hllo everyone.. hope all are fine… thanks for all your wishes… so let’s go to our story..
the 2 hour is over… abhi is entering room..he opened door it’s full of darkness.. he thinks where did this fuggi goes.. he switches on the light… the room is fully decorated.. there are full of love shape balloon is there…. small candles are placed around… in the couch.. there are so many bouquet…. there is a huge card also… it’s written as for my love…
he opened it…
to my sweet heart,
years are going more and more,
sometimes we are happy,

sometimes we are not,
but one thing is I am sure,
I can’t stay without you for one second…..
I have heard about love, but you shown me love… I heard about care you have shown me care…
nothing and no one in the world is to perfect, except our marriage
even the imperfections seem to be perfectly romantic…
to our relationship I bring madness, while you bring it with stability…
I bring cuteness while you bring it with elegance… I bring smile… but you will convert it with endless happiness… on our first day of our anniversary, I have this to say -I love life because of you.. thanks for being my life… I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is the best day in my life.. happy anniversary dear… our anniversary is just a momentary celebration but our marriage is timeless one… not only i have seen truth in your eyes you remind me time itself for you are my past, present, future and forever.. i love you… happy anniversary tinkus…
your fuggi….

abhi smiles and hugs the card… suddenly pragya touches his shoulder…
abhi turns… he looked pragya and get surprised…. she is wearing a red saree and looking dashing..
happy anniversary tinkus…
abhi gives a kiss on her forhead….
p: where is my gift…
abhi take a black cloth and tie her eyes…
what are you doing Tinkus…
abhi: just 5 minutes.. I also need some time for preparation right…
he goes outside and comes and untie her eyes..

he gives a bouquet of red rose.. Happy anniversary fuggi…
and make her turn and wear a chain.. which he make her wear once… she loses it at time of accident…
p: this chain…
A: ya… just opened it.. there is their pic inside… pragya smiles…
abhi : fuggi I don’t knew to speak like you… but I knew one what you are for me… I can’t live without you… it’s u my hope… my love… my life… I love you fuggi….
and hugs her… ( sanam re plays)

p: Tinkus let cut this cake…
they both cut the cake looking each other.. they both make to feed it each other…
if you are with me…
I don’t need anything
if you are with me
I don’t have anyone
if you are with me
my life is complete
you are my life
you are my happiness
I love you… abhi tell it at time of giving her cake… pragya smiles and some clapping sound came with wish.. happy anniversary…
they opened door
bulbul : wah kithana romantic anniversary hey na…
aliya : what a line’s..

tanu : what a romance
purab : what an arrangement
abhi : I told u all na.. don’t come here
bulbul put hand on abhi
jiju this anniversary celebration will not get fulfilled without us.. and it’s very nice to see your romance they both get shy… all present gift to them…
aliya : pragya what an arrangement yaar
purab : k now let’s leave.. let they spend time together
they leaves..
abhi : thank god… they goes..
and looked at pragya
A: fuggi your sister hey na.. she is really unpredictable and irritating me a lot.. she don’t knew who is this abhi… pragya laugh loud
p: tinkus… what is this… u r just complaining like a child..
A: I knew you will support her
P: tinkus.. lets make their marriage as soon.. how long they are waiting for
A: ya fuggi… we will declare date on tomorrow’s outing I have already informed them about it.. u just see what will I do in their marriage she is irritating me… oh she will see who is this rock star..

P: k rock star.. lets sleep now.. we need to getup fast na..
A: no fuggi.. we can just talk this full night..
P: I feel sleepy…
A: k…
it’s morning now.. all are ready… they are going in traveller… abhi get seated in 2 seated seat.. bulbul come and sit with abhi.. aliya with vijay… tanu with pragya…and purab.. maa and dadi together..
abhi : bulbul there are so many places in this traveller then why are here.. look that purab.. he have a mind to sit with you and spend time with you na..
bulbul in loud voice: purab do u want to me to sit with you or spend time with you
purab : no
bulbul : look jiju he don’t want
pragya look at abhi.. all have a smile… abhi look at her on anger
bulbul looks through window..
jiju what place.. hey na.. look that abhi not giving any look… are u in anger… purab look at this jiju.. kithana sweet hey na.. eski… anger.. all laughs.. bulbul goes from there and send pragya
bulbul : now k… enjoy…

episode ends… here.. so no update tomorrow… for that I am updating this one…

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  1. Vaishali

    awesome episode dii it was superbbbbb episode was outstanding while reading i was listening to en jeevan from theri it stick to the situation at the best it was apt i was like seeing the episode with that bgm loved it a lot abhigya moments were so cute and the last part was so funny loved it a lot

    1. HARITHA

      thanks vaishali..?????

  2. superb epic !!!!!!!!!!! abhi jealous….. i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!haritha

    1. HARITHA

      thanks divya…


    sorry guys sometimes this episode will be updated two times as episode 29 part – 1 sorry for inconvenience

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    Keep Writing Greenie !!??? Love u Loads !!!????

  5. Trisha

    Awesomeee my friend… Awaiting your next update???

  6. wow super n lovely

  7. Superb episode.The lines in the card which pragya wrote it for Abhi was just mind blowing.Enjoyed it.

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    Super…love it…

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