Love Based on Friendship (EPISODE 1 : PART 1)

Recap: His return and her interest.


Even though their relationship grew stronger over each phone conversation, it started falling apart somehow. One can talk whole time on phone with partner but it lacks emotional touch. Same thing happened with both of them. There were some situations where they can’t wait for each other’s call and it lead to new entries in their lives.

Megha’s College:
Even though she would call Rudra over phone after reaching college she missed him and was wondering about how to sort out things when Namish dashed with her. (He wanted to complete his studies along with work so he joined the college.)
He : I am sorry??. Did I hurt you. Give me your hand.
She : No. It’s OK . Actually it was me who was daydreaming. It’s not ur fault. I m sorry.
She: What????
He: I think this sorry session will continue for a long time. But if you really feel guilty do one thing.
She: Hmmm. Say.
He: Since I am new to this place can you please help me in finding my class and he passed her a paper.
She: ???
He: Now what????
She: We are in same class dear.
He: So now if I don’t do anything you are there for me. Right
He : Wait wait…… I was just kidding. Friends
She: Accepted but on on condition. Come I will introduce you to my friends.
He : Fine.
She: See guys, I got a new friend. And happily introduced him to all her friends.
He: Hello friends. I am Namish Agnihotri.
(To which the friends gave shocked expression. They said in chorus: “The CEO of Agnihotri Company”.)
She: Is this true.
He: Yes. But why are you people so surprised?????
All: How come a businessman here.
He:Why businessman can’t study or what??????
All: Yes off course . But( they were cut by Namish)
He: (explained everything) Now is it fine with you guys…..
Everyone dispersed . Namish couldn’t get a seat anywhere so he settled beside Megha. All were shocked. They murmured,” Until now she sat all alone and now she is sharing her sit with him. There is something to it.”

Here Megha too was surprised by his sudden gesture but got relieved when she felt safe being around him.

The college had started and by each passing day their friendship grew stronger and stronger.

Friends➡Best friends➡Gf-Bf➡Do or die lovers➡We r in relationship.

This happened with them too. Nearly one and half year has already done it’s work. Meanwhile never she called Rudra nor he. All were busy in their own lives.

One day before exams( 1 2 boards):
Ring…….. Ring……… Ring………
Here he: Rudra and she : Megha.
He: Hello baby how’s u and ur studies going.
She: At first surprised, but then replied everything’s fine.
He: I want to tell you something.
She : Continue. (She is going to call off their relation)
He: (But to her surprise) I got a new best friend over here. And she is a girl. I know you are hurt. But first listen to me . She is my only friend in this whole campus and I regard her as my best friend and today I am going to tell her. U know she is simple like me and pretty too but not more than u. U know since I promoted u to my partner the best friend’s place was empty and she filled it perfectly. And one more it took me nearly six months to convince her to be my bestie. But u know na “What I want I get it anyhow” and here she is my bestie.
She: Wow . That’s interesting. I also want to meet her.
He: Yeah. We have decided that we are going to join S V College for our degree and u too are coming with us. There u can meet her.
She: Excited. Okkkk f9 . Then I have to really study hard bcoz it’s one of the well known college and reputed too for high graded students.
He: Yeah
( They talked on random things for nearly half an hour)
She: Now it’s been an hour. Let’s hang.
He: OK baby. Sleep. Love u loads????
She:…………love u too.

Megha’s POV:
He is so innocent. He made a friend till now and what I did I created a new partner to take his place. Place!!!!!!??????
Before giving her place he asked me and I without asking him fell for everything.
How stupid I am???? To forget u Rudra……
I am bad. Really very bad????

I am not keeping any relation with Namish. U were just a passing phase and it went offff. Now I have to concentrate only on Rudra????

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