hllo everyone.. I read all your comments… u all request me to unite Abhigya.. but how… how will I do this.. as someone come between them.. now there is no Abhigya.. it’s going to change as Abhiriya.. is abhi accept this.. what do you think.. is she can forget his fuggi. who is that person why did she come between them.. do u need to knew that.. is this all tanus plan.. Will family members accept the new person.. how did she come between them.. there will be so many questions.. right.. k now I am going sort out the problem and going to introduce the new character priya… is she is good or bad.. that question is up to you.. so let’s move on to story…

abhi who is practicing his music all seen as usual.. there are seen smile in their faces… how this may happen.. how can they forget fuggi… is abhi forget.. her how can he.. abhi is signing muskuraye ki vaaja song.. he stops it suddenly… and he move towards the bed and and take a photo..
he smiling looking at that photo.. who is she.. is she is priya.. no it’s his fuggi..
suddenly abhi stop his smile.. and tears rolled down
fuggi… I can’t do this.. I am struggling a lot to keep happy.. how can I be happy without you.. do you knew… how much I miss you.. look.. it’s more than one year.. I am living here alone.. but I knew you will come.. now I am fully concentrating in my music.each day have concert.. I am doing this all because when I started to sing.. I feel your presence… I always need you.. so… but sometimes I feel lonely.. then I go to that place.. where I lose you.. and cried a lot. fuggi.. I tried my level best keep them all happy… but I can’t continue this drama for longtime.. please come fast na.. he kisses on the photo and hugs it..
scene shifted towards living room
aliya : purab tum aagaya.. I want to talk with you.. some of reporters call me to take an interview with Bhai..
purab : aliya.. you knew na.. it’s very bad for abhi they will ask about pragya.. then what is abhis reaction.. u knew how much is struggling himself
aliya : I said no.. purab.. I just talked about it.. purab do you feel pragya will come back
purab : ya aliya she will come.. don’t you have trust in their love
aliya : yes purab.. but I can’t see this all. my bhais pain..
purab : aliya.. it will all sort out.. I came to talk about today’s concert.. it’s really important for him
aliya : I knew.. that purab.. u don’t bother about that.. I will bring Bhai at time
purab : I am leaving now..
aliya : k..
abhi is getting ready for the show.. he is wearing a dress which pragya present him.. in it her name fuggi is printed.. all his show he wear the same dress..
fuggi.. I am leaving now.. be there na..
dadi is talking with tanu
dadi : tanu.. I can’t see all this… how much pain he will bear.. now that room is his house.. he spend most of the time there.. sometimes he is talking alone.. we will not interfere in it.. because he is talking to pragya.. that is his reason for life..
abhi comes… what’s going on here my pyaari dadi.. tanu are u coming for the show.. he takes dadis blessing
and goes…
he reached on the show place.. he feel really happy today.. he don’t knew what’s the reason there is a special shining seen in his face… he feels pragyas presence it make him too much pleasure he looked around
purab : abhi; come its time for show
abhi : I feel pragya is somewhere around here
purab: it’s because this is the place where u confess ur love to her and this is the place where you both sign together..
abhi : ya.. that’s correct
abhi goes to stage.. he feels her presence more now.. he looks around the audience if he can see pragya there.. but he didn’t see her..
he started the show.. with a collection of song which pragya and abhi sing together… the show ends.. he cried… by remembering her..
he goes to green room..
and sits hugging that guitar.. fans came for autograph but his bodyguard restrict them… abhi asks them that allow them to enter.. he.. starts to give autograph to his fans.. one by one.. a girl comes before him.. he starts to write autograph for her.. ask her name
girl: priya..
the screen freezes at her..
so our new heroine enters.. priya.. will u all accept her.. did she have any intention.. did she replace our real fuggi… wait and see.. so guys for 2days there no update sorry for that… that’s why I am uploading this..

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  1. no i don’t like it yaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. RiyaDcruz

    Hey Pls don’t replace fuggy yaar I don’t want anyone to come between abhigya………

  3. Trisha

    Abhi is so sad???… Is priya our fuggi who came back to life in a different avtaar? Idk… Im just guessing here lol… Awesome epi my dear… Awaiting the next one to find out who she really is…

  4. I think priya is pragya….she possibly loses her memory or had a p!astic surgery for her face

  5. Awesoeeeeee Greenie!!! Loved the new twist….. I guess the girl named priya is pragya!!!

  6. Asmithaa

    No dii… I am not interested in abhor its but I am interested in Abhigya… Dii I hope that Priya is pragya.., our same pragya… No plastic surgery nothing., pls dii..

  7. Asmithaa

    I mean I am not interested in abhiriya.. Anyway twist is super dii.. Eagerly waiting for ur next episode..

  8. I think priya is pragya but dont show plastic surgery plzzzzz

  9. …………abhi heart beat is pragya ……….if he want to forget his heart beat will be not their…………& pandit told that they r made for each other…… how another person will enter in btw them…………………………but i think priya is pragya only….in accident she lost her memory……………..but like abhi songs so she came to concrt ….so only abhi can feel her presencs………………….definetly abhi will make to remeber here past….&he will be happy………………………if this ur idea…………i think so…………………….if this is not ur idea……….it’s ok but lz don’t seperate them i can’t see it………….plz plz plz ……………………

  10. No no no nooooooooooooooo never I always want to c abhi with pragya only I don’t want to any replace n also I can’t even imagine abhi with any1

  11. no how can we accept pragya than someone in his life.. haritha don’t do this really I can’t accept????…
    pls unite abhigaya pls yr.. no one can replace there love.. if abhi can accept priya but how bulbul can accept.. there is no replacement for pragya in there lives… no one should be like pragya……????
    pls don’t do this haritha. it’s paining in deep heart I don’t know y but don’t do this it’s my humble request…..

  12. Wat is tis diii tis is not at all fair 1 st tis suspence nd now u r sayng no updt fr 2 dys nooooooo diiii plsssss nd fr Priya I think ter s some twist n tat chtr I ve sme flng tat she s our pragya don’t no waitng fr tat Plsssss diiiii try to updt 2dy itslf plssssss othrvise my head ll brk plss diiiiii I’m waiting…………..

  13. Nd plsssss if Priya s pragya don’t make plastic surgery diiiiii plsssssss nooooooooo we want oly our fuggi old fuggi……………..

  14. no never if you do this them i am going to stop reading this ff sorry if i hurt you but i have no other option sorry

  15. OMG….!! Plz…..! Plz… don’t do this yr.pragya’s death is not yet confirmed so come a new character in between Abhigya? .hope that priya is either our pragya itself or she should be so…. bad enough that Abhi n his family members themselves dont choose her to replace pragya’s place in Abhi’s life.hoping to see our Abhigya together.fingers crossed….! Anyways nice twist yr.continue writing….!

  16. no yaar we need only fuggi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not priya yar ??????????????????sorry if it hurt u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. I think riya and fuggi are same

  18. Hey did pragya forgot her past and she named herself as Priya ……am I correct please yar I can’t wait

  19. Nooo we can’t accept anyone other than our pragya…..

  20. no dii dont replace pragya plspls………

  21. Reshma Pradeep


  22. Omg cant wait unite soon abd u knw today mrng fully in clg my mind was wavering abt tis oly so dnt maje my head break?????


    hllo everyone thanks for all your comments… the next part will air soon… all your doubts Will cleared soon… I don’t satisfied with next part of episode but I have no time… as I see all your comments I update a short one sorry for that

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