Love Based on Friendship (EPISODE 1 : PART 2)


PART 1 (cont…d):

Rudra’s College:

So our hero enters the college on his Yamaha R1 and all girl’s go flat for him. And all boys are jealous. In no time he made way in to many hearts by means of love or out of jealousy. But somehow everyone could remember him by some or other way.

(Full filmy)
Suddenly winds start blowing, sanam re plays in bg which is only felt by Rudra.
A cute, beautiful and cheerful girl in simple yet elegant anarkali arrived at the gate. Every eye was focused on her but one pair was struggling hard as if he was dreaming and constantly rubbing his eyes. This gesture was caught by her which made her laugh. His jaws dropped on seeing her laughing like a kid. He was completely lost when everyone was running as the final bell rang. All left to their respective classes.

Everyone entered but not Gauri and Rudra. Then professor came and introduced to them the new entry , Miss. Gauri Agnihotri. Topped 10th boards in whole Maharashtra. Then entered our cutie pie. All were shocked that she was the same girl who had just created a havoc on entry but were more shocked to see Rudra behind her holding her dupatta. When she saw behind she was surprised that it was the same person. She was bit nervous and this was sensed by Rudra. So he quickly removed her dupatta from his watch and gave to her. She smiled faintly.
Lectures carried on but Rudra can’t help over staring her. Soon college ended and she was about to leave when…m.
Miss. Agnihotri…..
She: Yes.
He: Woh……. Actually……. I want to say something….
She: Then say I am waiting.
He: (in one breath) I am so sorry. It was my fault. When I saw u entering the class I started following u and suddenly a strong wind came and ur dupatta got stuck in my watch. Sorrrrrrry.
She: First calm down. And it’s OK . Never mind.
He: Friends

Actually she left the place without saying anything. He was a bit shocked by her gesture as he was ready for a slap from her?? but she is just giving him shocks. He said to himself this girl is crazy and some day will make me too.

Days passed➡Weeks passed➡Months passed
But she treated him like a stranger. She remained introvert but was in good books of all professors and seniors. She had no one as her friend. Rudra kept trying to make her his friend but what he found is that even though they were never friends she somehow managed to help him in academics, projects, assignments and even attendance. He didn’t knew it by then when one day he caught her doing so. That day they were to submit a project and she saw that all his papers were just lying and his file was no where to be found . She took out a spare file from her bag and assembled all his project papers and was about to write his name when someone said “Any help ma’am”. To which she replied without looking at his face and said no I am done. It is then when she realized he caught here.
She: Woh……… Actually…….. You know……….
(She was almost lost for words)
He: Suppressing his smiled he said. Yeah what I know……
She: Submission is going to start and ur project was not ready so I thought to assemble it and she quickly closed her eyes in fear.
(She was thinking he is going to burst on her for touching his thing without his permission.)
But he was laughing holding his stomach by seeing her cute antics.
He: You are so innocent???????
She : Then what’s the big deal.
He: But u look cute while doing those antics.
She: Remembering what she did just know and a smile crept on her face.
He: Statue. Be like this I will come in a minute and don’t let this smile to fade.
She: Dumb struck followed all his instructions.
After some time he popped up with a DSLR and told her over. Now smile naturally.
He: Click? Click?
She: Are u done with ur photography skills. Now let’s submit our projects.
He: At once she is a kid and once my mom. This girl is really crazy and one day will make me like her.

His POV:
Without me asking her for help she did it without letting me know. As if some telepathy took place between them that she knew what he needed. Urgghhhh. Shit I am not getting it. Let it be. I think since I have promoted Megha to partner and the best friend’s place is vacant I can give it to her. But let me first inform this to Megha.

He: Rudra & she: Gauri
He: I want to ask you something. Can u be my best friend.
She: that day u said u want to make me ur friend and now best friend. I didn’t get it.
He : wait let me explain…..
She: I don’t want to take anyone’s place
Rather I would like to ask you that in this many days didn’t I made a place n ur heart.
He: At first to her reply he was shocked but then said u deserve a very special place and that is. “MY SPECIAL BEST FRIEND: SHONA”

Soon his friends entered and they saw them talking . They were surprised and said this is impossible. To which they in chorus replied:”THE WORD IMPOSSIBLE ITSELF SAYS I M POSSIBLE” and here are we “THE SPECIAL BEST FRIENDS OF EACH OTHER”.


Like this two years passed away and their friendship grew stronger.

Precap: S V College. And the real story unfolds.

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