Guys actually in college they
conducted terminal exam so i try
to post my story on weekands.
Here small part and guys the
remaining flashback will be
revealed it soon



I left shona hand and went
to balcony and stared at moon and
talking to myself Shona it is
like my dream came true.Now you
are near me but i am afraid shona
if you didn’t accept me if it
happened then it is my life worst
dream shona.A long tear escaped
from my eyes.Then i went towards
shona and placed soft kiss on her
forehead and sat on sofa and again
stared shona.I slept sofa in sitting
position.Actually even i didn’t know
when i slept.

SWARA’S pov:
The sun rays fall on my eyes i just
rubbed my eyes and looked the room
confusedely.Then only reality hit my
head i am still in my lehenga.The
yesterday incidents are flash on my mind.
Then i saw sanskar who sleep in sofa.
Then i slowly stand and went near door but
my anklet make sound due to this sanskar
wokeup.Oh my god now what i do?

The sunrays fall on my face but i am
in my dreamland with my shona.Then i heared
anklet sound then i opened my eyes immediately.
Then i saw the direction where my shona stand
with scary face.Then i ran toward shona and
and cupped her face asked where are you going?
you are still weak come and rest for
sometime and i called doctor in my phone
and dragged her towards bed but
shona jerked my hand and shouting at me.

SWARA’S pov:
Oh my god now what i do he came toward me
and cupped my face and asking various questions
where are you going?i don’t know what to speak
then he dragged me towards bed i just jerked
his hands and starting shouting.I asked
him What you are thinking about me am i look
like doll to do anything you want?he again
came towards me but i pushed him slightly
and said to him don’t dare to come near me.
Then i again went to door but he caught me
and asked where are you going?To hell do
you want to come replied to him.He just
smiled i thought if he mad because i was
shouting at him but he was smiling like
idiot.He then replied me if you are near
to me then i happily went to hell.He again
came towards me i was moving backwards.
Then i saw knife which is near the table
immediately i picked that knife and placed
my wrist.

He then shouting at me don’t do
anything shona?i told to him if he came
near me then i would cut my wrist.After
hearing my words he immediately stepped back
and i told him to get out of the room
otherwise i will cut my hand.Then immediately
he left the room.

I went near shona but she pushed me
and said dont come near me i was like
someone stabbed my heart.She again went
towards door but i caught her hands and
asked where are you going.She said to me
hell do you want to come i just smiled
and said to her if you are near me then
i happily went to hell.Then i came towards
her but she suddenly take a knife and placed
her wrist.I didn’t know what to do i just
freeze on the spot and shoiting don’t do
anything.She said to me if i came near her
she will cut wrist immediately i stepped
back.She told me get out of the
room otherwise she will cut her hand
Then i left the room with heavy heart.
Because if anything happen to her then
i kill myself beacuse she is my life.


Swara talking someone in phone
and smirked evilly.

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