Sorry guys for my late update
Here there will go

Finally the course which the college
conducted was over.The regular college
will be starting soon.The college give some
holidays after that the regular class
will start.In these holidays i told
my sister about my crush.I thought she
will scold me but i was shocked to
her reaction.She just laughed first
she was angry for that i hide
this from her.But after that she was
laughing like hell.I wondered
why she was laughing then she told
me that she was laughing for my
stupid thought.

I know this is
stupid thought but the truth is
life is being unhappened things.
I entered my new class room.The
first day itself they started
a class.I got hell irritated.Then
i got new friends.One week passed
they start a morning test.Actually
the college rule was if we didn’t
pass test in morning then they again
we wrote test in evening.I cursed
myself for joining this college.
This is not college it is strict
school.Every evening when i leave from
this college i just thought i escaped
from hell and also when i went
to college i thought i again went
hell.Like weeks passed.One evening
when i stepped in bus i got seat
in few seats back.I sit alone that
seat because my busmate is leave that
day.The bus went outside the campus.
Due to traffic the bus was moving
slowly.Asusual i was seeing outside.
Suddenly my eyes got someone who
is standing outside.I can’t beleive
myself after two years i see my
crush.I just pinched myself for
confirmation is that real or
my dream.Oh gosh it is unbelievable.
The only words came out my mouth
is my crush.But the main thing
is he is also looking at me.
I was in cloud nine.

that bus crossed but i just
turned to see him again.But
my bad luck the bus moved.The
whole journey my school days
are flashing in my mind.When
i reached home i behave like
mad i was jumping and smiling
like idiot.My mom got scared because
of my behaviour.She immediately
called my sister and told that
i became mad.Then my mother gave
phone to me.My sister asked what
happened to me again i smile like
idiot my happiness has no boundaries.
she asked me are you mad?then i
replied her yes i am a mad.I am
just mad about my crush.Then i
told her that i saw my crush.First
she didn’t believe me.She said that
i saw someone.But i convinced her
that he is the one.That night i
didn’t sleep i just thinking about
my crush.


Swara know about sanskar
also studying same college.

Sorry guys for late update.Ok guys
tell me if i want to speed up the
story because the main story is

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