hllo friends… sorry i cant give reply to all of your comments… but i will try to do it.. all are thinking something is going to happen… but don’t what it is… but some of think that I am going to separate Abhigya.. or any villain is entering… some even have small doubt on tanu right… k so in this episode u can see what is going to happen… the game of Destiny bring them were… so read carefully… sorry if this twist heart you. but I will not change it because I want to show you love… and it’s power… so let’s move on to story
next day begins…
Mehra mansion is well decorated.. abhi and dadi are welcoming guest.. tanu and pragya are busy with talking guest and arrangements…
abhi take mike and come up on stage…
hllo everyone… I knew all are thinking why I am arrange a party… I want to announce an important thing to you all and I am really happy today… because my both sisters are going to be get married with whom they loved.. so let me invite.. miss. aliya prem mehra and his fiance Vijay pandeya.. ( aliya comes down in a violets gown and Vijay in black and white suit)
all claps for them.. then let me invite my enemy who always fight with me my sister.. miss. bulbul arora and my dear friend her fiance Mr. purab)
all claps for them bulbul in green gown where as purab in blue and white suit..
let’s give them a round applause…
so we are officially announcing their engagement on next Sunday at Mehra mansion… all claps.. so lets enjoy…
they play romantic music..
abhi and pragya sing song… couples dance with it…
Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen
Utar aayi jheel mein, jaise chaand utarta hai
Kabhi haule haule dheere se
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se tarannum mein tum
Chhooke mujhe Guzri ho yoon
Dekhoon tumhe, Ya main sunoon
Tum ho sukoon, Tum ho junoon
Kyun pehle na Aayi tum?

How did you become mine, I can’t believe my good fortune
You came to my life.. like the moon descends into the lake sometimes
Slowly and graciously
Like the touch of warm sunrays
You touched me with melody so that
Should I look at you or should I listen to you
You are my solace, you are my passion
Why you didn’t you come earlier?

Main to ye sochta tha ke aaj kal
Upar wale ko fursat nahi
Phir bhi tumhe banake woh
Meri nazar mein chadh gaya
Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya

I used to think that nowadays
God has no free time
But, having created you,
He has risen in my eyes
His status has become higher..

Badle raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badle deep ki tim tim
Chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi,
Badle barkha ki rim jhim
Badlengi rituyen adaa
Par main rahoongi sada
Usi tarah teri bahon mein bahen daalke
Har lamha Har pal

Roads, falls and river may change their course
Radiance of lamps may change
Life may initiate a new tune
Raindrops may hum a different note
Seasons will change their style
But, I will remain forever
In your embrace, like always..
Each moment each second

Zindagi sitar ho gayi,
Rimjhim malhaar* ho gayi,
Mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakeen, Kaise mujhko mili tum

Life has become like (melodious sound of) sitar
Like showers of Malhaar
I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have you in my life

abhi and pragya look at each other and sing.. at that time… all stop dance… they look at abhi and pragya… because they see love in them.

Suno na kahe kya suno na
Dil mera suno na, suno zara
Teri baahon mein mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baahon mein hogi subah

Listen, what my heart says,
Listen, listen for a while..
I have to stay in your arms all night long..
The morning will be in your arms..

Yoon pyaar kar be-intehaa
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishaan be-intehan
Koi kasar naa rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhoo le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan

