LOVE BEATS.. episode-21


hllo friends.. thanks for all your support… sorry if I bored you with maha episode…thanks for all my silent readers who patiently reading my ff… so let’s go to the story..
abhi is still looking at the mirror… oh god…
A: fuggi… fuggi… please give me towel.. it’s on the bed..
P: k… one minute.. pragya show towel.. abhi please enter fuggi.. I am shaving… pragya enters bathroom.. by closing her eyes… she looks around.. she didn’t see him.. suddenly water from shower falls on her..
pragya turned
P: dundoos what you have done?
A: laughs.. it’s my sweet revenge
P: dundoos… look at my clothes.. it’s all wet…
A: k come let’s bath together again.. abhi hold her hand.. she make it loosen and ran suddenly she slips.. abhi holds her.. they have an eyelock.. (sanam re plays).. pragya goes… when abhi is entering room.. he sees pragya taking fleet to her Saree.. she is woring a red Saree which is abhis favourite… abhi keep looking her and smiles… she completed and turns.. sees abhi…
A: fuggi… u are looking awesome.. he kisses on her forehead.. pragya smiles
P: dundoos come fast… all are waiting for you there.. today it’s my first day at kitchen… it’s a rasam… I have prepared something special..
suddenly abhi started to sing a song and dance with her…

Jeene lagaa hoon pehley se zyaadaa
Pehley se zyaadaa tumpey marney lagaa hun

I have started living more than beforee
I have started dying more for you than before

Main, meraa dil aur tum ho yahaan
Phir kyoon ho palkein jhukaaye wahaan
Tumsaa haseen pehley dekhaa nahin
Tum isse pehle they jaane kahaan

I, my heart and you are here
Then why are you there with leaning eyelids
I have not seen anyone before as beautiful as you
Where were you before this

Jeene lagaa hoon pehle se zyaadaa
Pehley se zyaadaa tumpey marney lagaa

I have started living more than beforee
I have started dying more for you than before

Rehtey ho aake jo tum paas merey
Tham jayein pal ye waheen bas main ye sochoon

When you come and be with me
I just want those moments to stop there

Sochoon main thum jaayein pal ye
Paas merey jab ho tum

I want those moments to stop there
When you are with me

Chaltee hai saansein pehle se zyaadaa
Pehley se zyaadaa dil theherne lagaa

The breathes become faster than before
The heart starts stopping more than before

Tanhaaiyon mein tujhey dhoondhhe meraa dil
Har pal ye tujhko hee soche bhalaa kyoon

My heart finds you when it feels lonely
Why does it think of you every moment

Tanhaayi mein dhoondhhe tujhey dil
Har pal tujhko sochey

The heart finds you when it feels lonely
It thinks of you every moment

Milney lagey dil pehley se zyaadaa
Pehley se zyaadaa ishq honey lagaa

The hearts have started to meet more than before
The love has started to happen more than before
abhi makes her to stand in front of wall and he put hand on both side.. and come close.. pragya ran and get out of room
suniye comedown fast…
all have arrived at dining table

Aliya : pragya why do you change dress..
pragya get nervous..
Pragya : it get wet that’s why
Aliya : how.. just pouring water to plant.. at that moment abhi came and she smiles..
bulbul aliya tanu purab starts to laugh
A:why are you laughing.. it’s just happened
dadi :what?
A:: nothing dadi..
pragya present food
Tanu: wow.. kithana acha khushbu..
pragya served food..
purab : pragya… delicious.. I didn’t eat such a food
Aliya :ya pragya amazing
Bulbul : ya dear..
Dadi: all the dishes are abhis favourite
abhi : ya fuggi… how do you knew all this.
pragya : I knew ur taste..
purab: wow kithana romantic.. abhi why there is song on your room..
abhi : I just practiced it 4 next concert.. how is it?
Tanu: oh abhi I thought you both are doing romance..
abhi and pragya look each other..
dadi : k.. stop teasing them… abhi today you both must go to pragyas house.. and stay there..
abhi :k dadi…
pragya you go and get ready.. k dadi..
Dadi : abhi look at her smile..
bulbul : I am leaving with them..
they reached home.. sarla welcomes both of them…
sarla : bulbul.. take your things and shifted to my room.. pragya show abhi your room
pragya : k maa..
as abhi and pragya enters her room bulbul is taking her belongings and shifting
bulbul : abhi because of you I lost my room.. it’s k anyway you are my jijaji na..
ohoo jijjaji…

pragya goes… abhi check the things there… he get some thing he smiles and take it and kept it on his bag… he goes and look around..
bulbul : jijaji what are you doing are u getting bored…
abhi get tensed… bored me.. no way.. I just checking all this ohoo
sarla : beta
A: ah maa.. tell me..
Sarla : lets go to gurudwara and take blessing of god..
A: k maa we can go…

precap : babaji.. tell that you both have blessing of baba.. but..

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    Awesome as usual Haritha???

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    awesome awesom episode dii it was superb indeed actually abhigya scenes were so so so cute and jiju saali relation is always fun i .loved it a lot love u dii

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