LOVE BEATS.. episode-3

hllo my dears… sorry yesterday I couldn’t upload update…. sorry for that… so let’s go to story….
abhi reached his house… actually he was so out of mood… when he feels so he will take his guitar and played songs in it… while he was playing… nejikul paithidum song he sees a letter which is on his table. he stops playing and take it to read…
hello my dear friend,
actually we are not friends… but I like to make a friendship with you… I knew you think… somebody is going to make you a fool… but I am not going to do so… from the moment I started my college there.. I started to notice you… because of your love for sister.. I don’t see such a person who will go to any extend for his sister… I appreciate you for that… I always observed you… you are actually different… you have some different craze… I knew you always go for jogging… that’s was not for jogging… you are going to secret place.. the place you knew not anyothers… after that… you go to garden talk with flowers.. is they really talking to you??? you must be wondered how I knew all this.. I knew some other things also.. but I will not tell now… first I must feel that you accept me as your friend…. with love
—————–( please give me a chance to write here as your friend)
what a stupid yaar? I knew this must be purab that’s why he is telling me to open… purab…. I will tell reply for this tomorrow… but how he knew about that secret place… I didn’t share that to any one…. is really purab or any other’s… I think somebody is thinking to trap… they don’t knew who is abhi?… DON ko pakadana mushkil hain!!! he laughs and goes to sleep… next day… begins… abhi is waiting for purab
purab : abhi did you open that letter
abhi : I knew your first question must be this.. purab don’t try to fool me what an acting yaar… but you can’t cheat abhishek prem mehra
purab : abhi what happened to you? is everything fine?
abhi : purab stop it. don’t try to fool me
purab: what’s are you telling I am fooling you..
abhi shows letter and read
purab: ohoo abhi… I don’t write this letter to you.. but abhi… I have one doubt why the person mention about secret place.. which you go and talking about flowers..
abhi : in confusion… vo… vo purab I think someone is trying to fool me… don’t take it as serious
purab : but abhi
abhi : don’t talk about it…
during their convo… pragya and bulbul are passing.. bulbul is looking them… pragya not… abhi in mind. if this bulbul wrote this.. she looking me in different way.. if chashmish no way… she is really a different one… I don’t knew how she will react in every situation it will be that bulbul…
purab : abhi just go to class….
they entered class… abhi sits on last row and looking through letter and thinking.. at this time bulbul passed through varandha looking at them and smile… oh so my confusion is cleared this is done by bulbul but how can she knew about it… at the end of the day… he gets another letter.. purab : abhi today also you have letter just take it and read….
hllo friend,
I knew you are thinking that is this letter a plan… but not planning anything…. what I need is your friendship.. will you be accept me as your friend….
with love
next day begins… abhi, aliya and purab enters college…
as he is moving… some one come and give him a bouquet and wish him happy birthday and goes.. abhi get surprised and call that person.. purab and aliya Bhai aaj tumara birthday.. many many happy returns of the day Bhai and hugs him.. happy birthday my dear friend abhi… and hugs him.. abhi… you don’t tell us… n.a. abhi: purab I also forgot it.. but when I get this bouquet I remember it…
Purab : abhi but who brought this for you..
purab I don’t knew yaaar.. aliya noticed a card and take it…. many many happy returns of the day my dear friend with love——-
ohoo, this also by the same person… aliya :koon? purab said we don’t knew but some one need your bhais friendship..
ohoo.. Bhai who is she?
abhi : aliya I don’t knew… girls and boys come around him with flowers and wish him happy birthday…. abhi wonders and asks how you all knew… one of this friend said that: abhi someone put on notice board about your birthday… and tell us to give this flowers and wish you… abhi leaves to class room… in his place there is a gift… purab : abhi look this… abhi takes this and read specially for you… he opens… the gift.. there is a box in it he opened it.. and see a card.. and some thing wrapped in a red wellvet cloth… it was a CD….. and something is written on it happy love… purab : what happy love? what is this…
abhi placed it in box and takes the card…
hi friend…. many many happy returns of the day… I hope you like my surprise and gift.. oh you don’t see what is inside that CD… k when you returned to home go and played it.. but one condition you must be alone when playing it.. don’t cheat me… after that… tell me did you accept my friendship or not… you may think that how you convey it to me… it’s simple… from your face in can understand it?…
with love
purab : abhi someone is really have a craze on you and laughs…
abhi : who is this person… what must be in this CD….. suddenly another gift box came in name of Abhi by postman… abhi signed and opened it… I was a photo collage of abhi… in different poses… in talking with friends on bike….. and there is sketch of his photo.. it was really amazing when anyone seen it they will think if this photo have life….
purab : wow abhi… look this… please accept her friendship abhi… she is actually a nice person.. who knew you very well… she worked a lot today for you to make your birthday a memorable day
precap : Abhi taking the CD to play


  1. Vaishali


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    awesome haritha lovely episode superb yaar crazy thinking abt what is in that cd love u loadzz waiting fr ur next episode

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