LOVE BEATS.. episode-4


hello guys… hope all are fine…. and I am very sad with our favourite serial… the track in which it is going is unbearable… but when I reading so many os and fan fiction I am getting happiness… sometimes I think if the real story go in that way… how good it was… I always read all ff and os… all are really different… k… now we can move to our story… to reveal what is in that CD?….
abhi and purab are sitting and thinking
purab : abhi if that girl is confessing her love in this CD that’s why she told you to don’t play it in front of others
abhi : no purab… no way… is girl can do this?
purab : abhi why not? girls are many type… some group love boys just for fun… but some group love boys… they will bear anything for that… abhi someone loves you a lot… we just need to find it.. you just otherwise will she work this much for your birthday…
abhi is in the peak of confusion.. purab I am leaving to home. you just drop aliya there after class..
purab : ohoo you are going to check the CD all the best bro
abhi reached his room. he sit on his couch and started to think… about what purab told
abhi looked at CD happy love… is she loves me? who will be she? is bulbul? but she will not do this… then who will be that… who make me so desperate who knew me more than anyone knew… why are you waiting.. just check the CD… he plays the CD… it is loading his heart starts to beat more… and the CD plays… it was a voice of girl… she is singing a song….when he heard it he becomes shocked… the song is pass aye dooriya…. she finished singing abhi is still in a shock… now you all think that abhi understand the girl from singing the song… is I am right… but it was not the reason of his shock… tears rolled on through his cheeks… he goes to stop the CD… but he heard… sorry if I hurt you… I knew you.. and what going through your heart… and mind… you are crying na… don’t day when I am walking in the morning I heard this song tone.. then I searched from where the sound is coming.. at that moment I saw you first you are playing this song in guitar. I liked this song very much.. when I first heard this one.. it stuck in my mind.. then every day I tried to heard it… but I never seen.. you singing this one… you always played it in your guitar… then I think about it… and I also get surprised that everyday you come there in jogging dress and get down the secret place.. the place we both knew… one day I entered there after you leave… I was really surprised… I see there real abhishek prem mehra… I see your craze for music… but I don’t see anywhere as a singer even your sister don’t knew about that… even me also but when I go to the secret place I identified who you are why you don’t sing… sorry I find a paper where the lyrics of the song that you played in guitar… I tried to sign it for you.. and one more sorry… I knew only your Dadi knew about your singing talent… I read through your dairy… from that dairy note I started to like you.. now I am really craze on you… I want to hear your song in your voice.. one time.. do you sing song for me.. I knew you can’t because you hate signing in mind but your heart love it that’s why you compose different songs using guitar.. I heard all your composition…. I see your pain in that… abhishek…. I want to tell you one thing you consider that this music is the reason that you lose your mom and dad… but it was not correct… abhi cried a lot and go to switch off the CD.. abhishek please don’t stop CD I want to talk with you please for me.. don’t stop it… I knew how you lose your mom and dad they wanted to see as a singer because from your childhood you sign well they tried a lot to get a chance for you… the day in which your mom and dad go to see the music director in studio… they asked them to wait to see director.. they wait there… but suddenly a fire caught up in the studio.. and you lost your mom and dad from that day you started to try to hate music…. but you can’t… you decided from that don’t sing and show your talent in it… but you knew one thing… you lost your mom and dad what they needed is that they want to see their son as a famous singer… but think what you do… please think about… and sorry if my words really hurt you…. I can’t tell this to you directly because I can’t see your tears… it gives me pain… please… please abhishek.. please fulfill the dreams of your parents.. it is what they need… and sorry for everything… don’t hate me and think that I cheat you by reading your dairy… because I can’t face your hate.. because I love you a lot… I love more than anything in this world… I love you abhishek…
with love yours —- CD stop…. abhi is crying a lot… he takes his mom and dad’s pic and hugs it…
precap : Abhi in in his secret place…. and searching something
sorry if I bored you all…. through this episode

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  1. really nice u’s two ff r rock it


  2. VarshaVenkat

    Wow…..Will abhi.find d girl is.prags for.sure by d means of witness with his own eyes????waiting to know dat…’s a emo speech given by prags…….

    1. HARITHA

      thanx varshavenkat.. I feel very fun while reading your comment

  3. Divya chandru

    Really awesome yaar, lovely , emotional part of abhi .. keep rocking yaar. Eagerly waiting for next episode ..

    1. HARITHA

      thanx divyaji….

  4. sheerapthinisd

    Vow superb episode

    1. HARITHA

      thanx sheerapthinisid

  5. Wow super….create it abi want to identify who is that girl…i knew that pragya is doing all this…abi want to realize itz all doing his pragya….2day ff is really gud…

    1. HARITHA

      thanx Rajesh I really liked your comment and thanx for compliments

  6. No it was nt at al boring dt say it again it was nice

    1. HARITHA

      thanx reader

  7. Vaishali


    1. HARITHA

      thanx vaishali…

  8. Superb yaar thn today’s episode s sema bt how can u say it may bore us.. Thn It’s really really reallyyyyyyyyyy emotional episode yaar really soooooo sad 4 our abhi…

    1. HARITHA

      thanx durga…..

  9. Both ur ff are lovely fabulous dear????no wrds to exclaim the girl confession was awesome☺but did he identify the girl or not i dnt undrstand tat pls answer yaar?

    1. HARITHA

      thanx saranya… he is in confused about the girl. hope he will find the girl

  10. No words to say for the love confession made… Really awesome…

    1. HARITHA

      thanx nirmal

  11. Riyashri

    Seriously………..Haritha u r Amazing !!! I love your story line very…….much !!
    I would here after call my frnd/sis as Haritha Ji !!!

    1. HARITHA

      thank you sister

  12. Superb

    1. HARITHA

      thank you lakshmi

  13. Awesome episode……….Waiting for the next part.. Hope u’ll update soon…..

    1. HARITHA

      thanx abhigya

  14. Krish

    srrrryyy fr late comment…………………..te epiiiiiii was lovely i loved te conffesion………….egarly waitng fr te nxt epiiiiiii……………

    1. HARITHA

      thanx krish I already posted it

  15. Super da soooo emotional da who is that girl?i am excited know about her she is madly loving abhi so sweet and she know abhi abt abhi reaction pls upload ur next ff quickly hav a nice day God bless u dear love u daa

    1. HARITHA

      thanx anu for your love

  16. Awesome haritha no words ….u have shown colours of true love

    1. HARITHA

      thanx smiley for your different comments

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