LOVE BEATS.. episode-1


Thank you so much my dear friends to accept my ff ??… I have tried to reply all your comments…. without too much introduction I am going directly to the episode…
each day passess aliyas enemity increase… tanu will create issues to make it more…. as the day starts as usual…. suddenly a girl came… guys our results published it was pragya who secured top place… aliya comes second all laughs… and students surround pragya to congratulate her…. it make aliya jealous….
I will surely give her a lesson she makes me second in every where boys are googling around her…. I will take revenge for it…. as prays moves through varandha one boy suddenly collide with her she starts to fall down but he holds her it was none other than akash aliya ki cousin… next day when pragya enters with bulbul into college boys and girls are making fun of her… all the walls are with posters of pragya and Aakash…. she stands as stuck there… pragya… pragya don’t take it as serious yaar.. pragya please tell something… on that abhi and his gang came on bike pragya blocked him
abhi gets down. hey chashmish what are you doing? are you blocking meri bike abhishek prem mehra ki why are you stand like as a statue??? hey!
bulbul : where is your pyaari sister?
she is on leave now… bulbul tu shup… pragya walk towards abhi hey abhishek don’t you think that you that your culture less sister can do anything….. and I Will keep quite… when you and your sister always create problems I keep which doesn’t mean I will keep quite everything I always consider your sister as my friend when have enemity with me… but from today onwards I will take revenge for it…hey abhishek just look on the walls..
this all are your sisters creativity what Will you if I put your sister’s photo like this… actually it’s not your sister’s fault… the culture in which she grew up make her character like this… hey… chashmish.. don’t tell anything to me otherwise you will knew my real character… when you always support your sister I give respect you because your love for her… but… stay within your limits….. bulbul drags her and goes abhi just stand in shock and students laugh at abhi…
abhi : purab…. don’t you we that the way she behave to me… looking so silent.. how character she have… actually what Aliya did was wrong.. but is this the way to behave… she.. she tell that me and my sister as cultureless… she make me insult today infront of everyone…
purab: abhi…
abhi : don’t tell any words I knew youb will support her… but I will take revenge for this today it self I will show her what is my culture… abhi goes angrily but purab tried to stop him but he locked purab in a room.
abhi moves to pragyas class room… pragya is sitting alone by reading book. abhi enter class close room… pragya hear some sound and look it was abhi there is nobody in the class.. abhi is coming towards in anger..miss pragya arora.. what a speech you have delivered great.. all believed it… do you think that i get fear by your reaction.. you knew you are a girl and iam a boy.. you don’t knew what all things a boy can do.. you said that iam a cultureless… yes iam cultureless.. today i will show you what is my culture… abhi opens some buttons of his shirt but there is no any reaction in her she moves forward… hllo Mr. abhishek… are you going to take revenge… do you think that when you make me alone in class and I will tensed… pragya move towards abhi looking to pragyas eye abhi gets tensed… in mind oh god what she is going to do.. I just want to make her realise what she have done is not right… abhi moves backward… Pragya is coming close to him.. he collides with door… there is no space to go.. space between abhi and pragya becomes less.. sweat rolls down through his face… she just take that drop.. and she slowly moves her fingers through his face… chashmish what are you doing…. in tensed.. his lips are shivering.. pragya put her hands on his shoulder… actually I am waiting for this moment…..
abhi by looking her just tried open door… suddenly she takes his hands.. hey what are doing… you said that you Will show your culture… by telling this also she is just rolling her fingers in face… show me.. do you knew actually I am waiting for this… abhi : what? waiting for what? this moment we both in same room… are you gone mad chashmish… ya I am mad at you.. abhi just push her and open door and runs… pragya : suniye… and laughs… bulbous sees abhi running and asks pragya.. she tell what happened
bulbul: pragya are you ok?
pragya: I am fine
bulbul : how do you manage him… how do you get such a strength.. I don’t see you behaving like this
pragya : bulbul actually I don’t like to behave this way… but when l keep silent they keep continue their torture…
abhi goes to room in which purab was locked.. he opened door and drinks water and sit..
purab: abhi, why are look so sweat… did you do anything bad… oh god he must did it what will I do now… what will happen abhi kuch bolo na
abhi :purab, what ladkhi she is… I don’t see such a person
purab:what? all happened
abhi : she is really dangerous… what we seen is not actually chahshmish… how she behave like this purab…
purab : abhi don’t make my bp high… please tell what happened… An hi explained and Purab starts laughs he can’t control his laughter… abhi gets anger.. put an with a smile : oh god do you what at all think? actually pragya is good… she knew how to behave and laughs abhi goes angrily…
he reached house and fire a class on aliya… it was first time abhi behave like this… aliya get anger because this all happened because of pragya… pragya arora… I will show you who I am I? abhi enters room and lie down on bed… he remembered what all things happened today… he can’t get sleep when he close eyes he just saw Pragya..
scene shifted towards pragays room. pragaya and bulbul are lying on bed.. bulbul slept.. but pragya lying simply recalling things happened today… she gets up and starts writing diary… oh God how can I behave like this… actually I can’t talk to a boy one minute… because of my fear… but what I did today… is this the way of behaving to a boy… tomorrow I must apologise to him
precap: pragya and bulbul is planning something against abhi ..

guys I hope you all loved it……

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