Sanskar i have hands so stop feeding me”said swara.”Yes jaan you have hands,So why don’t you feed your handsome hubby”asked sanskar.”Handsome and you plz stop joking sanskar”replied swara.”You are so mean swara”said sanskar.After completing lunch swara and sanskar started their work.But swara get bored so she takes the mobile and watching you tube videos.Sanskar was seeing some files and suddenly he looked at swara who is showing 32 teeth to her mobile phone.”Shona what are you seeing in  mobile?asked sanskar.”Kunal”said swara dreamingly.
               “Who is he?” asked sanskar with jealousy.”My dream boy”said swara unkowingly which added fuel in the fire.”Who the hell is he?”asked sanskar while gritting his teeth.”He is Na bole tum na maine kucu kaha serial actor and he is very handsome and hot”said swara.First sanskar got relaxed that he is serial actor but after hearing handsome&hot comment he got angry and more than jealous.”I am her husband and also handsome&hot but she didn’t called me like that but she is calling him”thought sanskar.
              “Shona i think it’s getting late,we will go home”said sanskar.Sanskar and swara was going in the car.Sanskar was driving and swara was again watching videos.Sanskar got irritated because swara was watching only videos and didn’t speak anything.”Jaan,stop watching the videos and talk to me it’s so boring”said sanskar.”If you get bore then switch on the FM sanskar”said swara.Sanskar got highly irritated.After reaching mansion swara ran to the room.Sanskar was speaking someone in the call.After finishing the call he went to the room.But after seeing swara,sanskar got more angry.Swara was watching serial on tv.Rather than watching she is only starring the actor in the serial.
              Sanskar went towards swara and take the remote.He changed the channel which angered swara.”Sanskar why you changed channel?asked swara angrily.”I don’t like this show and most importantly i don’t like the actor”replied sanskar with jealousy.”Sanskar give me remote otherwise i really don’t know what i will do”said swara angrily.”Do whatever you want but i will not give you remote”said sanskar.Swara grabbed the sanskar collar and speaking dangerously.”Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari if you didn’t give me remote then i will give you divorce”said swara.After hearing swara,Sanskar mouth was hung open.
             “Jaan just for the serial you are going to be give divorce to me”asked sanskar unbelievingly.”I can do more which you can’t imagine,so give the remote and get the hell out of the place”said swara before taking remote from sanskar’s hands.”I know you are just kid so that only you are watching serial”said sanskar.”I am not kid and don’t you dare to call me like that”said swara.”No you are only kid”said sanskar.”No i am not”said swara.”Ok then prove me”said sanskar.”How can i prove?”asked swara.
             Sanskar after thinking while got some idea.”Today night we are going to watch horror film”said sanskar.”Ok” swara said casually.Sanskar has some other plans.”Shona now you are in my trap,i will see how you get escape from me”thought sanskar.After finishing dinner swara and sanskar reached the room.”Are you ready jaan”asked sanskar.”I am ready”said swara. Swara sat on the bed and sanskar played the Dvd which is horror movie and switch off the all the lights.”Now it’s going to be very interesting” thought sanskar.
                 After half  and hour they are watching movie silently.But after sometime horror scenes are coming in the screen.After seeing the scene sanskar got scared and looked at swara.But swara was watching movie with very interestingly while munching the popcorn.Sanskar was seeing movie with half closed eyes but swara was watching movie with wide open eyes.”Oh my god,my plan got backfired i thought while watching movie swara will get scared and came near to me.But she was enjoying like if she is watching romantic movie and i am the one who got scared”thought sanskar.

             “Jaan i think you got scared,don’t worry i will not leave you”said sanskar and encircled his hands on swara’s waist.

    Sry guys i really don’t know what i write.

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