Part 9

SWARA’S pov:

Thank god my class advisor came to our
class otherwise the PT sir didn’t leave me.
I was hell angry and sad also.The reason for
angry is PT sir and the reason for sadness is
sankyji.In lunch time i saw sankyji my happiness
has no boundaries i directly went to him and smiled
like mad.He gave me a what look i didn’t know
what to do so i just ask what is his 10th public
exam mark.He first hesistated then told me mark.
I don’t care what he told i just stared him.Then
i left my class room and smiled whole heartedly.
Thank god he didn’t change school i got my
breath.I dont know what he meant to me but
the only thing is i like him very much.

During class time one girl entered our
class room.She is a new student and she
introduce herself and sat last bench.There
is no one in last bench i think she feel
uncomfortable so i went last bench and sat
beside her.I introduce myself to her and we
became friends.I want to remove her uncomfortness
so during class time i sat beside her and speak
to her.During lunch time also i was only near her.

During that process i was very close to her but
at the same time i lost my old friends.I also
talk my old friend but just little.I forgot
tell you my new friend name is sanji.My other
friends are jealoused for me and sanji closeness.
She became my best friend.I also told sankyji
to sanji.But she didn’t like it.But she always
teased me.I don’t know what feelings i have
about sankyji.Because i am only studying
9th standard i thought it is attraction towards
sankyji.So finally i came conclusion sankyji
is my crush.He is only my crush.Actually me and
sanji gave name to sankyji.From today onwards
sankyji name is RED.Because his favourite color
is red.Sanji and me became more close.sanji always
teased me by name red.But nobody knows who is it?

Actually if anyone touch my school bag i got
so much angry.But the new PT sir oh my god
he always beat my school bag by stick.The PT
sir always looked me like he ate me.During
break time he intentionally came to our
class and flirting with me.He always
flirting with me during break time and lunch
time.Oh my god i got my next heart attack
i want to wear specs because of my eye
problem.omg already i am a normal girl
if i wear specs then everyone called me as
chashmish.Then what about my crush oh my
god if he didn’t see me.But i have no
choice so during class time only i wear
specs.Then break time and lunch time i didn’t
wear specs.But the PT sir saw me during i am
wearing specs.So he called me chashmish.I got
so much argry i want to kick him and punch him.



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