hello everyone.. sorry I read all your comments your assumptions.. your feelings.. I don’t knew why all u are too much tensed… I always give suspense.. it’s my style of writing… I see your assumptions first of all I clarified that… I don’t think about any plastic surgery as well as memory failure… and then about priya… I don’t tell you about next scene.. always think unexpected from me.. it’s usual if I said that a new character came you all think it must be pragya or otherwise new character going to separate.. that’s right.. because I talked like it.. it just make a confusion in all of you.. so now I am going to tell the next mukund raj… read this and decide if you want to continue reading and divya.. u don’t hurt me..

abhi asks her name
girl; priya.. abhi suddenly get stunned this voice is similar to him.. without no reason tears starts to rolled down.. he lift his face… he get shocked… the girl which he is seeing now is the one he is waiting for… they both look at each other…( tu meri jaan hai plays)the girl hugs him.. he too
abhi : fuggi you come back.. I knew you Will come.. he kissed on her cheeks.. all family members reached at time.. it’s bulbul and purab brought them her all gets happy..
abhi put his hands on prayas face… she is same pragya no change
pragya : Tinkus I love you. I love you a lot.. and kissed on his forehead..
sorry… I knew how much u hurt you.. I also face that much pain.. my life without you really a big zero.. bulbul comes and hugs her..
sarla dadi tanu aliya Vijay purab all hugs her…
abhi : fuggi where are you these days…
bulbul :she is under treatment all get amused
purab : ha abhi…

abhi : bulbul & purab do you knew that
pragya : I will tell you.. after that incident.. I am at a clinic… and under unconscious for some days… when I get into conscious I can’t speak any thing.. my body is half paralysed… I talk about myself to doctors through writing it is me who asked them to call bulbul and purab.. they reached there.. because of my advice they don’t tell about me because . doctor convinced me that I Will surely recover this all because of that shock which I got in that accident.. so I decided myself that I will meet you if I get recover.. it help me a lot… because I love you that much.. the love can make me the old fuggi… slowly I get recovered.. they usually came to visit me once in a week.. and told about you.. when I fully get recovered my heart winks to come before but this bulbul told that.. it’s this place which make us together.. once more that must happen.. so I think that’s right…
abhi doesn’t spoke anything…
aliya : pragya… why do you do this.. don’t you knew how much pain we felt.. and bhais condition..
abhi : aliya.. don’t say anything… what she did is correct…. but this purab and bulbul… you are wrong.. you both can just inform me na.. pragya will come soon then I will wait without any pain.. I really get scared is anything really happened to her.. but I knew her promise… so it give me that hope..pragya look at abhi (Sanam re plays)..
sarla : come.. pragya… now there is no need for more discussion u came back na…
all moves to mehramansion
dadi did arathi for abhi and pragya… abhi holds pragyas hand and enters he told from now I will not leave this hand..
pragya : I not leave you leave it…
dadi : pragya and abhi you both go to your room and take rest we can talk after that..
abhi and pragya get inside the room

Pragya emotionally hug him
sorry tinkus.. if I hurt you… I no sorry cannot be a remedy for your pain… but my mind tell me to do that.. and I can’t came in front you without my voice… because you always talk with how will I reply… how can I make irritate with my voice… abhi smiles.. why are you smiling
abhi : fuggi why are you like this.. don’t ever your behavior change… there is no need to say sorry between what you always do Is correct… my fuggi always take right decision… and the pain which I felt Is not more than what you felt..
pragya don’t talk anything…
they both look at each other.. sometimes we will said that there is something which is not to be told… some can understand ourselves.. ya they both are communicating themselves through their eyes.. ( jeene laga hoom plays )
I am stopping this part here.. because I have exam.. I don’t knew if this episode really touches you.. I am not satisfied with it… but what to do no time yaar…
thanks- di, Riya, Trisha, sally, Riya, Achu, zari, nannu, Durga, lakshmi, krish, mukundraj, rosy, diva, Durga, jessi, abhigya, anjali, reshma, saranya.. u all tell me truly what u all feel.. in all that I see ur love to this story and me… I knew I hurt you with this stupid twist… sorry of that… don’t hate me… please forgive me


  1. Lakshmi

    really haritha u did this twist as pain… but it’s ok… thanks for reuniting abhigaya…. very emotional epic…



      actually lakshmi I did so to knew your feelings about my sorry I didn’t make to heart please forgive me for that my dear friend… I will not separate our abhigya it’s my promise

      • Lakshmi

        Really Haritha then Thank u So Much………..
        and thanks for accepting me as a friend…….. i am always an emotional fool…
        i dont know Y….. but thanks for uniting abhigaya………..
        Love u a lot haritha……….

        Waiting for next epic…….

  2. Riyashri

    |Registered Member

    See my version of your last 2 lines….I knew u would make me to fall in love with this Awesome Twist???? ………Thank for that….???? I Love U Greenie ❤❤❤….And Please don’t repeat your last 2 lines again !!!!! Then I don’t know Wat I would do !!!! So as usual this was something that I truly felt !!!! Superb Update !!!! Keep Rocking !!!! All the very Best for your exams !!!! Love u Greenie ❤❤❤ Take Care !!!

  3. Trisha

    |Registered Member

    Twists are all part of telling a story… Without them, the story would not be as exciting as it keeps us guessing what will happen next and keeps us interested in the story…. And I loved it.
    Awesome epi my dear… All the best for your exams… Love you???

  4. Mukund Raj

    sorry yaar if i hurt you and sorry for my wrong decision and upload next part as soon as possible i am waiting for your next part



      there is no need to sorry mukund… I knew you accept my story a lot that’s why u say it… but I like ur attitude…. telling anything directly… so don’t tell sorry…

  5. durga

    Ohhhh god really u r chanceless when u SD priya I really felt like….. Leave tat 2day’s s really nice n twist s really awesome

  6. Saranya

    Hey darlu hw can we hate u u r our lovely chellakutty da see i hve full ryts on my frnd so i ll gve suggestions and scold too but u shld not ask sry ok love u darlu?????



      I have no problem dear… u can give me suggestion.. u can scold me too I ask sorry because I make u sad na… that’s why…

  7. Jessi

    Hey haritha it’s good yar ….am happy for pragya …if you have killed her character Na …I would have cried am happy

  8. divya

    hey superb episode,,,,, really awesome yaar and study well for u exam all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Vaishali

    |Registered Member

    dii how can u say like this i am so angry on u dii with this stupid twist only u r making me hooked to ur story u know that? yah i hvnt commented on urs but sry na dii i was hvng some urgent works so only didnt commented dii forgive me pls pls pls and dii todays episode was rocking i loved abhis trust on his fuggy thats why i love him a lot dii love u too keep rocking take care dii



      it’s k vaishu… only comments if you get time.. it’s actually feeling nice to hear this scolds your worries.. I feel more love to u all.. thanks so much dears..

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