SWARA’S pov:
I ran towards nikhil and
i was scolded him.I even forgot
sanskar that moment when i turned
to see sanskar whether he was there
or not he already left.I was very angry
on nikhil why he did this but he didn’t
told anything and he also went away.
What the hell is happening here one side
sanskar coming to my class and another side
nikhil weird behaviour.Oh my god today
sanji also leave what will i do?

Today that sanskar came to my
class and he gave chocolate to swara.
By seeing this the anger was boiling
in my blood.Because he is the reason
for me and swara broken friendship.
I cannot control my anger i just
pushed the bench and punched the
wall harshly.Then swara immediately
came near me and she was scolding me
for my stupid behaviour but i didn’t
told anything i just went away.

Already i was sad because shona
didn’t gave chocolate to me for her
birthday.Today is my birthday so i
directly went to her class room and
give chocolate to her.When i was going
to speak to her the stupid nikhil create the
scene.After seeing that swara ran towards
nikhil and scolded him for his behaviour.
Even she forget about me then i just
left the place.

SWARA’S pov:
In evening class my other friends
told me that nikhil is in love with me.
I don’t know what to react i just laughed
loudly.Oh my god what they are speaking me and
nikhil it is impossible i mean he is my
bestiee but love no way.After the class i went
home and i was only thinking about today’s
incident.I think i want to speak nikhil
for what my friends told me.
Sanji plz come soon i want to
tell you many things.

My stupid friends told swara that
i love her.What will she think about me?
How i will face her tomorrow?If she
didn’t talk to me?I can’t tolerate
this again.If she avoid me?I think
if i talk to her she may get angry.
So i think i should not talk to her.

SWARA’S pov:
The next day i went to class and
searching for nikhil but when i called
him he didn’t give any response.Then i
went near him and called but he just
left the place.My friends are started
to scold me because of me he just
behaved like this.They all asked why
i can’t love him.I agree he is my
good friend.Whenever i am sad he
always do something for my happiness.
I also love him but it is not like that
i love him just friendly manner.


Swara accept nikhil proposal.

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