Love Based on Friendship (Remaining intro and prologue)

Tysm telly updates team for publishing my fan fiction .
So let’s complete the intro. Starting with former couple: Megha & Rudra
Megha Sighania, daughter of the well known industrialist Ram Sighania. He owns a textile company named Sunanda textiles. ( Actually he renamed it after his beloved wife Sunanda’s demise). So our female protagonist is daughter of single parent so she is stubborn and full of attitude but still good at heart.

Rudra Kapoor, son of famous diamond merchant Abhishek Kapoor and a chain of hotel owner Nandita Kapoor. He is down to the earth. Although he is pretty rich he lives simple lifestyle and he is a fitness freak.

Now comes the princess of two twin brothers, Gauri Agnihotri. Her parents Priya and Rishi Agnihotri left her at a very tender age. But her brothers Namish and Neil Agnihotri took care of her as parents so now she is a kind hearted woman. Always ready to help everyone. Although she to is rich but believes in simple lifestyle like Rudra.

Namish and Neil Agnihotri take care of their vast empire left by their parents for them named Agnihotri Structural.

So here I end with the introduction part.

Let’s start with how our couple first met.
New Delhi:
The two big industrialists the Sighania’s and the Kapoor’s landed in New Delhi airport. After talking with their respective manager’s they parted their ways to their respective mansions.

Sighania Mansion:
The Sighania’s came first in their Sighania Mansion. Our pretty Megha was so tired that she slept in the car and her dad had to carry her to her room. When she woke she came down running to her dad and asked him when is she going to join her new school. To which her dad replied tomorrow morning beta. And she was behind happiness. Yeah she was in 7 STD.

Kapoor Mansion:
Just in second lane to that of Sighania Mansion. Here comes our hero with a small puppy in his arms whom he had saved while coming from road accident. As soon as he came his father handed him a couple of forms. But as destiny has its own plans he chose the same school but he was joining two days later. He too is in 7th STD.

Megha entered the school and was very happy. As she arrived in car all other students surrounded her. As she was straight forward she quickly made friends and the day passed with the boring lectures.

Two days later:
When Rudra arrived strong winds started to blow which were only felt by Megha. But she was unaware of the feeling so she let it go. She entered her class and it started. Then the teacher introduced to all of them the new admission. All girl’s were dying to make him friend but he chose to sit beside Megha. Don’t know what he saw but something made him choose to sit beside her. Like others she was not drooling over him and may be he liked that.
Soon days passed and their friendship grew stronger day by day. Months passed and their families too become so much attached that one or the other day they kept meeting. And the bond between them increased.

SSC farewell:
This was the day when our hero realized that he was in love with her and decided to propose. He did so by going down on knees which she accepted and this is how the former couple became one.

Higher Studies:
For higher studies she decided to stay back but he decided to go out of down. Before leaving he promised that he will be committed to her even if he is far. Their relation grew more stronger even though they were far but were still connected by heart.

Precap: His return and her interest.

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