SWARA’S pov:
My sleep was far from my eyes
i only thought about my crush.Suddenly
i thought if it is not sanskar i
got upset.I was waiting for sun.
I wake early in the morning and
ready for college then i asked
mom for my breakfast.My mom
was shockedly looking at me she
said to me if i am out of mind.
I got irritated and asked mom
what are you saying?then she
replied to me look at the watch.
I casually looked at the watch
and my eyes popped because the
time is 4.30.Then i sheepishly
smiled and somehow i managed that
i was hungry so that i ask breakfast
early.Then i switched on the tv
and listening songs.

After 3 hours i reached my stopping and i was
just thinking whether i saw my
crush or someone.Then bus arrived
asusual i seated in window seat.
When bus reached near the college
again i saw the someone and i smiled
whole heartedly yes i see my crush.
When i entered college i directly
went to my bestiee class room.Oh
i forget to tell sanji also studying same
college.But me and sanji are different
department.I called sanji and told
whole story.I know she didn’t like
sanskar but what to do whenever
i am happy or sad i first share
my feelings to sanji.She said to
me that she already saw sanskar.I
shockingly looking at her and asking
where she saw sanskar?when?she normally
said when she went to canteen.I again
shockingly looking at her that means
sanskar is also studying same college.
Then i asked her why she didn’t tell
me about sanskar.

She replied me that
he is not the important person.Then
somehow i managed her because i know
she didn’t like sanskar but what to
do i like him madly.Then i went to
my class and only thinking about him
how to meet him.Because i don’t know
his department.Then i said to myself
if i meet him after two years then
why not afterall he also studying
same college.I should definitely
meet him.Then break time my friend
didn’t allow me to went outside.
I got irritated then lunch time
i was searching like mad which
department he was.But my badluck
i didn’t find him.Today may be
i am not finding him but definitely
i will find him at any cost said to
myself.After college i was sadly
sitting in the seat.Then bus began
to move when it reached out of campus
i again see sanskar oh my god again
i went to my dreamland.After reaching
my home i told everything to my sister.
Like days passed i was seeing my
crush at morning and also evening but
i am not able to find him inside the
campus.I just angry on destiny.Not
only days weeks and months also
passed.Annual day was coming but
my bad luck during that day i went
out of city.

But when i returned home
i forcefully take my mom to my college
for annual day.I was searching my crush
in that big crowd.Then i take my mom
to food counter for food.Actually
college boys are serving food.When i
take plate and move towards food counter
the boy who is in food counter said
hi to me.I dont know who is him?Then
he said to me he is one of my classmate
in school.Then i remembered him and said
hi to him.When dance was going on i
was only searching my crush.I said
to my mom that i will go to meet
my friend and return back in few
minutes.But i was madly searching my crush
in this crowd.Then my mom called me then
i attend the phone she told it is
late so i called your uncle to return
home So come soon i said to my mom
ok i will come.Then we reached home.
I ran to my room and sadly lie on
the bed.What the hell is happening
around me he was close near to me
but i didn’t saw him.Atleast i saw
him morning and evening thats enough
for me said to myself.Like days passed
when i sit in bus evening i feel
like someone is starring me when
i turned i found it is none other
my class mate whom i met in
annual day.His name is Dhilip.He
came near me and asked about me
which department i am studying.
I was uninterestingly answering
him.Nearly one week he was come
and speaking me.Laterly i got
irritated with his behaviour.

I just want to punch him.Then after
some days he didn’t come i just
thanked god.Valentine day is near
everyone are very excited about this
but i am very sad because i don’t
have boy friend.I only have crush.
Actually there is a dress code.Like
if white color they are in love,if
black they are not intersted in love,
like there are many colors.Somehow i
managed to wear not that colors.
Asusuall i was seeing outside for
my crush when i see him i got
shocked to see him because he
was wearing white colour dress.
I was like crying that he was
loving someone.Then only i
remembered school days that he
already loving someone in school.
How i didn’t remembered about that
said angrily to myself.Again i am
in the verge of crying then when
i reached college i ran towards
sanji class room and told her.I
know she get angry on me for my
stupid behaviour.But i can’t
control my tears she scolded me.
After that day i didn’t see sanskar.
I just replaced my place in bus.
But when i was in class room,home
or somewhere i only thinking about
him.I said to myself why i can’t
forget him.He is just my crush
then why my stupid heart accept
this truth.


Swara marriage proposal.

I hope i give little big part.
So guys keep commenting .There
will be a maha episode in part 20.
If i get 20 comments in this part
and next part then only i post
maha episode otherwise not so
it is your decision guys whether
i will post or not.Bye take care.

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    …it is superrbbb

  2. I really like ur ff.
    Pls update regularly.
    And can u pls include sanskars point of view.
    Im w8ing 4 it ,

  3. awesome, and just loved it happy pongal

  4. Happy pongal guys after 2 more parts i will give sanskar pov

  5. superb!!! loved it…!!!
    I just have a doubt…!! You know..every time…I read it…somehow I feel it’s a real story…!! I also as you life original story!!! Just tell me is this story happened in real???!!

    1. Monomitti

      Yes it is happened in real life and mine too but till college when swara finished college
      then the part will be imagination.

  6. Mirna

    Awesome dear 🙂

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  9. NDSG

    Aww my poor shona…??????… Hope she will get her love

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  13. Nilu

    First time I’m commenting in this story… Actually I read two parts then I lost it… But today I read all the parts…

    I think sanskar loves swara… ? but the way u defined swara’s feelings for her crush is amazing… ? post next part soon. Take care ???

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    Loved it…
    W8ng for sanskarz pov nw…
    I hd doubt from schl sanskar loves swara bt widout his pov v cannot undratnd abt his feelings na..
    N swara y she alwayz try yo find n talk to him whereas he nvr tried… poor girl

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    nice….poor swara

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