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SWARA’S pov:
After some days the situation became normal.I totally forgot sanskar.My college life also very smooth.The campus interview arrived my college.Actually i am weak in apptitude.But my goodness i passed the test.I clear all rounds in interview.I am selected oh my god my happiness has no boundaries. But to my surprise i am the only one who was selected in this company and other candidates are rejected.My another shock i got training in another city.After some days my sister also went abroad. Then i also went to mumbai for training.I miss my family very much.The company give flat for me.I was in that flat and arranging my clothes.Actually i was bit scared because there is no one in this flat.Suddenly someone rang the bell.I went and open the door Thankgod the company arranged maid also. I wondered why the company offered this much. Then i said to myself may be it is big reputated company.The maid name was priya.She became my good friend.In office i got many friends and they are treating me like i am his/her sister. Actually i am very scared in my room. If i want to sleep then someone must present in room otherwise i don’t get sleep.So i forced priya for staying in room.One day when i was in balcony suddenly it got rained. Priya was calling me but i was enjoyed in rain.Due to this i got heavy fever priya was scolding me like anything.Then she called doctor then the doctor arrived my flat.I became very scared actually i didn’t scared because of injection i just scared because of medicine.It is just yuck.After doctor went priya gave my medicine but i was just make different facial expression.Finally priya succeed she somehow managed me and forcefully gave my medicine.But in night my temprature was increased i was just shivering like anything. I just think about my mom if she was here then definetely i feel better. Slowly i lost my concious then i got only blur image.Priya was arranging wet cloth on my forehead.She then take myself in her lap and she kissed my forehead.Then she slowly rubbing my hair then i went unconcious.The next day sun rays slowly falling in my eyes. Then i rubbed my eyes and went outside the room because priya is not there.Then i went to kitchen priya was cooking something then i called her and thanked her for taking care of me.She just simply smiled.My training got finished. My boss told me that i got job in my hometown.I was very happy.Suddenly I got call from my mom she said my father met an accident.Tears are running in my eyes then i told my boss that i want leave. He said that after one month the company branch was legally open in my hometown.So after that i can joined in office.Then i hurriedly ran to my flat and packed my things.Then i informed priya that i went to my hometown.I said to her that i miss u very much.But she told me that we will meet again.I just smiled and went.When i reached my home my eyes got popped my mom and father was watching tv and my sister came from kitchen and my jiju was working in laptop.Then they noticed me and smiled i got so much angry for what they did.Then i directly went to my room and convinced me.They said they want to give surprise i just yelled at them that it is my worst surprise. Finally my ragini di convinced me. Then i said to them after one month i will joined in new office which is in our city.They all smiled and said something which i got shocked.They all said my alliance was fixed with someone. Then my mom said to me that if i didn’t marry within one month then i will marry only after 5 years. I replied my mom then i will marry after 5 years and She got angry. I said to my mom how can i marry unknown person.I just want time for prepared myself. Then they said that i also know that person. I got confused and asked them who is this? 100 They replied my marriage was fixed with my laksh jiju cousin.Then i remembered him. But i am not convinced so i said no.Then again they are convinced me and finally i said yes but i put a condition i want time. Then they give phone number of my fiancee. I forgot to tell his name is Sahil.Then i speak sahil not bad he is talking very friendly.After few days we became good friends.But i didn’t get any feelings for him.Then my sister convinced me after few days i will definitely love him.I just fakely smiled.My marriage date was fixed.I just get unknown feeling.I don’t know what would happened in future.I just got a dream like i was hugging someone and danced with him.But i couldn’t see his face.I thought may be it is about my fiancee.Finally my marriage day was arrive i was in red lehenga and getting ready for my marriage.

A man was broken things in angry if anyone went near him he would definetely kill them with his red blood shot eyes.He was shouting like mad.This cannot be happen this cannotbe happen.You are mine only mine. Suddenly one person went near to that man and said sorry to him.But the man was shouting like mad.Then the man called someone and told something.

Third person’s pov:
The mandap was beautifully decorated the groom was sitting in mandap and waiting for his bride.The bride was slowly descending steps and reached the mandap.The bride was sitting near groom.Then the rituals will be started.Then the parents of bride called in to do the kanyadaan.Then the bride and groom take seven pheras around the fire.At the end of the pheras the groom apply sindoor on the bride forehead.Finally the groom tied mangalsutra on bride neck.The marriage was completed.

SWARA’S pov:
I was ready and i nervously sitting in my room.Then my sister called me then i was descending the steps slowly.I reached the mandap. My heart beat was increased.I don’t know what happened to me.Then my parents called for kanyadaan.After that me and sahil are take seven pheras around the fire.At the end of pheras sahil applied sindoor on my forehead. A long tear escaped from my eyes.Atlast sahil tied mangalsutra around my neck.

Finally my marriage was completed.Suddenly someone ran towards our mandap and shouting stop the marriage. I got confused why he is behaving like this. Then after seeing him i shocked because he is none other than sahil.Not only me everyone are shocked.I was in double shock then slowly i turn gaze towards groom who is in standing near me. Then he slowly remove flower garland from his face.After seeing him I frezzed on the spot. The only word came out my mouth is SANSKAR. Tears are running uncontrolably.Then i just fainted.

Everything was going under my plan. I kidnapped sahil then i changed myself like groom and went mandap.My face was covered with flower garland.I was waiting for my shona yes i said correctly my shona she is mine only.Then my girl was descending steps i was just awestruck to see her.I have no words to describe her beauty.I was just spell bound it.She then sat near me.Then her parents do kanyadaan.Then me and shona are take pheras.Then i filled sindoor on her forehead.Finally i tied mangalsutra on her neck.Finally you are mine shona. No one can separate you from me.When rituals are done that blo*dy sahil escaped from my men and reached mandap. After seeing sahil swara shockingly turn towards me and i removed the flower garland.She just tell my name and she fainted.Immediately i take her in my arms.I got worried about my swara.

Then swara parents came towards me but i didn’t give any damn I just move towards my car with my shona in my arms.Then my bodyguards make a way for me and surrounded me. After reaching my car my bodyguard open the door for me then i stepped in car with my shona and placed her head on my lap.

Then i immediately called doctor and i reached my mansion.Then i take shona in my arms and reached my room no we reached our room.Then i placed shona on bed.Then i angrily called my PA and asked why the hell the doctor didn’t reach my mansion.After sometime the doctor came my mansion then i grab the collar of doctor and said to him if anything happened to my shona then i would definitely kill him.Then i left him.After checking shona the doctor came towards to me and said she just fainted because of stress.After giving medicines the doctor left.Then i entered the room and slowly went towards shona and kissed her forehead.No one dare to separate you from me shona.



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  1. So much confusion
    But nyc

  2. Superb!!!!!!!!! I never expected sanskar in this avatar……Post next episode soon dear and if MAHI is reading these comments please I BEG you yaar please post 29th episode of your ff I OWN YOU:PURE LUST CHANGES INTO PURE LOVE pleeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee

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  8. Sana27

    Superb…Amazing..Awesome dear..plz update next episode soon….

  9. NDSG

    Awsome yrr… Finally sanskar came…??? took her love

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  12. Nilu

    I love this chappy a lot dear… At last sanky came. I’m happy swasan married… I don’t like sahil???? for me only sanky?????

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    Marriage propossl, marriage n at last twist.
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  15. Arshaanya

    I knew it sanskar loved her from d start…
    I got to knw wen he fght wid nikhil dan wen dat teacher who shook hand wid swara got frctre in his hand…
    If he loved her so much dan y he was away from her al d tym…
    So cnfsd

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    waaaaa,,, good job Sanskar 😀

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