Thanks u guys… for your wish to my health.. now I am perfectly alright.. it’s not a major one.. I have only some wound on my hand and leg.. and my dear priya… please come and teach me how to ride.. when you are coming.. I will arrange everything here.. ???… so let’s go to our story…

Dadi : why you all are here…?
Abhi : we just came to spend time together… that’s why
Pragya : haa dadi…
Dadi : then why you all go one by one pair..
Abhi : vo.. dadi
Dadi : I knew.. it’s so mist.. you all come and sleep well.. we need to return to home at early morning…
All lies on bed… abhi is looking at pragya and smiles… they look at each other… so long and get sleep..
It’s morning… everyone gets up except our abhi… all have packed everything…
Everyone tried to wake him up.. but he doesn’t gets up
Dadi : pragya.. we are going to restaurant to have breakfast.. please make him up and reached three
Pragya : k dadi.. everyone goes…
Pragya look at him.and laughs.. she likes to watch him while sleeping… she climbed up on the bed.. and calls him
Pragya : tinkus… gets up.. it’s too late all have already gone
Abhi : fuggi.. please let me sleep..
Pragya : tinkus… gets up… when I am returning you must be freshen up.. I will just go kept this luggage at traveller… she started to get down.. abhi holds her hands and pulled her towards him.. she just fall upon her..
They both look each other.. abhi tightly hugs her…
Pragya : tinkus… what are you doing.. if anybody see this..
Abhi : you have told me na.. everybody have gone…
Pragya : so..
Abhi : lets do some romance..

Abhi tightly hugs her.. and make her so close.. the distance between them is negligible… they both can hear the sounds of heart beat.. they are looking to each other… abhi take his hands and remove her hairs from her face.. and touches on her.. lips.. pragya get shy… he kisses on her forehead…. pragya just close her eyes… she just lies her head on his chest.. and hugs him… and kissed him…
I like this moment… I love this moment… no one can come between us.. there is no separation between us.. we are one now… ( song plays on background )
Suddenly… bulbul enters the room.. she sees them and goes out
Bulbul : pragya may I come in…
Pragya and abhi get tensed… and get down..
Bulbul comes smiling
I just come to call u both…

Abhi: I am coming.. she goes..
Pragya : it’s because of you.. now how will I go in front of you.. this tinkle hey na… ur are…
Abhi : I am so sweet na..
Pragya : oh.. just go and get ready they were waiting for us..
Abhi : k come.. let’s go and take a bath together.. it’s may be fun na..
Pragya : tinkus…
Abhi : k meri maa.. I understood… they both came to restaurant and join with them..
Abhi : good morning sweeties
Bulbul coughs and smiles..
Dadi: abhi why are you so late..
Bulbul: vo dadi… yeh jiju didn’t gets up.. so pragya tried a lot make him gets up by…
Pragya : vo dadi… we are placing luggage at traveller that’s why
Bulbul : vo bath nahin…
Abhi :so let’s go now… they leaves…
Abhi look at bulbul…
Bulbul smiles…
They start their journey back to house.. they reached the place…
Vijay goes… bulbul sarla and purab goes together… nikhildropped tanu.. aliya and dadi goes to room to take rest… Abhi and pragya came to room.. abhi lies on his bed..
Fuggi… I have head pain.. please massage my head..
Pra: k.. so sit on this couch.. pragya massage his head… he feels so cool.. he is really enjoying it.. pragya also liked it
Abhi : fuggi… u have some magic. Now I feel too good..
Abhi gets up and look at his hair.. it’s all damaged