Love me without any limits..
I’d see, all my life,
your signs, limitless..
There should be nothing lacking, I should be out of consciousness,
Touch me so much, so much as without limits..
at that time… all claps…
bulbul: pragya…
tanu : abhi this is not a function for you both… abhi and pragya get shy… function ends…
all are sitting in living room
purab: abhi… why are not planning about honeymoon
tanu : me and aliya already discuss about that.. you both go to new York..
purab:abhi I have booked room in ooty.. for u both.. I knew that pragya like to travel ooty and kodakanal
bulbul : haa pragya we both do all the arrangements… so u both leave tomorrow… and spend one week there.. because of after that abhi have so many concerts
aliya : Bhai u don’t go there… it’s not a good place…
tanu :ya abhi
abhi : hllo u all don’t need to bother.. we will decide and go.. anyway we are leaving tomorrow… I have already take dadis and maas permission..
aliya : where are u going?
abhi : not decided…
pragya comes with coffee
aliya : pragya where are you going for honeymoon
pragya : aliya. we have not decided… we will go for a long drive and we will decide
purab: what is this? usually couples have already decided it before marriage
bulbul : purab don’t you knew they have different love story… and different type of romance… nothing can be expected…
abhi so all of you leave now.. we both have to pack for tomorrow’s journey
abhi and pragya came to room
pragya : tinkus why don’t you tell them we are going to ooty and kodaikanal
abhi : ya because they already knew about it… I think they will tell some exciting places so when we tell this they Will really get wondered… but.. I think u Will tell them
pragya :I have heard about it..
abhi : that’s my fuggi..
pragya : naughty tinkus…
abhi laughs… it’s morning abhi and pragya is getting ready… bulbul aliya tanu pragya have already reached there…
abhi : actually u guys have any other work always walk behind us and teasing..
aliya : Bhai… actually it’s really nice to come between in ur romance and torture you both
abhi : aliya.. don’t worry soon I will also get chance
pragya : aliya before I am coming to India ur Bhai always complain that I guys are too busy and not getting time to spend
aliya : actually pragya… we are not busy.. this Bhai Hein na.. always in busy with writing letters for you and talking to u looking ur image
purab :pragya… because of you he changed a lot.. always talk about u..
time spent with u..

tanu : ya pragya.. in this 5 years.. there was too much changes happened to him
bulbul : not only him.. to her too… she has no time to spend with me. no talk with me properly
pragya : ohoo so u all are in one team.. me and tinkus in another
abhi : pragya there are actually jealous with us…
aliya: no pragya.. these changes are too good.. because of you I understand more about what is my real Bhai thanks for that…
aliya hugs pragya
abhi :hllo why are you both too sentimental…
bulbul hugs pragya.. pragya I will miss u a lot…
purab : why you all are like this.. they are not permanently shifting from here..
abhi : so stop this.. lets take a selfie.. abhi takes the selfie.. all cheers…
dadi : abhi are you ready?
abhi :Ha Dadi we are going to leave.. they take their lugged and kept it in car..
abhi : so guys we are leaving..
pragya : k dadi… we are going and goes…
abhi and pragya in car…
abhi : fuggi… why are you so silent
p: nothing tinkus… I just feel something. sad.
abhi : fuggi why are sad? I am with you na..
p: that’s my biggest problem.. I need to tolerate you na this 7 days.. oh god I don’t knew
abhi; fuggi.. not only this 7 days.. this lifelong… I will always like this.. even I become father of a child.. I will be like this naughty tinkus…
pragya smiles
P: I don’t knew how This days get flew away.. do you why I told you that we will go to honeymoon this place
abhi : of course.. because this writer always like to go to that places..
P: not because of that.. because when I started to love you.. I always saw you in my dreams.. in that I dreamed that we both are alone at a house in the top of a hill.. it was so beautiful and simple house.. only we both are there… no one will come
out there… we spare time with each other..chitchat each other
abhi : ohoo so my fuggi is going to be a romantic mood na..
abhi on the radio…

( muskrat ki waaja plays) abhi and pragya look at each other without blinking eyes… suddenly it happens…
scene shifted to mehra mansion
purab : I really miss abhi
bulbul : I knew u will miss him.. if he is a girl u marry him na
tanua and aliya laughs
tanu : bulbul why are you like this.. always taunting poor purab
bulbul : ohoo so you are in purabs side he na
aliya : tanu it’s an another type of love.. love which passed between them through fights
tanu : ohoo aliya now you become to knew all feelings of love na…but poor Vijay
Vijay comes
vijay : haa tanu.. what are you discussing about me…
tanu : aliya pinches her.. ha.. @ we are just chitchat…
suddenly purab get a phone call… he get shocked…
all are asking purab what’s the matter.. but he is not responding… screen freezes on showing purabs face..
so this the end for today’s episode.. I knew most of you guess about what really happened… so thank u for your attention.. see you soon with next episode…

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