Day passed evening sanskar came to mansion with little tired.Swara was watching tv.Sanskar entered the room he saw swara who is watching tv.There is romantic scene between hero and heroine.Swara was seeing interestingly while munching popcorn.Sanskar slowly went towards swara without making any noise.”It’s very bad jaan you watching romantic scene but you didn’t allow me to romance with you”whispered sanskar in swara’s ears which jerked her.She got scared.
               “You donkey, monkey i got scared ” shouted swara.”oh jaan why are you abusing your sweet innocent hubby” said sanskar.”Innocent my foot” said swara.Sanskar then went to washroom for freshup.Swara again continued remaining movie.After watching movie swara went towards kitchen for preparing dinner.Sanskar after came from the washroom there is only towel around his waist and another towel he is rubbing his hairs.Sanskar forget to take dress.While swara entered the room she saw sanskar with wide eyes.”ahhhh you idiot” shouted swara.
“Ahhh who are you?plz don’t came near me i am a virgin even my wife also didn’t touch me” said sanskar dramatically.”stupid what are you speaking i am your wife only” said swara.Then sanskar came near swara and pulled  her towards mirror.Swara seen her face.Her face is covered with flour.While mixing flour she mistakenly apply flour on her face.She forget to clean her face.
             When she try to clean sanskar stopped her.”Let me help you jaan” said sanskar.He take tissue paper and cleaned her face slowly,while Swara was admiring his body.After cleaning ,sanskar look swara mischieviously.”Am all yours jaan but your are staring me like you will eat me” said sanskar blushingly.Swara got embarassed and pushed sanskar and ran towards washroom.”Jaan you have full rights on me, so don’t get embraased” said sanskar naughitly.” Oh god swara you didn’t control yourself,you are watching him shamelessly,control swara control” thought swara.After swara got freshup.
                 Sanskar was working on laptop.After swara came from washroom she take her mobile and called ragini di.”Di when will you come home? You said  you will come evening but still you didn’t come.” On the way swara actually little work plz will you come mansion outdoor” said ragini.Swara directly ran towards main door.Ragini was waiting outside the mansion.”Di come inside why are you standing” said swara.”Sry shona i have some work so plz next time i will come and here take your appointment letter” said ragini and went hurriedly.Swara make a pout and went inside.” Oh this girl why she didn’t live me peacefully,why she is making such faces,ahh i can’t control myself” murmured sanskar himself and he try to avoid her because if he again see her then he will loose his self control.Then night they completed their dinner silently.Nobody speak  anything.Then they settled in their own places for sleeping.Swara got little sad because sanskar didn’t give any attention towards her.”All men are same, before marriage they will love crazily and after marriage only few days they care but after that they forget their wife” said swara childhishly to herself didn’t know the exact reason of sanskar.
             Here sanskar was difficult to sleep whenever he try to sleep only swara face came.He got frustared and sat down on the couch.He then see towards swara who is sleeping peacefully.”Here i didn’ t sleep beacuse of her and there she is sleeping peacefully” said sanskar.After sanskar stand from that couch and went towards swara and carreses her face silently without disturbing her sleep.After sometime he got sleepy.He then went close to swara for kissing her cheeks but swara suddenly turned her position so he mistakenly pecked her lips.He got scared because if she woke up then definitely she will kill him.He immediately ran towards couch and lie down after covering comforter from his head to toe.Here swara was giggling     ” oh god sanskar you have that much fear for me” murmured herself  and slept.Next morning sun rays falling on swara face.She rubbed her eyes lazily.Then suddenly remembered it’s her first day of company.She looked towards the clock it shows 8’o clock.She jerked and ran towards washroom immediately.”oh no first day itself i am very late,idiot sanskar didn’t wake me,i know he will did it purposelly.After getting ready swara went towards the dinning table but sanskar is nowhere to seen.She asked servants about sanskar .They said sanskar went company earily.When swara try to skip breakfast maid came and asked swara to eat breakfast otherwise sanskar sir will get on themself.Without any option swara complete her breakfast and went outside the mansion for auto.Then driver went towards swara and said          ” mam plz come and sit in the car, otherwise sir will get angry on me”.” Ahh sanskar i really hate you” said swara and stamped her foot angrily.

“What? You are my boss” asked swara shockingly.”Yes my wifey” said sanskar huskily in swara’s ears.

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