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NIKHIL’s pov:
Today our class staff called
me and said that go to principal room.
After meeting principal sir i went to
my class room.All my class members
looking at me.I wondered why all
are looking at me like this.i felt
little weird.Then swara came near me and
said to me she was broke friendship
with me.I asked her why she doing this?
She replied me that i am a bad boy
and i was fighting with others.From
that day she didn’t speak with me.

SWARA’S pov:
6 months passed but still i
didn’t tell my ragini di about sankyji.
Today is my birthday i was so excited
because me and sankyji first anniversary.
I mean one year completed after i met
sankyji.I was so excited and i was
searching for sankyji.But i didn’t
find sankyji.In whole day i was very
sad.But next day i found sankyji
in corridor i directly went to him
and give five star chocolate to him
and said that yesterday was my birthday
but i didn’t find him so i give chocolate
to him today.He didn’t tell any single
word,he just pick the chocolate from
my hand and ran away.I felt very bad.
I was little disturbed so in
break time and lunch time i was only
in my class room. After my last meeting
with sankyji i didn’t meet sankyji 3
months.Because before in break time i was intentionly
went to sankyji floor so that only i saw him.
Nowadays i was spent my class room only.

I felt very sad because i didn’t wish
shona birthday.From that incident i didn’t
saw her 3 months.Today is my birthday so i
directly went to her class and i called
her and i just give the chocolate to her
then went away.

SWARA’S pov:
After my birthday incident i
saw sankyji today.I was speaking with
my friends then someone called me as
shona.I recoginised the voice because
in school only sankyji called me as
shona.Then i went near sankyji and
he gave me a 5 star chocolate and went.
I was very happy because after these
damn 3 months i saw sankyji and
today is his birthday.
In lunch time i went his class room
said birthday wishes to him and also
give chocolate to him.

In lunch time shona came to
my class.She said birthday wish and give
chocolate to me and immediately she went.
I got angry why she didn’t talk properly.
So i directly went to her class and
called her.Then i asked her why she
didn’t talk to me properly nowadays.
She just say there is nothing
like that.Then she replied i am
the one who didn’t speak to her.

SWARA’S pov:
I was talking with my friends
and nikhil called me i turned my face
to nikhil and he said that he want
to speak with me.suddenly sankyji
came to my class and called me.So i
directly went to sankyji and he asked
me why i didn’t speak to him nowadays.
I was shocked because my whole class
looking at us and sankyji friends also
gossiping about us.I just replied him
there is nothing like that.And also
told he is the one who didn’t speak to me.


Someone is flirting with swara.

So guys main track will be coming soon.


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