Hllo everyone… hope u all are fine.. thanks for your comments and support.. thanks my silent readers too… so.. let’s go to our story right…
Abhi and pragya are getting down
Purab : abhi why are you so late..
Abhi: sorry.. dear
Purab : don’t you knew how important is it?
Pragya; what is that much important purab…
Bulbul vijay tanu comes
Abhi : all have come now.. this is the important meeting… today we are going to take dress for marriage function…
Aliya: today… I have not prepared for that…
Tanu : I don’t check about new fashion..
Bulbul : I don’t think about the dress type..
Abhi : all the things are arranged… you all just come with me… I have made all arrangements… for that…
Pragya : tinkus..
Abhi : ya… you all don’t knew about this abhi… and we have no too much time.. don’t you all knew.. three marriage Is going to happen… so it must be grand na..
They all laughs.. so get ready… we need to go…
They all reached at boutique…
Abhi : so couples u can go and select dresses.. we both will not interfere in it… because I am not bad like you.. I will not do what you have did for me..
Bulbul: meri pyaari jiju…
They all go..

Pragya : tinkus… let’s go and take dress for us..
Abhi : no fuggi… I have already taken dress for you…
Pragya : what?
Abhi : ya it’s my gift
Pragya : k.. so I will choose for you..
Abhi : k.. so what we both do now…
Pragya : let’s play game..
Abhi : game.. here..
Pragya : Haa..
Abhi : k.. as your wish
They both sit at a corner
Pragya : we both look into each other eyes.. those who blink their eyes will loose the game.. which shows that person have less love than other
Abhi : so it’s sure I will win
Pragya : no.. I will.. k let us check.. they starts game.. they both are looking at each other.. ( Allah warriyan plays)
pragya blink her eyes
Abhi : so fuggi failed… I win so I loves u more.. u are really lucky to have a husband like me..
Pragya : I don’t knew why I have such a fate..
Abhi : what? Don’t you think will you get someone better than me..
Pragya : why not? I have every quality for a perfect women.. then.. even I get SRK as my husband
Abhi laughs aloud..

Abhi : fuggi… it’s your luck to have such a rock star.. don’t you knew even this SRK is my fan..
Pragya : are u feel jealous
Abhi : fuggi… I have seen so many times that you are asking me the same questions… are u thinking u r..
Pragya : no need to tell.. I knew.. it’s better…
Abhi : let’s play an another game
Pragya : what? Truth or dare…
Abhi : no I am not interested
Pragya : why? U tensed? If I came to knew some secrets.. so u some secrets which you don’t share.. it’s too bad tinkus
Abhi : oh I am ready to play game..
Pragya : but.. no we will not play this.. because I knew that you have no secret
Abhi : pragya…
Pragya : no pragya.. I hate that name now.. call me fuggi rock star
.. I have one doubt why all are telling you as abhi the rock star..
Abhi : because they feel so..
Pragya : what spl in you
Abhi : don’t you feel anything spl in me dear
Pragya : haa.. your are bhudhus..
Abhi : ya that’s right… that’s why I accept ur love..
Pragya get irked
bulbul: pragya and abhi.. when you stop this stupid fight..
Abhi : are u feel jealous by seeing us
Bulbul : jealous me.. I feel pity at you.. by seeing this childishness
Abhi : pragya.. ur sister didn’t knew what is love.. don’t you teach her..
Pragya : it’s all because of purab
Bulbul : don’t take his name now
Pragya : which means you both had a fight now
Bulbul : haa pragya he have no dressing sense.. look what he has choosing for me.. it was lehanga in old fashion
Abhi: look pragya.. now you may understand value of abhi.. right..
Bulbul : you both have enough time to talk.. let’s come with me and choose dress for us..
Abhi : k…
They all choose dress.. and get back to home…

After 13 days….
It’s the wedding day… mehra
mansion is fully decorated…… abhi is in his room.
Abhi : fuggi come out fast.. kabse I am waiting for you…
Pragya : I am coming
Abhi : come fast Fuggi… abhi is really excited to see her.. pragya opened the dressing room door.. and comes out.. abhi turned back to see her.. a small breeze is there… her hair is dancing in air… ( Allah warriyan plays)… abhi starts to move towards her.. she is in a red Saree.. abhi is also in red… abhi make her sit.. and wear her ear rings and’s he make her to get ready… pragya is very nervous… abhi come close to her.. and put his face on her shoulder. They both look at mirror
Abhi : fuggi… u r looking so beautiful.. I feel that I have not seen you like this.. look.. how’s our Jody..
Pragya smiles…
Abhi : fuggi… I feel love you more..
Pragya : what? Tinkus what happened to you… why are you praising me like this..
Abhi : fuggi.. I have one wish
Pragya : what?
Abhi : I need a kiss from you..
Pragya; tinkus… pragya gets up and starts to move. Abhi holds her hand.. and make her stop
… abhi is coming close to her.. pragya heart starts to beat more…the gap is decreasing… ya now abhi is close to her… he is coming to kiss her.. she just close her eyes.. suddenly dadi comes..

