next update

  5. Going very well..but superb….lots of suspense…

    1. HARITHA

      there is lots of fun in suspense

  6. nice….

    1. HARITHA

      thanx anu

  7. Superb epic haritha… Keep going…..
    Pls releive the girls identity….

    1. HARITHA

      wait and see..

  8. I can’t wait yaar… Please reveal it fastly…

    1. HARITHA

      actually suspense is always needed so it will be so fun

  9. hey dr ur story line is tooooo gud
    bt today it was short bt it k
    bt next tme plz gve long epi dr love u

    1. HARITHA

      k sandy loves u a lot…

  10. Amazing episode yaar …bt tat girl… I think it’s pragya not only by thoughts I geartly Wang pragya to b tat girl… I hope so let’s c.. Wat twist s waiting 4 us…

    1. HARITHA

      you will see dear

  11. It’s really nice episode day by day very intresting frnd eagerly waiting for next update

    1. HARITHA

      thanx sweety

  12. Don’t be sorry Haritha ji….Short one or long one I will love it soooo much after all it is written by My dear Haritha na….,Today’s update was really too good…..I am in love with that girl who is doing sooo much for abhi …..Your writing are too good ???……And I love more than that girl….???? Very sorry for the late comment !!! Hope u find who I am …..becoz I am facing problem in login so I commented like before….

    1. HARITHA

      I knew you my dear sister… don’t be sorry loves u lot…… ❤❤❤❤

  13. Arey again suspense tis s not fair yaar but loved it love u and ur ff loads dear???wat hpnd to othr ff iam missing it☺

    1. HARITHA

      sorry saranya I don’t get mood to write it but I will update it soon

      1. Ok dear☺☺

  14. Hey haritha I know it is pragya but please we can’t wait ….actually am waiting for ur presentation …like how u will make pragya before abhi and how abhi will react ….am really becoming mad dear

  15. really really super…interesting..

    1. HARITHA

      thanx sugan

  16. Awesome episode… Eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. HARITHA

      thanx Abhigya

  17. Krish

    tats awesomee dr nd sryy fr late cmnt……soooo much of suspenses………..waitng fr te nxt epiiii…..egarlyyy……

    1. HARITHA

      no need for sorry krish… ??

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