SWARA’S pov:
Somehow i came to normal but
again one day i remembered my crush
i was just search quotes in internet
then suddenly my eyes got that phychologic
says a crush only lasts for a maximum
of 4 months if it exceeds,then you
are already in love.After reading
this i just said to myself if i am
in love with sanskar.Oh my god so
that only i can’t digest the fact
that sanskar love someone.So that
only my heart didn’t forget him.
Again my stupid mind thinking about
him.I opened a fb account for my
crush sorry my love.I just searching
his name when i found there are lacks
of name i got irritated how i can
find him.I know this is stupid idea
but already i am mad in my crush
then after i find out he is my
love then what can i do i even
went mad about my love.May be i
can’t see him after that day but
i went mad day by day.

My mind said if
i got a chance to see him after two years
then why not i even got a chance to
meet him after may some years.In
my college i was thinking about my
love,in my home i was just thinking
about my love.Actually i have a habit
if i thinking something and then it
may happened then i gave chocolate
to anyone.I said to my friend
if i got pass mark in exam then
i give chocolate to you.Haha very
funny na actually it is one of
my habit.Day by day i bacame
more crazy about my love.Two
years passed.One day
me and my friends are went to
movie.When we reached theatre my
friends boy friends are came there
and they are seated near my friends.
All are seated in couple but i was
sadly seated in single.After seeing
them i thought about my love if he
was sat near me.I just thinking about
him till interval.When interval some boys
who sat back seats they are teasing
me i got angry i want to punch them.
Then my friends and their boy friends
are fighting with that boys.

They warned
that boys then after interval that boys
didn’t come.But i just thinking about
my sanskar if he was here then he may
fight with that boys.My sister came
from london i was just happy after
3 years i am going to see her.My
happiness has no boundaries.After
my sister came i just told her
that i was in love.She shockingly
looking at me and asked me who
is that?I replied her that i am
in love with sanskar.She got angry
on me for my thought.I got little
tensed so i said to her that i am
just kidding.Thank god i managed
the situation.Then me,my sister and
my jiju went for outing.When we are
in hotel for lunch i got a call from
my friend i attend the call but due
to signal problem i went outside and
i see sanskar in opposite road.
My mind was blocked i just dropped
my phone and ran towards him but
i didn’t know that i was running in
road suddenly one car hit me i was
lying in road in the pool of blood.

I was looking at the direction where
sanskar was standing and he was
disappeared from there and slowly i lost
my concious then all went blank.When
i opened my eyes i was in hospital and
my family was present there.All are scolding
me for my carelessness.But i only know
the fact it is not my carelessness
it is my madness.After sometime all are
went outside except my sister.She came
near me and asked me what happened i
didn’t say anything she got angry.Then
i told her everything.

She slapped me
hardly for my stupid behaviour.I got
shocked because first time she raised
hand on me.Then she also went outside.
I just angry on myself because of him
my sister get angry on me,because of
him my sister slapped me,because of him
i am in that condition and my family
was suffering.

I just hate you sanskar
and i really hate you.I was just cursing
myself for falling for you.From today
onwards i never think about you.I just
hate you hate you and hate you.I prayed
god for i never want to meet you and
please don’t come infront of me.Many
times i said sorry to my sister but
she didn’t speak to me.Then i promised
her that i never think about sanskar.
Finally she forgave me.I think my
normal life start again.


A big mansion is shown there
are lots of servants ran here and
there.One servant went inside the
room with fear and in that room there
is a man who is madly broken things
in frustration.He went towards photo
and caressed it and speaking that photo
why you done this to me.How can i
live without you.

Swara marriage proposal.

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keep commenting guys.

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  1. awesome…!! loved it..!!

  2. What to say dear… Swara is really mad… ? but her crush … Offo sanky don’t tease her anymore…

  3. Next episode is maha episode waiting about this chappy it’s nice

  4. Nilu

    Awsome?????? but poor swara mad in love….

  5. Awesome dear bt i think sanskar is already in love with swara
    Bt loved it plz update soon

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  7. awesome .i think the man is sanskar

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    Gve sankyz pov now yr

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