Dadi : abhi.. dadi close her eyes
They suddenly move away
Dadi : sorry… I disturbed you both
Pragya : no dadi.. tell me..
Dadi : pragya bulbul is calling you.. pragya goes..
Abhi : I want to see purab and leaves.. dadi smiles..
Pragya enters room where brides are getting ready…
Bulbul : tu kaham hai pragya… 3 brides are doing their hair..
Pragya : you all are looking so nice.. so from today on ward’s. You are going to start a new life.. with your beloved person…
All smiles..
Pragya : how time have passed.. I feel that me and tinkle have just met
Aliya : pragya.. there is no need of nostalgia.. come and help us..
Pragya : k and smiles.. she make all wear chunri.. pragya goes out and to see groom.. meanwhile abhi comes in front…
Abhi : fuggi.. where is my kiss.. don’t you fulfill my wish
Pragya : tinkus.. I have no time now.. I have Somany duties.. why are you standing like this.. go and check arrangement.. she moves abhi holds her.. suddenly sarla came..
Abhi: maa..
Sarla : beta.. panditji Is calling…
Abhi : I am coming.. and look at pragya.. pragya smiles..
Pragya : purab… vijay.. nikhil.. all get ready.. tell me what you all feel now.. is there any tension or excitement
Purab : pragya… what you feel at this moment.. me.. I felt very happy and excited.. I have no tension.. because I am waiting for that become part of my tinkus.. to share everything with him.. to spend my life with him… as pragya started her convo.. abhi came at her back.. but she don’t knew that..
Pragya : you all don’t knew.. how will life after the marriage..what will you feel when remembering this moments…
Vijay: ohoo.. pragya.. so you are really enjoying the life.. and you are in those memories while seeing us..
Pragya : smiles.. it’s all because of my tinkus.. don’t you knew what a bride will feel when she sit for marriage.. when her groom look at her.. smiles at her.. her heart will beat faster.. she will get nervous..
Abhi is smiling..
Nikhil : pragya.. you just turn
Pragya : what happened
Nikhil: someone is waiting for you there.. she turned and sees abhi.. she just get stucked.. he is smiling at her.. ( sanam re plays)
Purab : abhi and pragya.. I don’t knew I can love bulbul this much.. I am really wish to do so.. because when I see your love.. I felt jealous
Vijay: ya pragya.. your pair has been made by god..
Nikhil : you are really made for each other.. stay happy always
Abhi: hllo stop.. hey guys.. it’s your wedding not ours.. I want to tell you all one thing.. always love each other share each other.. it’s true we need to barealot.. because of this girl’s.. pragya look at him
Abhi; oh.. so come pandit ji is calling you all..
Abhi make all sit in Mandap..
Pooja starts..
Pandit ji: call bride..
Pragya brings them.. purab vijay nikhil abhi is looking them and smiles.. all are really getting shy.. pragya make all sit in mandap.. abhi come close to her.. and drags her to a Side..
Pra: tinkus.. what are you doing
Abhi : kiss..
Pra: they will call me.. leave me
Abhi : no..

Pra: tinkus.. don’t play now.. it’s time for muhurth..
Abhi : I will leave you if you full fill my wish
Pra: k.. I will give you.. you just close your eyes..
Abhi : k.. abhi close his eyes.. pragya suddenly kiss her..
Abhi : fuggi is this kiss.. it’s feeling less.. I must feel that..
Pragya : you told me.. you will leave..
Abhi : I need original kiss on her.. abhi shows his lips..
Pragya : no I can’t.. sarla is calling pragya..
Pragya : tinkus. Maa is calling.. plz leave me..
Abhi is showing his lips..
Pragya k… abhi close his eyes.. pragya gives him a tight liplock..
Abhi opens his eyes while kissing.. they both look at each other..
Abhi and pragya smiles.. sarla comes.. why you both are standing here…
Pragya : nothing maa I am just asking him about all arrangements
Sarla : come.. it’s time for functions
Pandit ji:so now bride can wear groom magalsuthra…
All make wear mangalsuthra… abhi and pragya smiles.. they fill brides maang…
Pundit ji: now it’s time for seven rounds.. abhi and pragya look at each other and remember their wedding
Pandit ji: now marriage get completed..
They all take elders blessings.. abhi and pragya hugs them…
Abhi : I am really happy today.. to see you all together.. it’s first time I am seeing you all get shy.. wow that’s great
Abhi : purab it’s you who will need to get sad.. because from today onwards you need to tolerate her.. na.. sorry vijay… I can’t think about you.. how will your life.. with this business lady.. it’s nikhil who is lucky one.. nikhil and tanu smiles.. because she will not disturb you but will irritate you..
Bulbul : jiju.. stop this…
Dadi: abhi… stop teasing them..
Dadi: help pragya arrange their rooms..
K dadi…
They both leave..

Abhi and pragya is arranging room with flowers and candles.. they both are looking each other.. abhi is lighting candle looking her. Suddenly he get hurt with fire.. pragya comes and make first aid.. abhi is still looking her
Pragya : tinkus… do you feel pain.. abhi is smiling
Abhi: it’s really nice.. I feel too good.
Pragya : bhudhus..
She goes.. abhi holds her Saree pallu..

Episode ends…..

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