Hello everyone.. it’s me again haritha… with a new story… what to do always this abhigya is makings stories in my mind… so let’s go to story…

It was a dark night… which means three is no moon… pragya is shown in her room.. she is sleeping wearing her cute specs.. there is a smile on her face.. suddenly it happens someone cover her face with black clothes and ties her mouth so that she can’t shout… and take her in his hand and kept in car.. it was a man holding her… but his face is not seen.. he drives car speedily…. and reached at a place where no one is there… he takes pragya out of the car.. and make her stand at a place and untie her… suddenly light get on… the place is fully decorated by lights.. and there is cake placed on the table.. written that first love anniversary and abhi loves fuggi…
Pr: abhishek and turned and hugs her..
Ab: fuggi… happy love anniversary…
Pr; what’s all this abhishek… do you knew how much I get feared…
Ab: I knew that.. it’s not at first time I am seeing you like that..
Pr: haa.. I knew that.. how can I forget our first meeting.. abhi smiles..
Pr: don’t smile idiot..
Abhi holding at pragyas waist.. but because of that na.. we fall in love..
Pr: sorry guys… you all don’t knew about our first meeting na.. k I will tell it to you..
We both are studying at college.. still at same college.. it was one night same like this.. this idiot hey na… he came to my room and kidnapped me..
Ab; stop fuggi… you have no feel in explaining it.. let’s rewind..
Fb shows..
Abhi is standing in front of ladies hostel..
Ab: purab.. look today I Will not leave that stupid tanu… because she insulted me in front of everyone.. she don’t knew the power of this abhishek prem mehra
Pu: abhi what was your plan..
Ab; I am going to kidnap her..
Pu: what kidnap…
Ab: haa just to make her fear… she is always telling that she will not get feared by anyone.. I will show her..
Pu: but abhi..
Ab: just look.. which is tanus room.. it’s 23 or 32.. what don’t you even confirm it…
No abhi it’s 23… k let’s leave… slowly they get enter into room no: 23 and make her to smell choloform… she fell unconscious… they take her and put her on their car..
Ab: purab.. thanks… now you may leave..
Abhi takes the car and goes..

He reached an isolated place… and place her in a house.. actually it was inside a forest there is no one expect the both… abhi slowly uncover her face… he was really shocked… because there is some other girl instead of tanu… he looked shocked… but he sees her gaining conscious… he suddenly shut her mouth..
Ab: sorry… don’t shout… I am not a criminal… I don’t wish to do so.. I thought you are tanu.. please please try to understand… pragya is moving her head…
Abhi opens her mouth…
Ab: don’t shout…
Pr: k.. I will not but..
Ab: sorry chashmish.. I don’t knew..
Pr: chashmish..
Ab: sorry I don’t knew your name..
Pr; my name is pragya arora..
Ab: hello I am abhishek prem mehra… sorry chashmish… I don’t knew its you… I just want to kidnap tanu..
Pr: what kidnap…?
Ab: actually I just want to fear her…
Pr: for just to fear… you will do this much..
Ab: actually I will.. as I got angered.. I don’t knew what will I do.. so sorry as room number changed.. don’t think bad about me.. as I am not bad… I am really good.. but do some interesting things like this..
Pr; no I will not..
Ab: so sweet of you..
Pr; that’s not because I believe in you and whatever u said..
Ab: what?
Pr: actually I have seen u..
Ab: in college..
Pr: not in my dream.. don’t think that I am mad.. I don’t knew… as I have see the same thing as you bring me here… I don’t see you in college.. but you are familiar for me because of this dream.. otherwise I will shout and make scene..
Ab: what? You see me in dream..
Pr: haa..

Ab: it’s impossible… but I have to believe it as your eyes telling that you are talking truth.. k.. chashmish.. then what all things you have seen in dream..
Pr: I just saw
You bringing me here.. shutting my mouth and after that while returning.. our car get breakdown.. we walked a lot…
Ab: what.. car break down. And we both walking..
Pr: I just tell you what I have seen..
Ab: k I believe you.. but at one condition…
Pr: condition..
Ab: haa from this day onwards we are friends.. and don’t look me like this in fear..
Pragya smiles.. so you accepted my condition and forward hand.. friends.. pragya too have her hands.. abhigya smiles..
Pr; so abhishek.. why do you make that tanu in fear..
Ab: fuggi.. actually she insulated me..
Pr: fuggi…
Ab: what to do.. I am always like this… I will have name to everyone.. if you have problem..
Pr; no abhishek.. you can..
Ab: so sweet of you and pulled her cheeks.. so let’s go back right…
Abhigya started their return journey meanwhile car get breakdown..
Abhi look at pragya… ya your dream come to true.. he gets down and check the car.. fuggi.. so we need to walk now.. pragya smiles.. it’s get morning now..
Pr: abhishek.. can I ask you one thing..
Ab: of course dear..
Pr; how do you knew this place..
Ab: actually it’s a horror place that no one goes there..
Pr; horror place..
Ab: haa.. because in that house.. 3 people get suicided… and all are telling that there is ghost too..
Pr: what ghost and hold his hands.. you brought me into that place..
Abhi started to laugh..
Pr: why are you laughing..

