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Sanskar was standing so close to swara.Swara was breathing heavily.When she try to escape sanskar blocked  her way.”Mr.maheshwari leave me otherwise you will face the consequence” said swara.”No wifeyy today i won’t leave you and haan i will definetely help you to remember what happened yesterday night” said sanskar and move more close to swara.Swara was try to move but sanskar griped her waist tightly.
“Mr.maheshwari leave me otherwise i really don’t know what i will do” said swara and trying to act boldly.”Oh shona first don’t call me maheshwari  i feel like am stranger to you so plz call me sanskar,hubby,handsome,baby,hotty like that” said sanskar.
                 “Oh shit i totally forget your reminder section so let me start wifey” said sanskar and moving so close towards swara like there is no air pass between them.Sanskar kissed her forehead and cheeks “so wifey anything you remembered” asked sanskar.Swara nodded her head in no.Then sanskar drinked water droplets on swara’s face and smooched her cheeks.A current went through swara’s body.Now again sanskar asked anything she remembered but she again nodded in no.”No worry wifey it’s my last step  and you will definetely remember something about yesterday night” said sanskar moving close towards her lips.The water droplets on swara’s lips are so much tempting  sanskar.
                  Swara closed her eyes tightly.When sanskar try to grab her shivering lips swara pushed him with all her force.Due to push sanskar get unbalanced and fall on the floor but due to his grip on swara’s waist she also fallen.Sanskar landed on floor and swara landed on sanskar.When she try to get up she again slipped and fallen upon sanskar and also pecked sanskar lips accidently.Swara eyes got widen.”Oh wifey why you always push me when i try to kiss you but you only kissed me without my consent how bad”said sanskar dramatically.
                  “Idiot leave me ,first remove your hand from my waist” said swara.Then sanskar remove his hand because he thought today drama is enough.Swara then get up from him and went outside.But sanskar was smiling continuously.Swara changed her dress in guest room meanwhile sanskar freshup in washroom.When swara entered in the room her mobile rings.She takes the mobile and see the caller id it was showing ragini di.She picked up the call.”swara there is letter from your company and they send               joining date of  your job on their new branch” said ragini.”ok di send me a photo copy of the letter i will see it” said swara.After saw the letter photocopy she thinks to join the company and the joining date is tomorrow.
                  “I think i should join the company because sanskar also went to office then i am all alone in the mansion so it’ s better to continue the job” thought swara.Then she went towards kitchen for preparing breakfast.After preparing breakfast she arranged the dinning table.She strictly told servants and maids not to tell sanskar that she only made breakfast.After freshnup sanskar got ready in formal suit and went downstairs.Sanskar sat on the dining table and called swara .      ” Shona where are you,come eat breakfast” said sanskar.
                Swara silently came from the kitchen and sat on the chair.Maid serve a food for both of them.After first bite sanskar feel different taste and asked maid who cook the food.When maid try to answer ,swara signaled to maid which was noticed by sanskar.The maid said she only prepared then sanskar didn’t said anything.Swara was thinking how sanskar will react if i ask permission for job if he will get angry then what will do.”No swara it’s your life you should make the decisions atleast this time” thought swara.
                  “Mr.maheshwari i want to go  job where i previously worked ,there is letter from that company for my job joining date” said swara and waiting for sanskar reaction nervously.”oh wifey first of all don’t call me    mr.maheshwari and haan i don’t have any problem for your job” said sanskar casually.After hearing reply swara spitted her  food  because she didn’t expect this reaction from sanskar.How easily he accepted.”Don’t get shock wifey Is there is any rule that only husband do work and  paying bills for wife’s shopping,accesories etc etc.So you also work and don’t forget to pay for my things” said sanskar and smirked.
                 After finishing his breakfast he went to room for taking file.But swara was sitting like statue.”oh my god what was happening i think i am gone mad due to sanskar” murnured swara and  she also finished her breakfast and went towards room.Swara sat on the bed.After taking file sanskar kissed swara’s cheek and said “bye wifey love you”  and ran immediately.”Idiottttt…” shouted swara loudly.” Only for you my shona and thanks for the breakfast it’s very delicious like you” said  sanskar while running.Swara was smiling after hearing word “my shona”.

           “What? You are my boss” asked swara shockingly.”Yes my wifey” said sanskar huskily in swara’s ears.

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