Love Based on Friendship (EPISODE 3)

Gauri’s POV:
Ohhh God. There is still a week for exams and I have revised almost 20 times but still I fear if I forget. I saw the clock it was showing 5 pm so I decided it’s enough for today and for now let’s go out. Like that walking walking I reached a park and sat there. I was just lost in the nature’s beauty when I heard children playing football.i I couldn’t hold myself and started playing with them. Although it wasn’t a rainy season but it started raining and all children were running to find some shed. But I wanted to play in rain so I told them to leave the ball and I will play Alone. They said no u will fall sick but I was too adamant and started playing. Soon they too joined me and we all were playing in rain. Soon there parents arrived and took them away.i also thought of returning but guess what I saw “ICECREAM VENDOR”.

Now neither me nor can anyone stop me from having ice cream whatever may be the reason. Then I thought don’t know when this day will arrive in my life again so it’s better to enjoy it to the fullest. Then I sat over there having ice cream. One two three…….. Soon it started getting dark so I thought of leaving. At 9:00 pm I reached home and I was full so decided to watch a movie. By 10 I was feeling sleepy so I set alarm for 6 and slept. Within a sec or two I was in deep sleep but my heart was still working. I could feel I was falling in deep sleep. Suddenly I started feeling as if I have put on weight. I tried to get up but was not able to. I thought it may be due to tiredness but it was taking over me. I could feel weak and even more weak. I was not irritated but I was feeling helpless I wanted to get up but was not able to. By now I was quite awake but sometimes darkness was taking over. Now I wanted someone near me who can take care of me.

Once when I got wet while returning from school due to sudden rain I remember I got high fever. That time too I was feeling same but that time my brothers were there to take care of me. Whole day Namish bro used to be my side and at night Neil bro used to take care of me.

I was missing both my bro’s dearly but the fact is that they are not here??. Suddenly my eyes started dropping. I had to pull over the blanket due to uncontrollable shivering.Darkness had overcome the scene. I think I was in deep sleep. I was able to see some light, in fact someone was there approaching towards me . I could not see that person but it was giving me strength that I can live up to it. But what I could feel was I started to feel weak and was in fast asleep or say unconscious.

Recap: Fun moments btw Rudra – Gauri.

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