Here Part 8

NIKHIL’S pov: Oh my god after so many struggle i speak swara but suddenly the sanskar called swara.I was so irritated because he is the reason for that fight.So that only principal sir that day called me.He intentionally did that fight. But i didn’t understanding anything.After that incident swara stopped speaking me. Today only i got chance to tell her what happened that day but again the sanskar called swara and immediately swara went to him.She didn’t gave any attention to me.

SWARA’S pov: I felt embrassed of that sankyji question because whole class gossiping about us.I replied him he is the one who didn’t speak to me.I didn’t realised what i said sankyji and he left.

SANSKAR’S pov: After what shona replied to me i went to my class room.After that i didn’t saw her few months.My public exams are near so i concentrated on my studies.

SWARA’S pov: After that incident i didn’t saw sankyji.Then i concentrated on annual examination and before that public examination got over.After that 10th standard students got leave.So i didn’t saw him.In these days my feelings for sankyji is increased.Finally after my exam finished i steped in 9th standard.In first day i directly went to 11th standard class but i didn’t find sankyji. I was so tensed why he didn’t came.Some of my friends told me that sankyji changed school.I felt heart broken.Regular class is not happening because of first day.So all are gossipng and speaking.Suddenly someone entered our class and called our class staff.He told principal sir is called our staff.After that the guy introduce himself.He said that he is the new PT sir.He also told some rules and regulation.I didn’t care what he told.He then asked us who all are days scholar and raised their hands. I am also raised then suddenly he came near to me.He pointed to my hand and asked what is this? I just replied it is the bracelet.He then told me don’t wear the bracelet. I was irritated already i was in tension for sankyji disapperance and he told me don’t wear bracelet.I controlled my anger and fake smile on my lips and said to him sir it is just bracelet why i can’t wear this.He then smiled at me and said it is a new rule.Then he continuely speak with me.He asked what is my name?where i am coming from etc etc.I got damn irritated.He openly flirting with me that too infront of my class friends.


PRECAP: Swara meet sanskar.

Sorry guys for less sanskar pov but what to do here afterwards maximum only swara pov only.But i promise after few episodes sanskar pov and swara pov will be equal.

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