LOVE BEATS.. episode-5


hllo guys.. I am very happy with your comments it’s really thrilled me a lot… I think you all like the storyline and are waiting for abhis reaction… so let’s go directly into story

abhi is sitting in the couch in his hand there is a pic of his mom and dad.. he is crying badly.. mama papa… are you really want me to sing ? do you knew what I feel… when I think to sing.. I feel that I will lose my loved one’s.. because of the music I lose both of you… from that moment I tried to hate it… but still I can’t…. to hate it fully… that’s why I started to compose song… mama’s papa when both of you leave me.. aliya was only 5 year old… I think she even don’t knew a clear face of yours.. it was Dadi who brought us up…. I always blame myself because I am the reason for I lost both of you… but… mama’s papa I don’t think like that.. but when that girl tell me that I am not fulfilling your dream… I feel that what I did was wrong.. I did injustice to both of you…. he cried and wipping tear said… but how can I sing… I feared a lot while singing…. what I do maa… what I do… dadi comes there…

dadi : beta what happened to you? why are you crying?
abhi : Dadi… is my parents last wish is to see me as a singer?
dadi : beta kya hua?
abhi : dadi aaj pahali bar mujhe essass hua ki…
dadi : abhi… and hugs him… beta you did what you heart tells to you… in your childhood I tried a lot to make you to sing.. but I see your pain… so after that I never talk about it… abhi…. I will not force you for anything.. you always do something in your wish and goes

abhi hugging his parents photo lyes on the bed… slowly he sleeps…
next morning..he gets up… and take the CD and goes to jogging…. he went to his secret place… it was a place in which there is an old shed.. he entered in it… as he enters he put on light… there we can see a world of music.. a collection of CD of music… his parents photos abhi in his childhood singing photos… so many trophies… etc… abhi go to one portion and take a marker and write on wall… for my friend and paste the letter and gift she gives to him on wall…. so from today I will find you my friend… and he goes..
abhi and aliya reached college… purab is waiting for him
purab : abhi what is in that CD… is she tell her name is she tell her love for you…. abhi just smiled
purab : abhi tell me.. do you knew I don’t sleep yesterday because of this tension…
abhi : no purab… that CD is blank one… she cheated me… and goes
purab : what blank CD…

purab followed him… abhi is passing through aliyas class room… bulbul stare on him… at noon interval abhi came to meet bulbul
pragya and bulbul are talking
abhi : bulbul please come outside.. I want to talk with you
abhi and bulbul is talking pragya is looking them..
bulbul comes… my plan starts to work dear… what plan bulbul ? wait pragya I will tell to you… abhi is moving around the college looking at girls… he is so confused
purab : abhi what are doing yaar..
abhi : purab I need to find her
purab; but abhi how is this the way…
they both thinks a lot to find a way… at that time he gets another letter
my dear friend,

I am so happy… because at last you accept my friendship thanx a lot… this day is most important day in my life… and I see you and purab roaming around girls to find me.. at that time.. you are looking so cute I feel to pull you cheeks.. but I can’t I can’t came in front of you… if you see me.. you will never accept me as friend.. I can’t face your hate or neglect.. because I love you that much.. I Will not force you accept my love… from this day on words I will not talk about this matter.. from this day onwards we are going to be as friends and share happiness and sorrows each other.. k.. oh you are thinking how.. through letters… you write letters for Me and place it on our library… on psychology side in third row.. I also place my letter there… k.. once again sorry if I hurt you yesterday.. I only want to make your birthday special to make you realise things.. I want to make this birthday as your turning point in life…
with love
your friend
purab : abhi show me that letter…
abhi : no purab…
purab: this is really cheating year
abhi smiles…
he reached home…
and goes to his room… and takes a paper to write..
what Will I write.. how will I start… he write and tear it.. and this repeat a lot.. atlast
my dear friend,

I don’t knew who you are? but you are like an angel for me… you help me to realize things… you don’t think that you hurt me… it was first time in my life to meet and create friendship with such person… I am really blessed to have such a friendship…. I don’t knew what I really feel for you… I am in a confused for that… but I just have one request… you will not come in front of me.. so just tell your name.. don’t think that I will identify with it.. tell your nickname.. because I don’t knew what I will call you
with love

precap : abhi hiding library to watch the girl

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  1. Divya chandru

    Omg .. I feel the girl is bulbul and may be pragya comes there to take book …is it so….

    1. HARITHA

      wait for next episode your doubt will clear

  2. Superb going on….waiting 4 tomorrow…don’t create it the letter wrote by bulbul…create it pragya is writing for all this….because abi doubt on bulbul….so that sayin this…

    1. HARITHA

      please wait rajesh expect unexpected…

  3. wowowowowowowowowowowowow
    it was just super and precap i cnt wait for that plz plz plz if u can plz upload today itself plz

    1. HARITHA

      wow sandy ?I will try to upload today itself

  4. Haritha I just loved this episode …..u r really awesome dear …please don’t take much time for nesat update I am in damn curious stage

    1. HARITHA

      thanx smiley to your smiley comments. I will try to update faster

  5. really loved yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    waiting 4 next soon update……….

    bulbul come………. my plan strat to work start dear………… what plan bulbu?

    wait pragya i will tell u?

    can explain pls??????????????????

    1. HARITHA

      di that’s the twist point then how I explained it to you now

  6. Krish

    superrrrrrrrrrb yaar i loved it…………waitng fr te nxt epiiii egarlyyyyyy…………………

    1. HARITHA

      thanks krish… your comment always make me write and think differently

  7. Riyashri

    Wonderful update Haritha ji!!! Update next part soon…………

    1. HARITHA

      thanx riyaji…. loves u lot

  8. sheerapthinisd

    Oii haritha sema sooperb really enjoyed yaar nice update long yaa

    1. HARITHA

      actually I want ask you one thing is this original name? what is it mean???

  9. It was awesome I loved it

    1. HARITHA

      thanx monesha… I think your comments are so simple like you

  10. wow wow super…..abhigya hide & seek story super…..

    1. HARITHA

      thanx sugan

  11. Really soooo sweet episode bt precap s really awesome n eagerly waiting for next part

    1. HARITHA

      thanks durga

  12. i m also confused lyk abhi………letter must b written by pragya ….i think abhi will mu it as bulbul ….oh no….

    1. HARITHA

      why al are so confused wait and watch

  13. Awesome episode…..eagerly waiting for the next part….plz update it soon…

    1. HARITHA

      I have already update it abhigya

  14. loved it….waiting for the next part

    1. HARITHA

      thanks keerthi

  15. Sry fr late cmnt dear but it was really superb reveal soon abd unite them???

    1. HARITHA

      it’s k dear loves you lot

  16. Superb episode… Waiting to know who the girl is..

    1. HARITHA

      thanx nirmal

      1. Don’t say thanks to me yaar..

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