Sorry guys… as I meet an accident while driving my scooty… i have get injured.. thats why i cant update.. sorry guys for that… I read your request Durga… I will do that.. so let’s continue our story…

Bulbul : hloo… don’t create so much drama.. and tell us what’s that important thing
Pragya : wait.. bulbul.. I knew because of me… u all get so sad.. tensed.. I snatched your happiness.. so we decided to get u all married soon…
Aliya : what
Abhi : ya after 14 days… Is your wedding day… there will three wedding happens on that day…purbul… alijay.. takhil…
All gets really happy…
Abhi: so today we will stay here…
Bulbul : that’s good
They all went to reception there is no enough room so they get a door metry…
Nikhil : it’s really fun to share moment with friends
Vijay : ya it’s true.. it’s all because of abhi and pragya… nikhil don’t you knew anyone like them… I knew her from her post graduation… she always talk about him..their love… don’t you knew… how much letter did she wrote for him.. when that accident happened… I think all happiness have gone… I like this family more than aliya
Nikhil : I knew Vijay… when I fight with tanu.. she always said that I can’t become like abhi and said her that she can’t be pragya
Purab comes..
Purab : hllo what the discussion going on here?
Vijay : we just talk about abhi and pragya
Purab : they.. they are really impossible… I don’t think that this trip is announcing our marriage..
Nikhil : actually I don’t think that.. I don’t even think about it.. but when I. see their happiness I can’t tell no..

Actually where Is abhi
Purab : he must be roaming around pragya
Vijay : but bulbul is there… so it doesn’t happen
Abhi comes..
Hllo everyone what discussion is going on here
Purab : about you
Abhi; me..
Vijay : haaa.. we are thinking that u may with her..
Abhi : ohoo don’t u think I am too bad to follow her… actually I don’t like that… but what will I do… If I don’t act like this… she will start her lectures… pragya comes there hearing it… they all see her execpt abhi
Purab : is pragya is like that
Abhi : Purab you all actually don’t knew about her… she is so rude… real pragya is not what you all seen… I don’t think that she will be like that… pragya get angered… so you all be take care… that after marriage girls will not be like that what we see yesterday… I have get this fate…
Pragya : ohoo I have burden for you right.. I am too rude… I am not what u all seen na… they all laughed and escaped from there.. abhi is really trapped
Abhi : fuggi…. I knew you are here.. that’s why I said so.. I like to see your anger At that time you look so beautiful
Pragya : Tinkus.. don’t try to fool me.. I knew you and I can read your mind..
Abhi :fuggi… I just do this to make them tensed… don’t you think I can talk about you like that… is that u understand about me…
Pragya smiles… I love you tinkus
Abhi : I too love you fuggi and hugs each other… bulbul comes

Hllo romantic birds.. lets go and sleep now… they both get shy and goes… as they entered door metry they seem all are already take place bed there… that is a three step bed… tanu and nikhil are at bottom of two beds… lying opposite to each other… purab and bulbul where above them.. aliya and Vijay on top of another bed.. in which sarla and dadi are on bottom.. abhis and pragyas place where on top… they get settled there… abhi is lying facing towards pragya they are looking each other and smiles… tanu and nikhil… aliya and Vijay… purab and bulbul all were looking each other… lights gets off there is a moonlight… seen in room.. abhi calls pragya.. she is sleeping there..
Abhi : in low voice… fuggi fuggi.. pragya opened her eyes.. fuggi come.. they get down and goes outside.. they both look at moon and smiles and look each other…
Abhi : fuggi… I am really happy today… I got all happiness back to my life… I don’t knew in these is I am living or dieing… fuggi.. don’t go Anywhere making me alone life is nothing without you… pragya hugs him..
Tinkus… why are so emotional.. how can I go anywhere by leaving you alone here.. then how will I tortured you.. then how will I fight with you…
Abhi : ohoo so you need me for this na..
Pragya : smiles and pulled his cheeks.. no I need you to make my life alive.. because you are my life… ( Sanam re plays) they both look each other..
Abhi : fuggi.. I wish to have a little fuggi…
Pragya smiles and get shy

