Sorry guys for not posting my
ff.Here small part.


SWARA’S pov:
After sanskar went outside immediately
i close the door and search the phone.
Then i found sanskar phone in couch i take
that phone and called my sister.After
talking i delete the number from phone
and placed on couch.Then i jumped on
the bed and said to myself my crush
is loving me.I can’t believe that my
long time crush is loving me that too
madly.I can’t believe myself i just
pinched myself for is it dream or reality?
Oh my god it is paining i think i am
not dreaming.I was just roaming around
the room.I heard everything what he said
yesterday night.Oh my god my crush is loving
me from our first meeting.But i just hate
you sanskar for hidding this.You stupid
your the only reason for my sadness.But
today i got you.I am also loving you
crazily but i will not confess you
so easily.You will be punished for hiding
this.Idiot i just miss the all the fun
if you confess me that time i just enjoyed
my love story like my friends.I have to
plan something.Thank god my sister support
me.Yes i told my sister what all happened
what sanskar said to me.Then i convinced
sister finally she accept.Because she wants
only my happiness.I know she will definetely
convince my parents.My next plan is how
to punish sanskar for his stupid behaviour.
Mr.sanskar maheshwari ready for your
punishment.I said the game starts and
smirked evilly.

After i left the room i was afraid
if she anything to herself.I was panicked
and walking outside the room furiously.No
i will do anything for my shona but i can’t
let her go.Then i went near the door and
knock the door but she didn’t open.Again
I knock the door but still there is no
respond.I got afraid then i just bang the
door but she was near the door so I
just slipped and fall on her.

SWARA’S pov:
When i was thinking for plan sanskar
knock the door but i didn’t care again i
was thinking about plan.But continously
knocking the door i got furious when i
about to open the door he banged the door
and fall on me.I just landed on floor.
Oh my god i must say he is very heavy.He is
staring me like anything.I just drown in his
eyes.Then reality hit my mind i shouted at
him then he get up from me.

I just freezed i am so much close
to her.I was out of world.I was just
staring her big brown eyes.It is just
attracting me.Then she said to me get up
you are too heavy.After hearing that i
got embrassed and get up immediately.


Swara’s game starts.

GUYS I am writting another ff also
The ff name is I LOVE U TO THE SQUARE
OF INFINTY.Read that ff and comment if
you like it.

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