hllo everyone… I am really feel so happy… because of this telly update I have got so many friends… sisters… I loves u a lot… thanks to my silent readers… I saw some of your comments will I am going to make suspense.. I want to remember everyone I will continue creating suspense and twist..and saranya… you can scold if you feel so… all of you can tell me directly what you feel… I have no problem in that… so let’s move to story
abhi : I want to talk you a lot…
pragya : tell me..

abhi : fuggi why do you tell your name as priya
pragya : I am thinking changing name into that.. don’t you knew this mrs. pragya abhishek mehra… is not good… mrs. priya abhishek prem mehra is good na.. this name is given by that doctor.. don’t he is so sweet… how much care he gave to me…
abhi get anger and jealous
pragya laughs and pulls his cheek this was I miss a lot.. don’t you knew at this time you are really so cute.. I like to ran towards you and hug and kiss you
abhi : really.. then did so…
pragya : ohoo… naughty tinkus… pragya go to changing room.. she open the cupbroad… all dress came out… she get anger she noticed some thing.. she take it out it was drinks bottle.. she check all places.. pragya came out and look him angerly
abhi : fuggi why are you staring me..

P: what all this mean.. she came an twist his ears.. she escaped from her starts to run.. she followed him.. they are running around the bed
abhi is teasing pragya suddenly both of them falls on bed.. they have an eyelock there( Allah warriyan plays)
abhi : fuggi… sorry I will not repeat till she is not responding… I will do any punishment..
pragya: k any punishment..
A: ya..
P: k then let’s go for an outing.. with everyone…

A; outing…
P: please tinkus…
A: k..
P: that’s my tinkus… abhi and pragya together make the things properly… suddenly she finds a dairy…
P: from where did you get this..

A: from your room…
P: so you take it..
A: ha… why is I have right for that.. she…
A; fuggi… in this dairy I read all things about from you.. you always note all the important things in it.. after you go.. I also write that things.. pragya… look through each page’s…she read all the things… how was the each day for abhi without her… when one page comes.. he sees some marks on tears.. because the ink spreads in that page.. she read it.. it was the day of their first wedding anniversary..
pragya : tinkus… we miss our first wedding anniversary.. let we celebrate it now…
abhi : what are you telling…
pragya : just give me two hours.

abhi; k…
pragya : but you must not enter this room.. and one thing.. you must give me a present also
abhi : k done abhi leaves
abhi is just going outside… all attacks him
aliya : bhai where are you going..
abhi : to buy a gift for my wedding anniversary
bulbul : what?
abhi : we are going to celebrate it today.. I want to present her something special
tanu; k I will help you
bulbul : jiju I knew my pragya I will help you
purab : I will help you abhi…

abhi : stop let’s go together..
they reached a shop… all are started to select things… there may be a sweet fight with aliya… tanu… bulbul…
they are showing different things to abhi… but he is not satisfied with all this..
purab : we will buy a dress or ornaments
bulbul : that’s good idea
tanu : these are usual.. we will give some showpiece
aliya; this is not a house warming functions..
abhi : I knew what to do.. and you all leave now.. and don’t tell to our room side.. pragya may be busy with some preparation and we are not planning to include you all. one thing.. we are going for an outing tomorrow. inform Vijay.. maa and Dadi
bulbul : outing…
purab : where?
abhi : that you may decide…

they start fight with this topics..
abhi : now please leave now…
bulbul: we think to help you but now u are.. I will spare u because of pragya… otherwise
abhi folded his hand towards them… they smiled and go…
aliya : now I am really happy.. my Bhai is back.. see his
tanu :aliya… abhis life Is pragya… only pragya knew what is abhi.. their relation cannot be tell by words
bulbul : really tanu…
purab : is ur praising over..
bulbul : meri pyaari purab do feel jealous…

they laughs..

so friends lets see what is abhis and pragyas gift… and how they celebrate their anniversary… in next episode…

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