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Sanskar was surprisingly looking at swara.Somehow he got know swara not angry on him because of her behaviour.But the main doubt is whether she love him or not.“jaan whether i am seeing dream or real”asked sanskar surprisingly.”Don’t fly high if i didn’t feed you then definitely you won’t leave me so that only i am feeding you”said swara angrily(for swara she is acting but sanskar thought she still angry on him).After hearing swara,sanskar face hung down.After lunch sanskar didn’t speak anything to swara.He was only checking files but also sometimes he see swara on corner of his eyes.”Oh my god is it i really hurt sanskar?I think i were over reacted.Now what to do after lunch he didn’t speak anything to me”thought swara.At evening swara and sanskar reach the mansion in sanskar car.Swara felt bad because after lunch sanskar  didn’t spoke to her.
Sanskar directly went to his room without speaking anything.Swara went to the garden.She was thinking about how to pacify sanskar.Suddenly someone place a hand on swara’s shoulder.She jerked with her thoughts.”Priya what are you doing here” asked swara towards the girl.”My maa is working in this mansion,so i came to meet my mom”said priya.(Guys do u remember priya is the girl who is in  swara’s flat check 20th part).Swara feels something fishy.”I told you na again we will meet”said priya.”Sanskar bhai he is so kind person,he treat me like his sister, even i am daughter of the maid”said priya.”You know what swara,sanskar bhai loves you so much,actually sanskar bhai only send me to your flat for taking care for you.Do u rembember you were sick due to drenched in rain at that time sanskar bhai only took care for you,he came to flat and full night he only taking care for you so that only your fever reduced”said priya.Swara was shocked after hearing that she thought it was priya who took care in her sick time.”You know what swara when u met accident sanskar bhai  shattered badly.”How you know i met accident”questioned swara.”Because sanskar bhai only admitted you in hospital when you met accident”said priya.Then only swara remembered when she was in hospital,her sister told someone admitted her in hospital but didn’t know who is that person.Tears were welled up in swara’s eyes.”Shit till now i thought because of sanskar i met accident but that day he only saved my life”thought swara.”Ok bye swara i have to go”said priya before leaving.She silently went to the room.But sanskar was nowhere to seen.After getting freshup swara came from the washroom.Then she saw sanskar who is standing in balcony.She went towards sanskar.Sanskar saw swara who is standing near to me.”Do you want anything shona”asked sanskar politely.Swara was searching words to speak.
             Finally swara took a deep breath and extended her hands and said “FRIENDS?”.”I mean i know you are my husband but i want to start with fresh so will you become my friend”asked swara.Sanskar happiness has no boundaries.He immediately hugged swara in excitement.”Oops sorry shona in excitenent i hugged you”said sanskar before release the hug.”Friends”said sanskar and handshake with swara.After finishing dinner swara and sanskar settled in respective places.”Mmm sanskar i don’t have any problem if you sleep on bed”said swara.Sanskar happily lie on the bed.Both were covered themselves by comforter.But no one getting sleep.”I thought to tease you more sanskar but you love me so much so that only i forgave you easily but don’t worry i won’t reveal my feelings for you that easily,you have to win my heart again”thought swara.”Don’t worry shona i will win your heart with my love and also win your love”thought sanskar.Both went to deep sleep thinking about each other.Next day sun rays falling in the room.Swara was in sanskar embarace.Swara’s head on sanskar chest and sanskar hand encircled swara’s waist.First swara slowly open her eyes and saw sanskar who is sleeping cutely.Swara smiled kissed sanskar cheek and went to washroom.After swara went sanskar opened his eyes slowly.”Oh my god swara kissed me”said sanskar and jumping like monkey.He throw pillow and comforter on floor.He was jumping like mad without knowing someone was staring him.

    Sry guys for this boring part.I don’t know what to write.

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