LOVE BEATS.. episode-6


hello guys… I read through all your comments and I replied it to… actually I feel very happy and excitement by reading it… I saw some confusion also.. I hope this episode will clear that…
as the episode start…
so this is my first letter for you… I hope tomorrow I will find you… and come before you in surprise…. actually I feel very happy…. now I feel that my parents are with me…. she has some magical power… before while talking in that CD she knew how I will what all things come in mind… is that possible… my Dadi even don’t knew what all things going through my mind.. then how she can…. is she a psychology student I think so that’s why she told me put this letter there… but.. why she is distributing me a lot… is this story goes this way I will surely mad… any how I must find her… for that tomorrow I will not go for jogging if she write something about this I can find that she usually came to that secret place… k I am going to sleep… he close his eyes.. suddenly he gets up… in his dream he is hearing the same sound and a girl who is running he can’t see her face… oh friend why are coming in my dream.. is this symptom of love… ey no way…
next day stats… abhi reached library and place that letter and wait for the girl… he hides in a place… he wait there more than 5 hour’s suddenly purab comes and talk with abhi he tried to avoid him… but at this time the girl come and take letter… when abhi looked at shelf… no letter is there
abhi : purab because of you my plan failed…
purab face is very much tensed he is not hearing abhi
abhi : purab what is that important matter that is more important than that girl… abhi realised that purab situation
purab tell me is that bulbul make any problem…
purab : abhi I told you na… she said that she is love with me.. at that time you and pragya are like enemies… so I think that is her plan.. and told it to you.. yesterday you talk with her… but now she came and cried a lot… she said that I neglect her real love…
abhi : purab… I told her about that… I always feel that your are in that pragyas side… I don’t knew reason for that but now I really understand reason. you also feel something for here that’s why her tears make you pain…. purab it’s dangerous to deal with bulbul…. yesterday I tell her that not play with feelings.. but now I think she doesn’t understand what I mean… you must decide anything after my talk with that chasmish.. if it is a plan then that chashmish knew about it
purab : abhi don’t fight with her…
abhi goes… he meet pragya in library itself.. pragya get tensed…
abhi : I want to talk with you… please if you can spend 10 minutes for me… she nods
abhi in mind why I am talking with her so polity it was not my way of talking… pragya in mind.. oh god why he is talking this way? is he find it?
abhi : look chashmish I am not interested in fighting with you… I just want to knew that if your sister is playing game on my purab
pragya : what?
abhi : ya she confess her love for purab… but I have doubt if it is her plan to play with his feelings to take a revenge for me…..
pragya : actually I don’t knew about it… but I will promise you if she is making some plan I will stop her…
while pragya is talking abhi is just stare at her… pragya understand that he is not listening she just touch him and came into sense…
abhi : thanks chashmish sorry pragya and goes
pragya sits in confused…
bulbul comes there
pragya : bulbul I knew about your plan.. bulbul I don’t think that you will have like this… you are playing with someone’s feeling do you think is that good… purab is a nice person don’t break his heart
bulbul : oh buddhu…. so you think that I will do so… I really loved him… I Told him pragya but he is not believing…
pragya : ohoo so you are in love with him n.a…. don’t worry bulbul he will understand… love has a power to unite the hearts don’t worry
pragya goes and meet abhi
abhi: hey what… in a sudden
pragya : I talked to bulbul.. she in real love not a play yaar…
abhi smiled and hugs her
abhi; sorry I just in that excitement really sorry
pragya : it’s k and she leaves… abhi meet purab and smiles
purab : you are smiling looking at me.. I am in a big tension…
abhi : hey idiot she is in real love with you…
purab smiles and hugs abhi.. suddenly he remembered about letter… and goes he see the letter and take to read
hello my dear friend,
actually I am so happy now. I think you consider bulbul as me. but after knowing about purbul love story I am get relaxed
you are planning to caught me na… that’s why you wait more than 5 years there… but failed.. don’t worry I will come in front of you if I feel comfortable in front of you… why you don’t go for jogging today? I see you talking and hugging with that chashmish it hurt me a lot..but I knew because of your anxiety you did so? . it was first time I am seeing you talking with her nicely… is you have any crush on her…or if I become the matter in changing your attitude yesterday don’t you see me in your dream… one thing I am not a psychology student… I will give you clue to find you knew me well… you talk with me.. I am a first year student…. if you want to see me.. I will come in front of you but one condition tomorrow you must go to this address…
sona Nivas, 2nd street, bhadra delhi…
there is a surprise for you there… but you must accept it
with love
your friend

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  1. wow thanks taaaaaaaa

  2. Shiya

    Awesome episode…
    Just love the story and suspense created in it…
    Eagerly waiting 4 next episode

    1. HARITHA

      thanx Shiva I just loved your comment

  3. Riyashri

    Wonderful update Haritha ji !!
    I want the next uodate soon….

    1. HARITHA

      thanx my dear sister… but I don’t if I am able to upload the next one as sooner. I will try

  4. Superb episode yaar… I think the girl is none other than our Pragya.. Can’t wait for the next update…

    1. HARITHA

      the girl will come but abhi must do what she says

  5. Plz update next part soon I can’t wait for next episode

    1. HARITHA

      I will try monesha

  6. Fantastic haritha …u r reaching our expectations…. all the time when I read this Na …I will be madly waiting for next part …anyway superb dear ….

    1. HARITHA

      thanx smiley your comment are making me to right different thanks for all your love and support dear

  7. Nice yaar really superb bt how she know abt everything I mean his thoughts n dream too…really superb yaar

    1. HARITHA

      thanks Durga… the reason for your question will come out in next 2episodes

  8. Nice…who is all doing this..pragya and bulbul or????

    1. HARITHA

      Rajesh your confusion still exist this is not bubul but I don’t knew is this pragya or someone

  9. u rock dr just awesome
    wen ur free then plz upload next part plz tc
    just love u dr

    1. HARITHA

      thànx wow sandy ??

  10. Divchan

    Thank god its not bulbul, superb yaar, awesome

    1. HARITHA

      thanx divachan

  11. sheerapthinisd

    Suspense s breaking my head yaar

    1. HARITHA

      sorry for that but I can’t break my suspense

  12. wow super.. lovely…..

    1. HARITHA

      thanks sugan

  13. Fabulous dear loved it to the core and love u too????waiting to knw tat girl and also their union☺


    thanx saranya… loves a lot… and your comments tooo???

  15. Krish

    its just aweeeesomeee dr…….. nd i think its pragya but y she said tat it hurts whn he talks wit tat chashmish ho no confusng but ll wait fr te nxt epiiiii……… day by day u r makng me crazy of ur ff……………waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii egarlyyyyy………….

    1. HARITHA

      thanks krish to your lovely comments… I am also eagerly waiting for your comments in next episode too

  16. Maya

    Its really very interesting! ???


    thanx maya

  18. Superb


    thanx Abhigya

  20. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome update haritha dear just loved it to the core no words to say dear superb…

    1. HARITHA

      thanx dude

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