Love Based on Friendship (EPISODE 2)

Namish’s insecurity:
Namish found that a little odd as to why was Megha avoiding him. Then he thought it may be due to exam tension so he thought to let it go. And decided to confront about it after exams.

Megha’s POV:
I know I am hurting you Namish but the thing is that I am already committed to Rudra otherwise u r a nice guy in fact I love you but I can’t deny the fact that Rudra is still waiting for me.

Rudra’s POV:
Don’t know why but I am feeling as if something is wrong. I called Megha to check upon her but she said that she is okay. But now my restlessness is just increasing and I can’t even control it. I am feeling as if someone needs me badly but who’s that. Then I thought about home , my family . I quickly grabbed my cell and called home to which my mom received and said that everyone is fine over here. She out of curiosity asked him why I called at this hour. (Guys actually he is so restless that he didn’t even notice it’s half past one). I told her everything about my restlessness. She then told me to close my eyes and remember the one person who it can be. Firstly I found it weird but then thought let’s give a try. So I closed my eyes and a flashback of mom , dad , Megha ran through my mind. But what I noticed was everyone was happy. But but my restlessness has not decreased by an inch in fact it’s increasing with each passing moment. I told mom that it’s not working. She then told me to place my hand on my heart and now close my eyes. Don’t know how but this tym I saw Gauri. Her face was pale and she was looking weak. I was asking her so much as to what happened but she wasn’t replying. In fact she she was going far away from me as I was stepping towards her. I quickly opened my eyes and shouted Gauri. My mom got startled at my sudden response. I told her what I saw. She told me check upon her whether she needs u or what. After talking with mom my restlessness was in little control but don’t know why was she running from me. I called her but she was not receiving so I thought to visit her. I saw the time it was showing half past two. I then decide to meet her in morning but that weak face was again and again haunting him that she needs him.

Sudden change in decision:
I quickly grabbed my jacket and keys and ran towards parking. I started off driving rashly but then someone pulled my ear and said, “ How many times I should warn you drive slowly but u idiot never listen to me?”. I smiled at her gesture and bowed down bcoz I knew I can’t won over her in verbal talks. But as soon as I saw up she was not there it was just my imagination. Now this was the icing on cake for my fear. I drived as she said but on lonely road’s I followed my heart. After sometime I reached her apartments. I again called her . I thought this time she would receive it but damn she was not responding. But too my luck I had spare keys of her apartment. I landed inside and what I saw was each and every wall was filled with her and her family pics. I thought this girl is different from others. When I entered her room was double shocked bcoz it was like a study . All the walls were having huge shelves with novels of all types and secondly when I saw down the whole room was filled with teddies. This was too much for me. For one second I thought this girl is I guess 16 but her behavior is of a kid. Really she is a kiddo. I went to her bed and saw that she had covered herself with blanket. I pulled it little and I was dumbstruck on seeing her innocent face. She was sleeping like a baby hugging her teddy. I shooked her but I was numb bcoz when I touched her I felt like current. I …I touched her forehead and she was like burning in fever. I somehow managed to get a thermometer and checked the temperature it…. It ….w as 104°C . She was literally shivering. I somehow woke her. Now the face that I saw was right in front of me. I quickly pulled her in a bone crushing hug but she was not able to sit properly then reciprocating my hug is a totally different thing.

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