The story begins with abhi holding her Saree pallu… fuggi don’t you remember our wedding night.. tinkle.. it’s not at all our Marriage today… I feel that you are thinking that it’s been ours.. fuggi.. we are always like that na… as days passed one by one my craze for you s also getting to be increased… tinkus.. you are really a mad now.. in loud voice. Haa.. I am mad. Iam mad because of you… tikus we will talk about it later.. now I want to talk you about another thing.. we have arranged all three rooms.. but we don’t do anything spl there to tease them… fuggi… wait and watch…
Pragya bring bulbul to her room and make her sit on bed..
Bulbul…. are you getting shy.. I am leaving.. purab Will be really waiting for this moment.. bulboul smiles.. purab enters room and shuts the door.. he looks at bulbul where bulbul is smiling.. he comes and sits in bed.. bulbul… I can’t imagine that we have become husband and wife.. me too.. wow bulbul are you getting shy… it’s really nice to see you like this. Purab sits close to her.. purab touched on her shoulder ( aang lagadeere song plays) purab and bulbul hugs each other.. he just moved to kiss her.. suddenly a shout hears.. they both get shocked..
Purab; this must be abhis work.. suddenly… a howling sound.. full of smoke.. a ghost like shadow..
Both of get tensed… they both sit close each other
Bulbul : purab I am getting fear.. abhi.. abhi stop this. Abhi…. suddenly pragya and abhi comes with a shout they both get shock..
Bulbul : di what you both have did.. bulbul it’s our right to do so… so enjoy all the best…
Abhi : good ni8 sweet dreams.. they went..
Purab: now nobody will. Disturb us.. now we both… as husband and wife…

Scene shifted to alijay room.. they both are talking each other
Aliya : Vijay. I just come after changing this costume.. it’s really irritating dress… how heavy it is.. Vijay laughs.. aliya.. u don’t suit this.. u suit modern dress more.. really.. u look so hot with it.. aliya comes with changing dress.. as they gets off light… burglar alarm plays.. they both looked a lot to find it.. atlast they go it… at that time another one.. aliya this all work with remote action m. So it means it’s all Bhai.. she opened door..
Abhi : what happened aliya… is you don’t like our arrangement..
Aliya : Bhai. Don’tdisturb US. With this funny things..
Abhi : aliya don’t u feel irritation
Aliya : haa.. so I am happy now. I action works so good ni8..
Abhi : fuggi now just goes to tanus room… but when they reached there they don’t see them.
By searching they saw both at garden with fighting..
Abhi : hello couples what happened
Pragya; u starts your fight…
Tanu:look abhi what he gifted me.. it’s a toy of car..
Nikhil: abhi it’s not my gift..
Tanu: abhi… he is insulting me.. he is calling me as child.. abhi laughs pragaya understand she also laughs..tanu:. you both laughing which means abhi do you did it.. I will.. nikhil SO sorry I don’t trust you it’s all this kadoos… abhi : k now u both goes to your room… they leaves…
Abhi : I really happy today..
Pragya: tinkus.. what’s all this..
Abhi : bada masthi Astana
Pragya : haa
Abhi : fuggi.. then why don’t we have a second first night..
Pragya: what??
Abhi : just think that today we get married
Pragya : I am not interested…
Abhi : but I am interested..
Pragya goes from three.. abhi follows her…

It’s morning all wakes up.and on dinning table..
Aliya: bhai we are going today
Abhi : where..
Aliya; we are shifting to Vijays house
Purab: I am also.. to my flat..
Tanu: I am to Nikhils house
Abhi : so all are leaving right… then how will we spend time.. this house will get silent yaar. Why don’t we stay here together…
Pragya : tinkus. Don’t object them.. this is needed..
Dadi: haa beta.. after Marriage her house will be ouska pathi ka gar..
Abhi : k. All have food with fun.. pragya gets to take something from kitchen.. suddenly a sound hears.. they all rushed to kitchen.. pragya is lying on floor.
Abhi rushes to her and calls her..
They sprink some water on her face.. she gain conscious.. fuggi are u okay… Ya tinkus.. I just feel dizzy.. may be yesterday’s work.. abhi helps her and make her sit in bed and calls doctor…
Doc: everyone just leave from here.. I just need to check her.. all goes except abhi.. Mr. Abhi aapko bi.. but doctors I am her husband… Tinkus… k..
Abhi is standing outside with tension.. doctor comes..
Doctor what happened to my fuggi…
Doc: no need to worry Mr. Abhi… congratulations.. you are going to become a dad. Your wife is pregnant..
Abhi : what? And rushes to see pragya.. abhi enters rooms and smile at her.. pragya get shy.. he comes close to her and sit beside.. pragya hugs him and abhi too.
Fuggi.. I am really happy today.. thank you so much.. love u..
Abhi touches on her belly… pragya smiles.. everyone comes
Bulbul aliya and tanu hugs her..
Purab : congratulations both of u….
Vijay : congrats abhi
Nikhil :abhi we need party
Abhi : sure..
Dadi : mem bahuth khush hoom beti…
Abhi and pragya looks at each other…
Episode ends….

So guys.. I need your opinion.
Whether I must continue this story or I may end it at episode 40.. please convey your answers through comments

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