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Part 15

SWARA’S pov:
I was hell irritated one side
nikhil he didn’t speak anything
and the other side my friends blaming
me for nikhil behaviour.Sanji plz
coom soon dear your bestiee is in
problem.My friends start to brainwash
me why i can’t love nikhil.They all
said he is nice boy and also very close
to me.Then why i can’t accept nikhil.How
can i told them that i am in love with
sanskar said to myself.One second if
i told that i am in love with sanskar
how is it possible i just considered
sanskar as attraction said my brain.
Then why you can’t see sanskar with
someone said my heart.Nowadays you
are very happy with nikhil then why
you can’t accept nikhil said my brain.
But you also didn’t forget sanskar said
by my heart.Whenever you sad nikhil make
you smile said my brain.How can you
forget sanskar memories also make you
smile said by my heart.Don’t forget
sanskar love someone said my brain.
Do you believe you forget sanskar
easily said my heart.I was damn
confused what decision i take.
Why i can’t love nikhil he is
very nice and he always make me
smile and he cares me.
Finally i conclude decision i want
talk to nikhil.I told my friends
tomorrow i want to speak nikhil
about proposal.

Oh my god i am in cloud nine.
My friends told me swara want to talk
to me.They all told me swara accept
my proposal.I can’t wait for tomorrow.
Sun plz come soon dear.

SWARA’S pov:
I went school early and i was
waiting for nikhil.Just then nikhil
arrive i just smiled at him.Then he
stared me i just feel little uncomfort.
Then he said to me that he is in love with
me.I replied him that i know.He said to
me he can’t believe that i am also
love with him.I just smiled and said
to him when i told that i am in love
with you.He shocked and i continued
you are my best friend but i can’t
love you.How can you think that if
you didn’t speak to me then i fall
for you.I agree i said friends that
i want to speak with you about proposal
but i can’t say that i am in love
with you.when i got know about your
love, i just want to clear this
matter so i came to speak you but
what you did you just ignored me
and make me my friends create sympathy
about you.Do you think it is love?
It is just sympathy got that.I even
don’t like to talk to you for what
you did.Love blossom from heart with
true feelings not coming from recommendation.
So sorry for that my behaviour and i don’t
think so after what all happened our
friendship bond became good.So i think we
break our friendship because i respect

I was happily went to terrace to
meet swara but what she spoke i felt
heart broken.I understand love is coming
from heart not from others recommendation
or sympathy.She also said that we break
our friendship.I felt bad but i accept
because it is the correct decision.

SWARA’S pov:
Finally i solved this mess i don’t
know whether i am in love with sanskar
or not.But i 100% sure i am not in
love with nikhil.Nikhil also understand
i don’t have feelings for him.Finally
sanji came school.I told everything her
she told me that i choose correct decision.
But but but again the sanskar came to my
mind actually after that birthday incident
i didn’t saw him.12th examination start so
students have study holidays.Days passed
i didn’t saw sanskar.He didn’t come school.
Finally my exams also came then i focus
on my studies.After my exams i enjoyed
in my hollydays in home.My sister also
came home twice a month.But i still
didn’t forget my crush.After my result
my parents decide to change my school.
I also don’t want to study this school
because the two persons sanskar he finished
the school and i don’t want to see nikhil.
I got my admission in new school my
good luck one of my childhood friend
also studying same school so i easily
mingled with others.But i misssed my
bestiee sanji.After my school i speak
sanji daily in phone.Like two years
passed i got three bestiees in new school
we are same bus.We do lot of naughty
things.I even told about my crush but
i didn’t tell sanskar name.Actually whenever
i travelled in bus i am watching outside
i believe that one day i saw my crush.
My friends teased me for this behaviour
I always fighting for window seat so that
only may be i caught chance for seeing
my crush.I also wondered it is stupid
thing but i believed one day i will see
my crush.


Swara in saree.

Again sorry guys for late update.

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