SANJI’s pov:
I was new in this school and
i feel little uncomfort.But after
meeting swara i was relaxed.she is
so sweet.She never leave me alone.
Always she is with me.Days passed
me and swara are became best and
close friends.Everyone in our students
are jealoused because of me and swara
closeness.She even told about personal
matter.She told about sanskar but i don’t
like him.Because some of students told
that he is arrogant and rude.I wondered
how swara didn’t about his another side.
But i like to tease her.So whenever i want
to tease her i just called her RED.Then
immediately she smiled.I got her weak
point.So whenever she got angry or sad
then i tease her by RED.

Oh my god this swara never give
chance to me.Whenever i called she didn’t
gave any damn attention.Then i droped that
idea and i said to myself one day
she got truth.Nowadays she only spent
time with her new best friend sanji.

PT sir pov:
I joined in new school.Here a
girl name swara oh my god she is
really beautiful.I always waited
for chance to speak her.So i
intentionally go to her class and
speak her.I know if anyone touch
her school bag she got angry.So
i intentionally beat her school
bag by my stick.So that only
she irritatedely speak to me.
I like to irritate her and She is
so cute.

SANJI’S pov:
Finally diwali holidays are
coming.All students are wishing
each other.We also wished our school
staffs.In afternoon me and swara walking
in ground then suddenly PT sir
standing infront of us.He smiled at
her and said diwali wishes to her.
Swara also wished him.But he asked
swara why she didn’t give hand shaking
wish.Oh my god my poor swara i said to
myself.Then swara hand shake with PT
sir.After that me and swara walking
in corridor.She was hell angry.

SWARA’S pov:
In afternoon me and sanji were
walking in ground.Suddenly the
duffer PT sir came towards us.Then
he said diwali wishes.And he also
asked hand shaking.Oh this monkey
donkey said to myself.Then i fakely
smiled and give hand shake to him.
But this gorilla when i take my
hands he just pulled my hand and
squeeze my hand.I got hell angry
and pulled my hand.Then me and sanji
walking in corridor.Actually i want
to wish sankyji.So i was searching
him. Then i saw sankyji
speaking with some girl.And the
girl is handshaking with
my sankyji.I got hell
angry and directly went to them.I
just pulled her hair and banging her head
in wall.How dare you to speaking with
my sankyji?How dare she was
hand shaking with my sankyji?
I just slapped hard on her right
cheeks and also left cheek.Then i just
pushed her in ground and kicked her.


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  1. Arshaanya

    Dun u think dis is too much pulled her hair banging her head n slapping…?????

  2. omg!!! Is she alright???!! Just because she shaked hand…she did that much…!! She will be out of school if she does this…!!

  3. nice plz continue

  4. awesome update soon

  5. Soujanya

    ….o god what happen to the girl yaar swara is great…hahaha??

  6. Vyshu10

    nice….but banging head and all…its too much. Hope that was swara’s dream

  7. Awesome ? And I think that’s her dream

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