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Here part 16

SWARA’S pov:
Not only my school bus whenever
i went out i just searching my crush.
I hope one day i will see my crush.My
sister marriage was fixed.Actually
my sister told my would be jiju they
will marry when my examination got over.
So sweet na.My would be jiju is in london.
So we daily speaking in phone.Actually
before my sister i am the one who
first speak my jiju.Oh i forgot
to say my would be jiju name is

Laksh sinha.Finally my examination
are over.Then we entered in marriage
shopping.Everyone forced me to wear
saree on my sister marriage.My sister
also compelled me.But i neglet it
because i feel very uncomfortable.
We went to shopping mall for dress
selection.I went to salwar section
to select my dress.Actually me and
my sister fighting for salwar which
one is green and black combination.
The salwar is very nice.Then my sister
gave the salwar to me.After seeing
our fighting salesman said there are
some more salwar same like this.

Then he take salwars from other side.
Oh my god there is purple and black
combination that is awesome.After
seeing that salwar i was fighting with
my sister that i want that salwar.
Then me and my sister exchange our
salwars after my emotional blackmail.
When we are in saree section my would
be jiju selecting saree for my sister.
So sweet of my jiju.I just imagined if
my crush is here then he also selecting
saree for me said to myself.Then i just
see the saree which one is show case doll
is wearing.It is very beautiful.I don’t
want to wear saree but when i see that
saree i just attracted to that saree.

Then i went to my sister and told that
i want that saree.Then we said salesman
pack that saree.But my badluck already
someone is booked that saree.Then my
sister told me select other saree.But
my eyes were only in that saree only.
I didn’t select any saree.My sister
select saree for her.I was just
looking that saree sadly.When we
came out the saree section the salesman
called me that the customer who buy
that saree they returned back.I was
very happy then i told to salesman
pack that saree.In marriage day i
weared that saree only.From my
childhood i didn’t have any photos.

My sister rarely have my photos in
her mobile phone.I don’t intrested
in taking photos.But in sister
marriage day there is no chance
to escape the camera man take many
photos.Actually i am also look like
in bride in marriage.The beautician
make me like i am also bride.After
marriage the reception party was
in hotel.There is many reception
party was going on.So many of people
got confused.Camera man called me to
take some photos.Then i went outside
the camera man take many photos i got
confused why he take many photos of
mine.Then i said to myself i am bride
sister so that only he take my photos.

Then i went inside and enjoyed the
party.Many of our relativies talking
my parents about my marriage.My parents
said no to them.Because i just completed
my 12th standard.After some days my
sister and my jiju went to london.I
really missed my sister.Then i got
administion in abc college.Actually
the college was conducting some class
before opening college.I just hate that
college because my leave got spoiled.
There is one hour travel to reach
college.I got very bored but when
i stepped in bus i sat near window
seat.During travel i just saw outside
because i thought one day i saw my
crush.I became habitual of it.I just
became little mad of this thought.

Swara saw sanskar.

Sorry for late update

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