Abhi : I am serious…
Pragya : but I need a tinkus like you… if you go away where.. then I will not feel that you are away from me..
Abhi : no fuggi… don’t give my place to anyone.. even our child..
Pragya : are u feel jealous rock star…
Abhi : haa I am jealous.. I don’t like anyone if you love more than me.. because I am really mad at you more than that.. don’t you pragya…when I saw you first time.. I didn’t feel that you will come to my life.. even I don’t feel that I will fall in love.. with this chashmish…
Pragya :ohoo.. do you feel is anyone better than me..
Abhi : of course.. don’t you knew how many love letters I have got… from my fans.. when I lost you… there are so many girls come in front of Me.. to marry them
Pragya : in some jealousy… sad look then why don’t you marry them
Abhi :ya it’s right I can marry them.. but I will get the love which you are showering upon me.. fuggi…
Suddenly they see purab and bulbul coming they hide in the back of a tree…
Purab : bulbul this… is most important day in our life.. bulbul we are going to get married…
Bulbul : haa purab I am really excited for that.. I don’t think this will happen so fast..
Purab : fast… hey bhudhus… don’t you knew I am waiting for this…
Bulbul : purab… smiles… ha I want to tell you one thing.. I knew now you are doing everything alone.. after our marriage also don’t think that I will do it..
Purab : hllo madam.. before our marriage you started giving me instructions… abhi is correct all girls are like this… ( abhi and pragya look at each other and smiles)
Bulbul : purab… why are you like this… you always need jijus help for everything
Purab : smiles.. are u feel jealous that I am spending more time with him.. actually I am not taking his help… he is taking my help..
Bulbul : I am not jealous for that.. but I knew jiju is your love guru…
Purab : haa.. that’s true…
Bulbul : purab… I love you and hugs him..
Purab : oh god.. I am seeing in first time in my life that you are in so romantic
Bulbul : purab don’t tease me.. don’t you knew… I like you at the moment I saw you… but you are very stubborn person who always scold me…
Purab smiles.. at that moment they see aliya and Vijay coming.. they hide under the same tree where pragya and abhi is hiding… they get shocked while seeing them…

Bulbul : jiju what are you both doing here
Pragya : what you all do here.. they all smile
Purab keep quite let’s watch them..
Vijay : aliya… I am really happy today… at last we are going to be one.. within few days.. my day will going to start and ends with you.. I don’t knew I feel to spend some time with you today
Aliya smiles..
Aliya : I also wish so.. I am just waiting to make everyone sleep..
Vijay : aliya.. don’t you remember our first fight on the road.. on that day.. I really think to give one slap.. when I told about it to maa.. she said that she need one girl like you to make me good… at that moment I think that.. how can I love such a girl.. but look how my thoughts have been changed…
Aliya : really its true vijay… I don’t think that I will fall in love.. when I see bhais and pragyas lovestory I always think how.. but now I knew.. this is all because of you. Now I am really mad at you.. and we are going to be one in few days… they both look each other and smile.. they see tanu and Nichol coming and hide under the same tree
Bulbul : welcome alijay to the hiding world..
aliya: u all here..
Abhi :keep quite.. now see their romance…
Tanu : nikhil… look at that moon.. do you
Feel something… how beautiful is this night na..
Nikhil : hllo tanu.. do you call me for this.. ya night is too good let’s go and sleep I feel so sleepy…
Aliya : is this their romance… they all smiles aloud…
Tanu and nikhil hears that and look around.. they all comes out..
Abhi : takhil is this your romance it too bad.. u both are so unromantic…
Pragya : tinkus don’t make them tease..
Nikhil : hllo what you all do here…
Dadi: ya what u all doing here…
Abhi : vo vo
Episode ends… sorry for the delay


  1. Riyashri


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    Greenie should your priya come and teach you how to ride a scooty ??? Jokes apart …….Hope u r Fine now !! Please do be careful from now on !! Hiding World was Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb !!! I loved it !! Take Care Greenie !! Love u Loads !!!

  2. Saranya

    Lol so cute episode dear loved it to the core😍😘😘dear feeling bad da no need to be sry hw r u nw r u alryt take care sweety ur health is more important u upload if u r fully alryt ok love u loads take care stay blessed😍😘😘😘😘

  3. Maahi


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    hahaha Hiding World scene was sooooo crazyyyyyy nd funny too nikhil romance was sooo nyc than others nd abhi covring up was a way tooo awesome in the evmg itself i askd uu abt ur update but surprisingly its out now loved it a lttttt nd take care of ur health …be careful dr loads of lve

  4. Nirmal

    Amazing episode yaar…. So cute… Really loved it a lot…. Waiting for the next update….
    Hope you r fine… Take rest and take care…

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    Such an awesome epi my dear😍😍😍…Sorry to hear about your accident…hope you get better soon…Take care😘😘😘

  6. durga

    Omg it’s really really really cute n funny yaar πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it’s really awesome one yaar thn take care of ur health till u fit n fine thr s no compulsion to update yaar 1st take care of ur health yaar…

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