Hello everyone… I read all your comments… but I can’t give reply for that… one thing I felt that… whenever I talk about suspense and twist… the first comment I will get is don’t separate abhigya… why are feeling so yaar… I can’t do it… because they are my favorite couples I am really a great fan of them… there will be twist other than separation yaar.. ls I am that much bad.. at everytime separating them.. just joking yaar… so one thing is clear there is no separation… in every episode you will see their pair’s… so let’s go to story…
Nurses comes out with two children on their hand.. a cute little rock star and little fuggi… doctor comes out… doctor.. my fuggi is ok naa…
Doc: sorry abhi.. we can’t save her… abhi shouts pragya… and gets up from sleep..
Pragya: tinkus what happened to you.. don’t you see some bad dreams..
Abhi touches at her face and hugs her… pragya don’t so away from me… I can’t live without you and cries..
Pra: tinkus are you crying… how I can go leaving you alone yaar.. that’s dream na.. it won’t comes true.. pragya make him sleep but he is still placing her hand with him..
He slept… pragya: God.. don’t make him pain.. and slept… it’s morning…
Abhi : pragya… pragya… she wakes up from sleep.. abhi gives coffee…
Pragya: oh god this much time.. why don’t you call me.. I will give you coffee…
Ab: pragya first you have it.. don’t worry I have already prepared.. food
Pragya laughs.. you that’s not possible… abhi: hllo madam.. don’t underestimate the power of abhi the rock star.. you just go and take bath.. and come.. let’s have food then you will tell me to do breakfast every day… pragya goes to bath…
Abhi: pragya I have switched on heater.. bath in hot water.. that’s good for you.. as she comes… her hair is too wet. He cames and run her hair with towel… and helps her in wearing Saree..
Pragya is smiling..
Abhi : chashmish why are you smiling at me..
Pragya : chashmish.. me.. I am not wearing glasses.. na..
Abhi : but you are my chashmish.. he make her wear glasses.. this chashmish is too good rather than fuggi… are you trying to flirting with me tinkus.. haa… I can do this with my wife naa.. look today you are looking too good..
Pra: why?

Ab: because I did your dressing…
Pra: why are you treating me like a child…
Ab: this all not for your for my little fuggi and rock star..chashmish… I will look after fuggi.. you must look rock star.. k
Pra: so you decided about our partnership in it..
Ab: haa.. so let’s have food now.. abhi is serving food to dadi and pragya
Pra: stop tinkus. I can’t ate anything furthur
Abhi : no fuggi… you now just ate for you and rock star.. my little fuggi is still hunger..
Dadi: haa pragya eat more..
Pra: you too in his side.. if I eat like this.. I will become too fatty and my babies will get overweight
Abhi : I need to see fatty fuggi… it will be really nice to see like that.. he inacted pragyas condition when she become 8 months.. and laughs
Pra: don’t tease me tinkus.. I will not ate..
Abhi: k.. then drink this milk….
Pra: no tinkus… I can’t abhi make her drink it….
Dadi smiles looking them.. bulbul came… with fruits..
Bul: pragya now have it.. and gives apple’s.
Pragya: you too…
Purab forcefully make her ate it…
They all reached at living room..
Purab: abhi are you coming to office today?
Abhi : no purab… you just manage all things..
Bulbul; jiju then what about next concert decision
Abhi : not now..

Pra: tinkus.. why are you not interested in your work… why are you roaming around me.. work is also important na..
Ab: no fuggi you are important for me..
They both look at each other..
Bulbul : so we are leaving.. see you at evening…
Dadi: abhi I am going to gurudwara just take care of pragya…
Abhi: k dadi…
Pra: I don’t like this tinkus… I can’t sit like this.. I want to do some work…
Abhi : no fuggi… your body is so weak.. so you must take rest… I knew this must be so moody… so you just move back to

Your dreamy world… you just continue your writing… I miss my favourite writer nowadays..
Pra: but… now I have no thoughts other than you in my mind then how can I write..
Abhi: so you write about me..
Pra: you.. if I write a story about you it must be a children story and children will be bad while read it and imitate you..
Abhi: so.. you are indirectly telling I am so bad na..
Pra: Haa… you are so bad..
Abhi: ya I am so bad… because of your love..
Pra: what I have did? What is the problem of my love?
Abhi : your love… fuggi.. how can I explain it… what is your love… it’s beyond words.. it is more than a sea… it is more than millions of stars in sky… it is mixed feelings of happiness…. naughtiness… childishness.. fuggi… you just do one thing.. just write some lines about our love.. I will compose it… and make an album..
Pragya: that’s a good idea…
Abhi : abhi always have good ideas.
Pra: not like that tinkus… I am sure that you will not be engaged into work at all.. so I think..
Abhi : any ways I have decided name for it..
Pra; what is it?
Abhi: LOVE BEATS.. which beats always between me and you….
Pra: wow.. that’s good…
Abhi : I knew it…
Pra: then let me try to write something… abhi gives paper and pen.. pragya starts to write.. then she tears that page.. this continued… abhi who is sitting close to her falls sleep.. and lies his head on her shoulder… pragya smiles and place his head on her lap.. she look at him.. and smiles.. looking at him she starts to write recalling some spl moment with him
Stopped at your door-step
Eyes became namaazi (who reads namaaz maybe)
We lost in each other in a way
Became affectionate verses
You and me
How (we) lost in love
Became quatrain of soul
We who are empty (lonely),
Both filled a little
You and me
Okay I tell you clearly today
I just wanted to tell you “I love you”
I die on you
I just wanted to tell you “I love you”
I do love you
This sun doesn’t seem to be important
This shadow doesn’t seem to be important
Now only two names are important
You and me
This sun doesn’t seem to be important
This shadow doesn’t seem to be important
Now only two names are important
You and me
I do love you…
She kisses at his cheeks.. abhi smiles in his sleep at this time…
Screen freezes…

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