LOVE BEATS.. episode-15 part 1

hllo friends… now iam just uploading a small part of next episode…. now.. it’s a special treat from me…

abhi : fuggi… I read your book.. it’s really too good… but from that I understand one thing..
pragya : what?
abhi : actually you right the story to give me what to do how to behave with you na..
pragya : what? what are telling…
abhi : ya… in that story you write about our dating… our marriage…
pragya smiles; dundoos vo mein.. for to make stories more beautiful I wrote so
abhi : so to make our life more beautiful I will do so
pragya : ohoo are joking at me.. na.. I will… abhi rans… pragya followed him by running… suddenly abhi falls by slipping on mat and pragya too… pragya falls on abhi…. ( Allah warriyan plays) suddenly it’s start rain and thunder… pragya fear that thunder by hearing it sound.. pragya hugs abhi with fear… abhi smiles
fuggi it’s really nice feeling… suddenly pragya stood up and tried to move.. abhi holds her hand and pull towards her..
abhi raise her head

fuggi…. look at me.. hey fuggi….
pragya with shying face looked on him…
fuggi… I love you…
dundoos me too… so romance end now let’s leave..
fuggi… why are u like this… I told me naa… you will not leave me and torture me then..
dundoos… all are waiting for us there… it’s not good
fuggi this will hotha hai at the time of love
wow dundoos… from where did you knew this…
actually it’s my fan who taught this to me.. do you knew she is dashing beauty… she always send me messages… she really crazy on me.. abhi noticed dullness in pragyas face… now I also start craze on her…
pragya starts to beat him.. hey fuggi what are you doing..
ohoo she is looking dashing beautiful so.. what about mein…
abhi laughs with loud voice…
why are you laughing….
fuggi it’s very nice to see you like this… arey bhudhus.. yeh fan tum he.. Meri ashiqui tum se hi… tum we hi rahega… ( tu meri jaan hai… plays)
abhi makes pragya sits in front of a mirror…
arey babba what are u doing…

you give surprise na fuggi… so there is a surprise for you from me..
abhi takes a chain from his pocket and makes pragya wear… looking into mirror.. it’s a simple chain in which.. there is simple locket… which is a round circle…. inside this there is slanting love in silver colour she opened it… there is photo of abhi and pragya on both sides… because of that happiness… pragya give him a kiss on his cheek.. their first kiss.. abhi look stunned… and he put hands on the place where pragya kiss.. fuggi… if I knew that I will get such a gift.. then I will do it much before… ya fuggi you changed.. this not really my fuggi… this is anjali…
pragya : what anjali…
abhi : kajol in kuch kuch hotha hai..
pragya : so you are rahul… shah rukh khan.. ha ha ha
abhi :why are you laughing..
pragya :if that real SRK came to knew.. then what will happen…
abhi : he will be happy.. because I am rock star abhi…
pragya : hey rahul.. I will not wait for you… for 7 years… to marry you.. if I got Salman khan within than time I will simply marry him..
abhi : ohoo you will marry Salman khan na…
pragya :why not? … is any fault in me..
abhi :I just thinking that after that what will happen to that salu..
pragya : you…. I will show you…
abhi : so let’s go fuggi…
abhi : k rahul…
they leaves…

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  1. sheerapthinisd

    Vow so funny and in ur story only happy moments of that s the best part please don’t being sadness today’s episode osme especially kkhh semaya

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    Extremely BEAUTIFUL!!!

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