Sanskar was standing like statue he didn’t know what was happening.Here swara was irritated because sanskar didn’t reciprocate.She broke the kiss “idiot kiss me “said swara.Then only sanskar realized what was happening.Sanskar is now out of control when he try to grab her lips swara pushed him.Sanskar again shocked because of her behaviour.Swara has naughty idea in her mind.”when i was kissing you,you didn’t reciprocate so i won’t allow you to kiss me” said swara smirkingly.Here sanskar was looking at her in disbelief.Everytime she only turned on him but when he try come near her she simply rejected him.She extended her hands sanskar was looking at her confusingly.”I am sleepy ,i want to go to our room” said swara childishly.Sanskar sighed and take swara in his arms.Swara placed her hands on his neck and her head on his chest.Sanskar placed swara on the bed softly.He then went towards the couch.But here swara want to sleep with sanskar embrace.When sanskar lie on the couch ,swara standup from the bed and went near couch.She lie on sanskar who is in couch.Sanskar give what was that look.But swara ignored and tightly hugged him.Sanskar take swara in his arms and placed on the bed.When he turned to go towards the couch swara held his wrist and pulled him forcefully.Due to sudden force sanskar landed on the bed.
Swara hugged him tightly like her life is only depend on him and said to him “please don’t go”.Sanskar placed a soft kiss on her forehead and hugged her tightly.After all he also wanted this only but he is not full happy because he thought swara is not in her sense .After morning she will again get angry on him.But now he don’t want to ruin this moment.So he encircled his hands around her waist and pulled close to him.Swara also placed her head on his chest and slept.
Next morning sun rays falling in the room but the two love birds are sleeping peacefully.Swara was crawling on sanskar chest due to sun rays.Due to swara movement sanskar sleep got disturbed.Then sanskar slowly open his eyes only see his love of life who is crawling like small baby.He smiled and kissed her forehead.Then only reality hit him he slapped his forehead.”If she will wakeup then she will eat me alive,it’s better if i went to the couch” murmured sanskar.Then he slowly get up from the bed without disturbing her sleep,went towards the window and closed the curtains.Then he went towards the couch and lie on the couch.
Here swara was fuming what sanskar said few minutes back.”how mean sanskar you said i will eat u alive today i won’t leave you” swara said to herself.After sometime swara getup from the bed went towards washroom for freshup.After freshup she came out from the washroom but sanskar was still sleeping.She got naughty idea she again went to the washroom and came with bucket full of water and splashed on sanskar.
Sanskar wake up with sudden jerk and shouted “what the hell”.”This is the hell mr.maheshwari yesterday you kissed me without my consent so that only i give punishment this is just trailor mr.maheshwari”said swara.Sanskar jaw hit the ground “What yesterday you only kissed me that too my lips and now you are punishing me which i didn’t” said sanskar.”what ,are you mad? when i kissed you?,you are the one who kissed me yesterday morning” innocently said swara but smirked inside.”So you didn’t remember what happened yesterday night, don’t worry i will make you remember but before that i want to give punishment for splashing water on me”said sanskar.
He then take swara in his arms but swara was struggling to get out of his grip and entered in the washroom.Swara eyes got widened and thinking what was he upto.Sanskar take swara towards the shower.”Please please leave me now only i bath” said swara.”So what wifey no problem we bath together” said sanskar.He then turn on the shower with swara in his arms.Swara was strggling but he didn’t leave her.They both drenched full of water.After sometime sanskar made swara stand but didn’t leave her.”I think punishment is over but it is time to remember something to you what you done to me yesterday night”whisper sanskar huskily in swara’s ear.A current passed thorough swara’s body.

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