Oh my poor fuggi.. I am just joking.. but look at you.. pragya get angered.. and started to beat him they both ran..
Pragya pretend to fall.. abhi came for help.. at that time she hold his ears.. oh fuggi it’s paining…
Haa I knew.. it’s painting… but you make me fear… if in that shock I got heart attack then..
Abhi laughs… fuggi you are really impossible… why you are this much innocent..
Pr: who told you I am innocent.. I am not like that..
Ab: really and smiles..
Pr: so you don’t believe it..
Ab: no I believe it you are not innocent..
They walked and reached road… from that they took a lift in a truck and reached their place.. abhi drops her on hostel…
Pr: see you abhishek.. hope we will seen in college..
Ab: not hope will surely meet..
Pr: k..
Fb ends..

So that was our first meeting… in that meeting itself we have share everything.. which means about family… soon we become true friends.. me.. fuggi.. and purab.. we are in one gang.. our gang has name three star… k now you all need to knew how we will fall in love right.. k fuggi.. may I tell it to them..pragya smiles..
K as we are friends.. on arts day we thought to do drama.. we did Romeo and Juliet… it’s me who act as Romeo and fuggi as Juliet… we both enjoyed a lot.. soon you all knew na.. if a girl started to be close with boy they will make stories.. like wise rumours goes around us.. but we both never mind about.. we both are on same college but different departments… one day.. fuggi go for tour that too for 5 days… do you knew how was my that 5 days.. it was the worst day in my life… I really missed her a lot.. likewise everyone.. you knew na it’s our true friend who can understand us very well.. it’s my purab who realises me that our relationship is not friendship it was love.. but I can’t understand it… I scold him a lot.. but soon I realized it.. it’s love.. I love my fuggi.. I am not like any others… if I feel something or wishes to tell something.. I will tell directly… at the moment I realised my love… I go directly to speak to her..
Abhishek… stop.. now I will tell about it.. no let’s rewind..
Fb shows..
Abhi who felt his love.. goes in search of his fuggi… he sees that fuggi in her class room.. abhi get into classroom where teacher is taking class..
Te: excuse me.. what do you want?
Ab: sorry man.. I just want to inform her one thing..
Te: k you can..
Abhi move towards fuggi…
Pragya get tensed..
Pr: abhishek.. what is this much important…? Abhi place his fingers on her mouth..
Pragya stand stunned.. abhi closes his eyes… and opened and wink at pragya…
I love you Fuggi… I wish to live with you… I don’t knew that our relationship is not friendship it’s more than that it’s love.. he suddenly kissed on her cheeks.. pragya get stunned and opens her mouth.. abhi smiles by it.. and closed her mouth.. and goes… all students including teachers are staring at pragya.. she takes her bags and goes out.. purab who sees pragya and called her.. but she doesn’t listen.. she sits under a tree.. abhi.. comes to her.. she sees abhi standing in front of him.. she gave an angered look.. abhi feels sad by it.. pragya walk towards abhi..
Abhishek.. is this your way of behaving.. if you loves me.. you can tell it to me secretly but not like this..
Ab: what?
Pragya smilingly.. ha.. if you want to confess your love… you can tell it to me secretly.. because you knew that I can’t express it publicly..
Ab: what do you mean?
Pragya hold abhis cheek and have him a kiss. And ran by telling I too love you idiot…
Fb ends..

That is how we start our love.. now you all feel that why I shared this.. to you all.. and is this needed that all friendship ended with love..
No all friendship are not like that.. but some among them change into love.. just like me and my fuggi…

So friends… love each other.. it may not a love a lover have for beloved.. love are different type.. friendship.. relationship … all are way of love.. don’t think that there is no one for us.. no one for love us take care us.. expect my family… just look around there will be some others too love you.. but you all don’t identify it… so identify the one who loves you.. and give love in return.. it’s Mr. Abhishek mehra along with my fuggi signing off… ????

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    1. HARITHA

      Thanks a lot astha for your comments… and taking your valuable time to read… I am happy that u liked it

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      Thanks a lot vishu… love you dear

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      Did U notice something the The Box beside my name is also in Green Color !??? He..he..
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      OMG chotu..thanks a lot… no I will not tell you thanks because there is no need of formalities with us… I really happy to have you in my life dear… I need to tell you lot.. but being of less time.. I am stopping here

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      Thanks a lot priyu… I am really happy that you liked it…. ya dear.. I will try to come up with such an os

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