LOVE BEATS.. episode-22


hllo friends… hope u all are fine.. without much introduction let’s move on to story..
pragya abhi bulbul sarla reached gurudwara… they prayed there..
sarla: babaji… this is abhi.. pragya ka pathi.. please them your blessings…
abhi and pragya take blessing
babaji: you both have blessing of baba.. you both ‘re really made by him… you both have a link… each other.. that your Jodi will be lie like this for next birth also.. abhi and pragya look each other and smiles… looking them babaji told.. both of u will support each other… suffer each other… but…..
sarla: what baba?
baba: but don’t worry pray to baba only he knew that… we can’t predict about future only he decided it…
they moved

sarla get tensed…
bulbul : maa.. no need to worry.. I please look at them.. they still are standing there and staring each other.. how cute hey na..
bulbul comes and call them.. they came into sense
pragya : ya bulbul what was u saying..
bulbul laughs.. pragya I just came to call u both to go home… but u both were just acting like arnav and khushi…
abhi : really..
bulbul: ha really.. stop this come let’s go home.. they returned to pragyas home.. purab is already standing there..
abhi : -wow.. oh came here meet her na.. do u need maas permission to take her for outing
bulbul : he here.. to take me.. it’s impossible.. he is really a bhudhus.. kanjus ladka.. he came here uMr. rock star
abhi; purab look this she is getting jealous..
pragya : purab why are I like this.. why you don’t go outing with her..
purab :arey pragya what are u saying.. don’t I knew in this poore delhi there no place which we both don’t go..
pragya :ohoo.. then bulbul what’s your problem..
abhi : accha I understand…
pragya : what?
abhi: she is just giving us signal that it’s time for marriages.
bulbul : that’s my jiju and hugs him.. sarla : bulbul.. after one month we are going to do ur engagement.. already me and abhi fixed it..
pragya: what.. u both.. without me.. maa..
abhi: she is my maa. not urs.. purab hugs abhi… and look at bulbul. they both smile..
pragya : me and dundoos will do all arrangements…
bulbul : fine..
all laughs..

they chitchat for a long time.. laughs a lot..
purab: abhi I am leaving now. it’s already 11:00 clock see u tomorrow…
abhi : k bye…
sarla : k u all go and sleep..
next morning…
abhi and pragya are getting ready to go back..
pragya take sarlas blessing
pragya : maa we are leaving and hugs her..
bulbul: so maa I am also going.. purab will be there I need to go with him in a meeting..
they leaves..
they reached mehra mansion… purab tanu aliya were already there.. aliya : Bhai aagaya
abhi : what’s up?
tanu : we are just talking each other
pragya : but I feel some planning happening here..
purab: no pragya we just…
abhi give him some action…

at that time Vijay enters
pragya welcome him
pragya :it’s really surprise… he Is looking towards aliya..
vijay : pragya I just came here.. give these papers.. and this copy.. as you came fast three was some papers which u want to collect from university
pragya :thanks Vijay.. pragya introduce everyone..
tanu look towards aliya and tease her… aliya is really getting shy..
Vijay goes..
tanu : pragya… do u feel some smell of love here..
pragya : what smell of love.. what are telling tanu
tanu :pragya.. there is some with us fall in love..
abhi : someone.. who is that?
purab:only who remain is aliya
bulbul; what aliya
abhi: with whom
tanu: with ur wife’s frnd Vijay..
pragya : what Vijay.. do u knew him.. before..
aliya :ya..
pragya: kabse

aliya : we meet at shopping mall. there some misunderstanding happened.. and I beat him.. then I find him he is not that culprit.. then I go after him and tell him sorry but suddenly he beat me back and told me.. don’t overreact and try to find out truth before take reaction..actually I really feel anger but.when think about I feel that’s correct… then I saw him.. in ur engagement as well as wedding function and talk each other..
abhi : ohoo so this much thingshappen but I didn’t tell me a word
aliya : Bhai u have no right to tell that.. because I don’t tell me about ur relationship with pragya na…
tanu : ya abhi have no voice. for that… but u don’t tell this to me na..
aliya : actually tanu I am not confirm what I feel.. and she get shy
purab : oh god.. it’s first time in my life.. seeing u in shy.. u have that feeling na..
aliya ran before him to beat.. purab ran.. tanu and bulbul follows them
abhi : fuggi.. is he perfect match for her?
pragya: ya dundoos.. he is really nice person… if I don’t see u before… I will surely marry him..
abhi : what? is he much better than me.. is he can love u more than me..
pragya : dundoos r u feeling jealous..
abhi : ha.. I am jealous about u.. I don’t like anyone that u love more than me..
pragya laughs… I just told a joke na.. u take it as serious.. dundoos.. are u in anger with me.
abhi : haa…
pragya : just smile dundoos this look is not suitable for u..
abhi:no.. pragya starts to sing a song… and started to melt his anger..
Muskurane ki wajah tum ho
gungunane ki wajah tum ho
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
o re piya re

You’re the reason for smile.
You’re the reason for humming.
I can’t live, can’t live,
Can’t live (without you), O beloved.

O re lamhe tu kahin mat ja
ho sake to umr bhar tham ja
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
o re piya re

O moment, don’t go anywhere,
If possible, stay here for all life.
I can’t live, can’t live,
Can’t live (without you), O beloved.

Dhoop aaye to chhaanv tum laana
Khwaahishon ki barishon mein
Bheeg sang jaana

If there is sun, you get the shade
[as in, if there are troubles, you will free me from tensions] In the rain of wishes,
get drenched with me.

Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na
O re piya re
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na
O re piya re.. piya re..

Jo miley usmein kaat lenge hum
Thodi khushiyaan, thode aansoo
Baant lenge hum

Whatever we get, we’ll manage in that.
Some joys, some tears,
we’ll divide between us.

Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na
O re piya re
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na
O re piya re.. piya re..

Muskuraane ki vajah tum ho
gungunaane ki vajah tum ho
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
o re piya re
abhi smiles and give his kiss on hand.. purab bulbul aliya tanu are watching all this and clapped
tanu; abhi and pragya… I don’t see such a love.. any where..
bulbul: purab look at them.. how they love each other..
purab : nobody can love like them bulbul
abhi : stop praising them.. so tomorrow we will go to Vijays house and talk about this.. k..
aliya smiles..
so guys.. the twist that what I said is going happen.. it may be in tomorrow’s or day after that going to take place.. so wait for that.. it’s an important twist… in our story

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