Love at first sight part-3 (the big fight)


The episode starts with Arjun and keerthi comes to the restaurant one girl comes to Arjun and tells cheap things about him keerthi gets irked and slaps that girl she gets shocked and leaves keerthi asks what is this??

He tells I don’t know keerthi tells that all between you and me pls go Arjun cries she leaves she gets call from their relatives to come to their house soon she tells I will come tmr

Raghul tells we are going to Dubai so pls get ready Arjun and Pravin gets sad thinking about yazhini and keerthi. Raghul leaves

Next day keerthi gets a message from Arjun telling I am sorry I don’t know about that girl . keerthi packs her bag but she feels for him

Yazhini tells pls give him One chance I think he is not lier pls forgive him

Keerthi tells OK both think about their moments and they both cry Hamari aadhuri kahani. Plays…

Keerthi thinks I think I should talk to Arjun I think he is right Arjun too thinks and tries to call but both call at same time they boh get busy they both thinks that I should call one more time

Precap: Arjun comes to railway station and searches her. Keerthi comes to the airport and searches him

Guys next part will be the end and after that new love story

Guys I don’t drag like serials I know some short stories only

So enjoy it buddies ???? pls leave a comment

Credit to: Narendran

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