SWARA’S pov:
Suddenly someone tap my shoulder
i turned that was sanji who just stand
beside me.Then i again turned other side
the girl is speaking with sankyji.Oh
my god it is my dream.Then i sadly
went from there.Sanji sat beside me
and consoles me.She also said that
it is just attraction don’t feel.
He is just passing cloud.Plz
concentrate on your studies.I sadly

SANJI’S pov:
Oh my god my swara she is very
sad.Because of that sanskar she is
sad.I just hate that sanskar.Actually
thousands of times i told swara that
sanskar is not a good boy.But my
girl why she didn’t accept it.

SWARA’S pov:
Many times sanji told me that
sanskar is not good boy.But i don’t
know why i just cannot accept it.
After diwali holidays again the boring
classes but thank god the PT sir is
absent today.I felt relived atleast
i escaped from him.I just stopped
speaking about sankyji.

SANJI’S pov:
Thank god after diwali holidays
swara became little happy.The PT
sir also absent so she is very happy.
When i passing principal room i
saw sanskar standing in principal room
and principal sir is scolding him.
I wondered how swara attracted to that

SWARA’S pov:
The next day me and sanji were
walking in ground then i saw PT sir
give coaching to some students for
kho-kho match.Then i saw PT sir
hand is bandaged.When i asked PT
sir how is that happened he replied
during the kho-kho match he got
angry and in tension he punch
the wall so he got hurt.I wondered
because i thought he is only flirty
but he is angry man also.Finally
my birthday is tomorrow.Atleast
this birthday i want to enjoy.Actually
every birthday i was enjoying but i
don’t know something is missing in
my birthday.

SANJI’S pov:
Tomorrow is swara birthday i was
thinking what gift i should give her.
Evening i went to gift shop and buy
a greeting card.In morning i saw
swara coming towards class.Today
she is so beautiful in that dress.
Then i wished her and gift to her.

SWARA’S pov:
SANJI is the one who first
wished me in school.Then she gave
me a gift.Then nikhil called me to
and said birthday wishes to me and
also give a pen as a birthday gift.
I don’t want insult him infront of
everyone and i dont want to create a
scene so i just pick it the pen.Then
i directly went to sankyji class room.
I called sankyji then i give chocolate
to him and also give cake to him.But
he hesitated then i forcefully gave to
him and left the place.


Swara Nikhil patchup

Guys monday my college
is reopen.So i want to this ff
end because of my time schedule.
Actually my college bus time is 7.45am
and i returned home 8.30pm because of
placement class.So in few parts i end
this ff.

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