LOVE BEATS.. episode-23


hello friends… sorry Tisha if I hurt u by using your character name.. as I have used with that name.. I can’t get an another name… that’s why… so readers I am just changing abhis name from dundoos to Tinkus… please accept it… sorry tisha… 1000 times.. I didn’t feel that it will hurt you… please forgive me for that…
once again sorry…
so let’s move on to story
abhi pragya dadi purab came to vijays house..
vijay get surprised seeing him..he welcomes them and make them sit.. he calls his maa..
maa: namaste
dadi : namaste.. we came here to talk about a marriage..
maa: Vijay has told me about your family and aliya.. we are thinking to meet you. but we are so poor so.. we thought

abhi : auntyji.. don’t classify people on the basis of money.. as Pragya said I have collected all details about you… I like Vijay a lot
purab; and our sister aliya like him.. as her wish is important for us..
pragya: so maa we just came to talk about it.. Vijay do you have any objection in taking Aliya as your life partner..
vijay : no.. but pragya.. do u knew we’ll about our condition… I have no enough money to make her live like how she live.. it will be so difficult for her..
dadi : beta we just want your answer no explanation is needed.. will you like to marry my aliya
vijay : I like her and I loves her a lot.. abhi : so problem finished.. auntyji if do u have any problem..
maa: no..
abhi : so Vijay and aunty.. come to our house.. we are organising a party to announce purbul and alijay ka engagement..
abhi happily hug Vijay and they leaves..

aliya is waiting for them..
tanu: aliya why are u this much nervous.. I never see u like this..
aliya : u don’t knew it tanu..
tanu : aacha
they comes
aliya Bhai did he agreed.. dadi what happened there.. purab tell me.. pragya.. all are so sad..
abhi : aliya we are really sorry
purab : we tried a lot.. but..
abhi : please.. aliya
pragya : tinkus please stop this… aliya… Vijay and her maa agreed with your marriage..
aliya : what? agreed… aliya hugs pragya..
abhi; tomorrow there is a party we are going to announce about purbul and alijay engagement..
aliya; you are my lovely Bhai and hugs him..
tanu : at last all are going to be settled.. I am alone..
pragya : tanu.. find someone and love him..

tanu : actually I have find someone before years
pragya : tell about him.. we will go and talk with him
tanu; no pragya it’s not possible
pragya : why…
tanu; because u marry him
pragya : who is that… what tinku..
tanu : I am just joking yaar
abhi : so purab go and pick up bulbul and get dress for tomorrow’s function and aliya u also go with them on the way pickup Vijay… they leaves
dadi : pragya… because of u all this happens.. now I can rest because u are here..
abhi; ohoo Dadi now u only need her

dadi : haa.. I have no time to fight with u.. I want to rest for sometime she goes..
tanu; I am also leaving… I have photo shoot today…
abhi and pragya move towards their room
abhi lye his head on pragyas lap.. and pragya were sitting in the bed
abhi : fuggi… at last all are been going to settle..
pragya : ya tinkus.. Vijay will be perfect match for Aliya… u don’t worry about that..
abhi : I have no because u r with me na..

pragya : then what will happen when I leave you..
abhi : then there is no abhi..
pragya : do you love me this much..
abhi : can’t u feel that looking to my eyes… ( tu meri jaan plays)
pragya : arey bhudhus I will not go anywhere.. if I am away from you
it doesn’t mean…. I am not with you… I will always there in your heart… songs… so Mr. abhishek mehra… don’t go away from music it means u are going away for me..
abhi : k mam he laughed aloud
pragya : Tinkus why are you laughing…
abhi :poor purab and vijay after marriage they also will be work like machine… as what I am doing

pragya : ohoo.. is I am making u a machine..
abhi : haa…. ya my heart is always beating for me… it’s tells always I love u fuggi… I love u fuggi.. it always tell me to it want to see fuggi every time
pragya : ohoo really it’s disorder… so.. we need to consult doctors for that..
abhi : fuggi I can treat for that… by loving me.. he takes her hand start rubbing on it..
pragya : sorry Mr. abhishek.. I have no interest in that..
abhi; I knew that.. that’s why u are not talking about our honeymoon trip..
pragya; Ohio..
abhi : ya.. it’s more than one week our marriage have happened
pragya : we will go with them.. we will do their marriage as fast as possible
abhi : what… with them..

pragya : ha.. what problem in it
abhi : I don’t tell u anything u just go and do arrangement for tomorrow’s function
pragya : are in anger tinkus..
abhi : nahi baba.. she smiles..

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  1. Cutiepie Achu

    Wonderful Haritha di…. I can’t wait for next epi..

    1. HARITHA

      thanks achu don’t worry I will update it as fast as possible… but don’t hate me after reading that..

  2. Awesome!!

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      thanks abhigya

  3. Actually I was quite surprised I didn’t read ur past episodes when I’m reading yesterday’s episode I noted the name..No need of this much apologies I was quite surprised not hurted..Yeh hurt aane key baati nahi ?? Keep on going God bless:)

    1. HARITHA

      thanks Tisha.. I feel u get sad.. that’s why.. then where is ur update yaar.. thanks dear.. ??

  4. Superb episode yaar… Eid Mubarak…

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      Eid mubarak dear

  5. Krish

    superrrrbbbb epiiiii diiiiii…………….

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      thanks priya

  6. amazing yar !!!!!!!!!!

  7. VarshaVenkat

    Superrrrr!!!!!it would hav been better if their was abhi n aliyas fight lyk a tom n jerry……it’s really a cool eli

  8. nice……………

  9. nice yaaaaaa

    tanu ?????????????

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  11. It was awesome I loved it to the core

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  13. Superb

  14. Really sooooo sweet episode n cute family I love it to the core…

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  16. Lovely dear cant wait fr nxt part love u????

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