Abhi : fuggi… don’t you see my hair.. what you have done.. ohoo… so are you jealous at my beauty that’s why make my Hair like this na.. now I show you.. he goes to catch her… she runs.. they run around the room .. abhi catches pragyas saree ka Palau..and twisted it and get close to her… ( sanam ‘re plays).. Pragya get tensed.. she get sweat…
Abhi : fuggi.. why are you sweating a lot.. do you expectIng something from me… ya yes… you are expecting..
Pra: no.. not at all..
Abhi : no your eyes are telling your are lying.. fuggi… I can read your mind more than mine..
Pra: ohoo are you sure…
Abhi : ya.. I will prove it.. you just think something we will check…
Pra: If you failed you must do what I have said..
Abhi : with pleasure… but you too
Pragya :k..
Abhi : take some paper and write about what you think.. I will tell that..
Pragya : k game starts.. pragya writes… ( I like to play and fight with him.. these moments are so precious for me)
Abhi : I like to play and fight with him.. these moments are so precious for me… is this what you think…
Pragya : ha… but it’s usual you knew that you can guess it.. I will think something other
Abhi : k.. pragya thinks… abhi: I got it… fuggi.. do you think like that.. how do you think so… u thought I will have a relationship with tanu if you are not there…
Pragya : ya.. I knew tanu loves you.. but when she came to knew that you love someone she tried to forget that love.. but now I am happy because she had got a perfect partner..
But I failed na…
Abhi : ya.. u failed… because I love you more than you love me.. this love can help to read other’s mind
Pragya : how?
Abhi : ya.. it’s u told me this..
Abhi : haa don’t you remember… when we start to write letters.. in each letter you will tell about the things that I thought.. even my dreams.. because at that time you loves me more.. but now I loves you more.. which means fuggi… you don’t have so much love for me…
Pragya : it’s not because of that tinkus… you loves me.. more than anyone can.. even I can’t…
They both look at each other ( kaise hai ishq hai plays)

Abhi lies on pragyas lap…
Abhi : fuggi… we must be like this every time.. we must not changed.. even we get mummy and dady and grandpa and grandmaa.. we must love and fight each other like this..
Pragya smiles..
Pra: Tinkus.. what happened to you.. today you are in full from
Abhi : everyday I am in such a form.. but it’s you don’t mind me..
Pra: ohoo… ya that’s true.. I am not minding you… so today I spend whole day with you and in this room
Abhi: dadi and aliya
Pra: they may be with maa.. they are going for some film..
Abhi; : without us…
Pragya : it’s me… who told them that we are not coming… because I need to spend some time with my husband
Abhi : wow… for me. So sweet fuggi.. fuggi… I want to tell you one thing.. do you knew after our marriage you have settled in this house.. you lost yourself… this all for me.. I lost my favorite writer… singer.. professor..
Pragya : oh.. tinkus… I have no mood for that all now.. I really enjoy this life.. as my day starts and ends with you.. my life is now around you.. I love that.. I only need that..
Abhi : no fuggi that’s not enough… you must be improved yourself… it’s your life.. you have your own freedom.. you don’t loose anything for me.. don’t mix personal and career… life
Pragya : tinkus..
Abhi : no need of explanation.. after the marriage… you are going to do all this… we have a concert in which MR&MRS. abhishek prem mehra will do it
Pragya : what are you saying tinkus

Abhi take his personal laptop and show some pages.. it’s pragyas official pages.. it’s have been made and controlled
by abhi..
Abhi : fuggi look how much followers well wishers do you have
Pragya : wow…
Abhi : so decision finalised
Pragya : what will I give you tinkus as return
Abhi : fuggi I will do anything… even die for my fuggi…
Pragya just shuts his mouth
Pragya : don’t say like that.. I can’t live without you even a second ( tu meri jaan plays)
Abhi hugs her…
Aliya and dadi return back after film.. they so there is no light from abhis room so they don’t disturb them as they thought they might be slept…
abhi and pragya are lying in bed… looking each other.. pragya moves closer to him and place her head towards his chest..
Pragya : this is most safe place in my world..
Abhi : really..
Pragya : tinkus.. don’t you hear

That… your heart is murmuring my name
Abhi : I knew it.. because you are my life na..
They both have a romantic night… as morning… pragya gets up and comes in front of abhi… with her best coffee in the world…
Pragya : tinkus… getsupp
Abhi gets up smilingly
Good morning sweet heart…
Good morning tinkus… get ready and comes down.. purab have came.. there is some important meeting today na..
Abhi : oh I am get forgot about it
Pragya: look that purab he is really too good.. u must thank him
Abhi : k madam… may I leave now
Pragya : you may..
Sorry if bored u all with this episode…

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